Uncovering Desire

Uncovering Desire Jonathan Beltran is adjusting to life as a civilian after an eight year military career With a booming private investigation business and good friends to count on life is headed in a positive directi

  • Title: Uncovering Desire
  • Author: Kacey Shea Brenda Letendre
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jonathan Beltran is adjusting to life as a civilian after an eight year military career With a booming private investigation business and good friends to count on, life is headed in a positive direction Coupled with his fierce will and strength, Jon will learn if his training has prepared him for this next journey Life is never boring for the ever positive, smart moutheJonathan Beltran is adjusting to life as a civilian after an eight year military career With a booming private investigation business and good friends to count on, life is headed in a positive direction Coupled with his fierce will and strength, Jon will learn if his training has prepared him for this next journey Life is never boring for the ever positive, smart mouthed, fearless Kate Bryant When unexpected events leave her temporarily homeless, she accepts an offer of a free place to stay with Jonathan The challenges of working with rock stars, living with Jon, and finally confronting ghosts of her past may prove to be too much Will Kate and Jon be pushed to the breaking point or will they uncover the forgiveness they both desire Uncovering Desire can be read as a standalone but is book two in the Uncovering Love series Explicit content, intended for adult audiences.

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    1. 3.75 ~ 4 starsThis book completely rocked. The reason I didn't give a full 5 stars was my confusion with Kate's character and her back and forth mood with Jon.Jon and Evie run a private investigation company. The two of them and Kate have been friends for many years. Kate has been secretly in love with Jon. But, she has never openly flirted with him, because she knows that Jon crushes on Evie. After a short term relationship with Evie, Jon and Evie have realized and accepted that they should bet [...]

    2. I first met Jon and Kate in Uncovering Love. Their constant bickering grabbed my attention and I am over the moon that these two got their own book.Jon and their mutual friend, Evie, own a PI business that Kate helped them start. One night Jon and Kate’s bickering turn into a night of passion and after asbestos is found in the walls of Kate’s apartment building, her and Jon are forced to room together.I liked Kate and her fiery, outgoing personality in the first book but I didn’t expect ho [...]

    3. Advance Readers Copy (ARC) provided for my blog for an honest review from the lovely amazing author Kacey SheaTitle: Uncovering DesireSeries: Uncovering Love, #2Author: Kacey SheaPages: 260Genre: Contemporary Humor Age Group: Adult Characters: Jonathan Beltran, Kate BryantPoint of View: First Happily Ever After: YesRelease Date: October 27th, 2015Date Read: October 25th, 2015 Overall Rating: 5 StarsThe perfect blend of sexiness, fun, and humorful. Uncovering Desire was down right relatable. Kace [...]

    4. *ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*This is the second book I have read by Kacey Shea and I never seem to get enough! I read it in one sitting and ignored life. This story started with hilarity and it did it's job of completely sucking me into the story from then on. I read the first book, Uncovering Love, back in June and I found it surprising that even though it was months ago, I was easily transported back into the lives of these characters as if no time had passed at all. That is [...]

    5. I enjoyed the first book in this series but I absolutely loved this second installment. The amount of growth in the writing and character development was outstanding. This book was an emotional roller coaster throughout and had you trying to piece everything together and guessing secrets. Every time you thought that the HEA was in sight another road block popped up, from hot and flirty rock stars to pasts and losses coming back to haunt them. I was easily and quickly pulled into the story and wa [...]

    6. You meet Jonathan and Kate in book 1 of this series and you can't help but fall in love with them. You see them both struggle with personal issues while dealing with each other's issues. While they both move through their days, their sexual chemistry builds until it explodes, and in the true fashion of a romance novel they both say things that hurts the other and things go south quickly. Their jobs take them in directions that they both find hard to deal with. I loved seeing them both fight thei [...]

    7. As soon as I finished the first book in this series, I immediately purchased the second book. I loved Jon and Kate in the first book and couldn't wait to read their story. This could be read as a standalone but reading the first book definitely sets the stage for their story. Kate ends up having to temporarily move in with Jon at the beginning of the story. They have always been friends but bickered back and forth because they both have an attraction to the other they are hiding. They also both [...]

    8. 5 Skittle Stars! Late nights with #MymanJon and I wouldn't have it any other way! I bugged Kacey on and on and he's finally in print for you all to witness how adoring and extremely swoon worthy this man is! Yes I wanted to book slap him and Kate on many occasions but I was sucked into this book from chapter 1! (Actually before it was even written) Just remember Jon is my man! I will let you swoon over him from a far but that's it! ;) I don't wanna give away anything so I will add to my review o [...]

    9. 3.5/4 starsWe met Kate and Jonathan in Uncovering Love as they are Evie's best friends since High School. They all used to be close, but during his stint in the Army, he just stayed in touch with Evie but drifted away from Kate. But now they are back in close proximity due to him being Evie's new room mate and partner in a PI firm. Jon and Kate are kind of a mess. They are antagonistic, have less than friendly banter, and sexual tension. One night they give into their attraction only to avoid ea [...]

    10. 3.5-4 stars Jonathan is plenty busy now that the PI business he and Evie launched has picked up and the police department has noticed his skills in the form of additional contracts. His free time is limited, but after 8 years of civilian life things are looking more positive than they have since his return from active duty.Kate is forever positive, outgoing and energetic, and suddenly needs a place to stay while her apartment is unlivable. Her best friend Evie offers to move in temporarily with [...]

    11. Predictable, but still worthy of four stars.Kate crushes on Jonathan who crushes on Evie but when the cobwebs clear away it's only Kate he truly wants.Kate behaves like a girl who sleeps around when in reality she’shiding her pain. With unsupportive and cold parents, a secretcarried alone made Kate’s life less than perfect.Camouflage and yoga are Kate’s solace until a temporarymove has her rooming with Jon.Jon a former military man operates a private investigation firmwith his BFF Evie and [...]

    12. Jon Beltran is slowly adjusting to civilian life after having served eight years in the Army. On a drunken whim, Jon started a PI firm with his best friend and things are going well. One of Jon's complaints is his love life. Evie, his best friend and business partner is now in an exclusive relationship and she long ago put Jon in the friend zone. Then there is Kate Bryant. Kate lives life to the fullest and she loves getting Jon riled up with her sharp tongue . When asbestos is found in her apar [...]

    13. So Uncovering Desire is finally here and the wait was SO worth it! Uncovering Desire shows off Shea’s growth and talent as an author, resurrecting Jon from Uncovering Love and giving Kate, the Queen of Sass a stage to shine.As readers continue to be captivated by Jon, his beautiful heart will have readers invested in his happiness. Following his hearts needs and wants, Jon shares in his desire to have Kate; his annoying but gorgeous best friend. But what does Kate want?With her own secrets and [...]

    14. I need a Jon in my life! I loved him in book 1 but in this one we got to see a softer side of him with Kate. Even when he had a serious case of foot-in-mouth with trying to speak to Kate! Kate is normally the kind of character I dislike. the ones that deny their feelings and push the loved ones away. but there was something I really connect to with her. she's funny and feisty. this book pulled a lot of emotions from me. and I won't spoil it for anyone but this book is so worth the read. I'm real [...]

    15. Wow kacey did it again.I have read book 1 so was looking forward to book 2. Loved to find out more about the characters i had met in book 1 so to have there own story was fantastic.Looking forward to reading Carly story for more from all the characters.Would highly recommend this series as i loved it.

    16. Uncovering Desire, is my second book in the Uncovering Love series and is told from both the POV of characters Jon and Kate. They are first introduced in book one but each book in the series can be read as a stand alone. I am so excited to share Kate & Jon's story with you. Thank you for all the support. And thank you for the review!

    17. In Kacey Shea's second book, we get to know Jon, Kate and Evie even more. They're interesting characters with a lot more depth than you might expect from a "romance" genre. There is pathos here and plenty of story. Oh, yeah, the sex scenes are great, too. Highly recommend and eager to read book 3!

    18. We met Jon and Kate in book 1 of this series. Jon came back from the army and crashes at his friend Evie's place and they end up starting a PI business together. Evie is best friends with Kate, and although they're kind of opposites, they're cute together. Anyway, Evie finds her match in book 1 (no spoilers here- go read it to see who she ends up with and how). Evie, Kate, and Jon hang out fairly often (they grew up together- two are bffs and two work together- makes sense). Kate says outrageous [...]

    19. Uncovering Desire by Kacey Sheais book 2 in the Uncovering Love series.We meet Kate and Jon in the first book of the series and now they have their time in the spotlight with this book. I really enjoyed getting to know Jon and Kate better.This book brought out all my emotions. I managed to laugh out loud, cry my eyes out and I was wrapt from beginning to end. It was raw and emotional but fun and snarky and sweet and sexy. Kaceys writing is engaging and easy to read. I look forward to reading mor [...]

    20. As the wife of a US Marine, I love to read stories where one or more of the characters is or was in the military. Of course, when I met Jonathan Beltran AKA Army, I was thrilled.This is the first book I have read by Kacey Shea but it will definitely not be my last. I truly enjoyed her realistic characters, plot and story. Uncovering Desire is the second book in this series but one that I think can be read as a standalone. I was able to follow the story along just fine.Uncovering Desire is a love [...]

    21. Original Review posted at sandrathebookwormThe author was kind enough to provide me with an eARC in exchange for an honest reviewWOW, this book was amazing! I loved reading about Jon and Kate so much! Kate has been kicked out of her apartment for a couple of weeks and has nowhere to stay; Evelyn decides she will stay with her boyfriend Tate and Kate can stay in her room until she can move into her apartment again. This doesn’t sit well with Evelyn’s roommate Jon, he loves Kate but they don [...]

    22. This is he second book in Kacey Shea Author​ Uncovering Loving Series. After reading the first book in the series, I could not wait to pick up this second one in the series. I loved how all the character from the first book are still present and we get to find out how Evie and Tate are evolving as well as watching Jon and Kate develop. In the first book I was so heartbroken and hoping for good things for Jon, and this book delivered that to him! He is a much deserving veteran who only wants to [...]

    23. Uncovering Desire by Kacey Shea3 starsReviewed by Char for Late Night Books and reviewsUncovering Desire is book two in a three book series, but can be read as a stand-alone book. Kate and Jon are the two main characters and the story centers on them. Evie is bests friends with both of them. She also shares an investigative agency with Jon. The friendships in the book were done well.Jon is ex-military and a tough guy. He tries not to show his softer side. The book starts with him a little jealou [...]

    24. *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*I was so impatient and anticipating the release of this book after meeting Jon and Kate in Uncovering Love. From the moment they were introduced they had this spark that I just knew that their book was going to be epic. After receiving and devouring Uncovering Desire, I can say that they are incredible together. Jon and Kate are explosive, sweet, sensual, and an all around entertaining read. They do everything from breaking and entering, crashi [...]

    25. Received for honest reviewBroken butLife is goodGreat jobGreat friendsDoing well for yourselfYour coping.Kate works for a photography studio she loves her job she is doing well for herself and has come along way. She has her coping mechanism. yoga when things are getting her down or she is stressed she runs for her yoga mat it keeps her centered it calms her it keeps her focused especially when things aren't going to plan. Kate likes control she needs it she craves it.Jon is back from the army a [...]

    26. 3.5 starsARC provided by author for honest review. This story can be read as a standalone, but I suggest you read the first book in the series called ‘Uncovering Love’ <3With Uncovering Desire, the series continues with Kate & Jon, which are both Evie’s (book 1) best friends. Kate: out going, tenacious and is known for having a bit of a reputation with the fellas. But that’s just Kate, and it’s what I love about her. She doesn’t apologize for who she is… My #1 girl. Jon: God [...]

    27. Reviewed on behalf of Read and Share Book ReviewsReceived an arc for an honest reviewThis was a fantastic book. I didn't realize it was the second in a series, but the great thing was that even without reading the first book I didn't find this one lacking. I will however go back and read the first book because I'm interested in Evie's story. This story is about Jon and Kate, friends since high school who bicker and argue like crazy!!! However underneath they are both harboring feelings for each [...]

    28. I loved Jon and Kate in Uncovering Love and was so excited to read their story. Uncovering Desire had so much to offer. I love that we catch up with Evie and Tate so be sure to read Uncovering Love first even if just to know how Jon and Kate fall into place. Jon is an ex-soldier and the things he saw while in Afghanistan still haunt him. He's doing his thing in life by living one day at a time and coping as best as he can as a partner of a PI firm. He's caring and protective in all of his relati [...]

    29. ** ARC provided in exchange of an honest review **This series just get better and better with each book that gets released.I again found myself hooked on this book as soon as I started, and if it wasn’t for life and mummy duties getting in the way I would’ve finished reading this in one sitting.We first meet Jon and Kate in Uncovering Love and straight away you are intrigued what journey they would take us on from all the bickering they did when getting together.I wanted to knock their heads [...]

    30. I just finished Un covering love and was looking forward to reading Jon and Kates story.These two have so much pent up frustration and anger, but when they gave off its explosive. After serving his county, Jon had returns to civilian life. Starting a PI business with his friend Evie, keeping him busy and mind occupied.When Kate is unexpectedly homeless, a vacant room allows these two to become roommates for a few weeks and the sparks are explosive. With harbouring feelings since high school and [...]

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