Kutsal İnek

Kutsal nek Hindistan dan Turkiye ye srail den Filistin e k talararas bir macera X Files ve Californication n y ld z David Duchovny den kat la kat la okunacak lezzetli bir hiciv iyimser bir sistem ele tirisi b

  • Title: Kutsal İnek
  • Author: David Duchovny Algan Sezgintüredi
  • ISBN: 9786055162542
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hindistan dan Turkiye ye, srail den Filistin e k talararas bir macera X Files ve Californication n y ld z David Duchovny den kat la kat la okunacak lezzetli bir hiciv, iyimser bir sistem ele tirisi, bir do al hayat manifestosu Siz, ben, biz, yabandaki hayvanlar, dizinizin dibindeki hayvanlar, taba n zdaki hayvanlar, yan n zda duran ki i Hepimiz biriz Hepimiz kutHindistan dan Tu rkiye ye, srail den Filistin e k talararas bir macera X Files ve Californication n y ld z David Duchovny den kat la kat la okunacak lezzetli bir hiciv, iyimser bir sistem ele tirisi, bir do al hayat manifestosu Siz, ben, biz, yabandaki hayvanlar, dizinizin dibindeki hayvanlar, taba n zdaki hayvanlar, yan n zda duran ki i Hepimiz biriz Hepimiz kutsal z Bu tu n inek anneleri gibi aniden ortadan kaybolan annesinin zlemiyle yan p tutu urken, insan rk n n himayesindeki ineklerinba na gelenleri renen Elsie, bir gece iftlikten ka ar Hindistan Operasyonu dedi i ka projesinin hedefi mak s talihine dur demek, fele in tekerine omak sokmakt r Bu zgu rlu k u macerada Elsie ye onunla ayn emelleri ta yan bir domuz ve bir hindi yolda l k eder Gu lerini birle tiren hayvanlar ezber bozarak insanl a nanik yap yor Hayvan iftli i nden bu yana yaz lm en ilgi ekici hik yelerden Time Out David Duchovny nin cezbedici, cesur ve haz rcevap icad Elsie Bovary, hi bir okurun kar koyamayaca bir edebiyat festivalini garanti ediyor Rafael Yglesias

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    1. If by any chance you fancy a novel of total hilarious insanity with a touch of emotional resonance and a unique twist then Holy Cow is absolutely the book for you.Completely crazy – yes. Fun? Absolutely. Eminently readable and definitely unexpected? Yes again. I loved it, read it fast (it is not a long book) and thoroughly fell in love with Elsie, Shalom and co. ESPECIALLY Tom the Turkey who is certainly far more intelligent than most humans I know including myself.David Duchovny has managed t [...]

    2. Did not finish (*could!!* not finish). Clever premise, horrible delivery. Unless you want to read a book narrated by a cow who peppers her speech with every annoying of-the-moment turn of phrase ('cray cray', for example), pop culture reference, and lots of 'wait til you see what happens next' and 'did you see how i did that? my editor said I needed to' comments to the reader, this one's definitely a book to skip.

    3. Holy Cow - David DuchovnyBeauty, Books and BabbleFind out about winning a copy of this book at the end of my review! :)★★★★✩I would like to start with a massive thank you to Headline Publishing who sent me this book via Bookbridgr in exchange for an honest review. I gave this book a nice, meaty 4 stars!Holy Cow follows the story of Elsie Bovary, who starts the tale as an ordinary, happy cow who spends her days being milked, eating grass, and chatting with her BFF. However, everything c [...]

    4. This is the most bonkers book you may ever read. My advice is to leave all sense of reality at the title page and just enjoy the ride. And what a ride it is. A cow escapes her paddock one day and instead of flirting with the bulls, she goes up to the farm house. There she learns the truth, that humans eat cows. Suddenly she realises where her mother wentThis realisation makes the cow see she needs to escape. She learns of India, where cows are sacred, and she makes a plan to go there. A pig and [...]

    5. Well I am not sure what to say. How about - what a crock of mixed animal manure. I honestly disliked everything about David Duchovny's 'writing style'; human beings should not go round saying things like 'omg babes you are totes cray cray' let alone animals. It was badly edited drivel. Whats sad is there was the spark, the potential for an interesting debate on mass farming and how detrimental it is to the environment, to us and of course to other species. But what was trundled out was more like [...]

    6. Ok. I like cows and I like David Duchovny. Therefore, I felt that a book about a cow by David Duchovny would be right up my street. I have to say, having now read the book, I am a little nonplussed.For me, there are two ways that you can take this book. One as a serious satire highlighting the injustices in our world and the interspecies prejudices that animals face – an allegory for racism – or you can read it a second way. The second reading of the book would indicate to me that David Duch [...]

    7. Nothing more appropriate could have happened to me than to read Holy Cow by David Duchovny in a holiday time. Christmas and New Year are holidays when we remember our loved ones, everyone who has in any good way influenced us during the year or even a few years before.But it is also a time when we easily forget those outside our field of vision, those we subconsciously push out of their existence. The hidden faces of holidays.A happy cow Elise Bovary, a grumpy pig Shalom and a suave turkey Tom a [...]

    8. If Pixar made films for adults, then Holy Cow would definitely be a contender. I am sure this children’s story for adults was written with a screenplay in mind, certainly our narrator Elsie the Cow is determined that one day her story will make the big screen, heck she is already writing a book about her exploits and is constantly giving helpful hints as asides to a future director. Not to mention her “pop culture” references which she inserts because her editor thinks they would appeal to [...]

    9. This was not good. The ridiculous plot I could live with, but what I could NOT live with were the annoying ranty parts about animal rights and human politics and religion. And even worse, the non-stop barrage of topical and not-so-topical pop culture references. This might be the most annoying book I've ever read all the way through (which I only did so I could post this review).

    10. Elsie the Cow lives a simple life on a New York farm. When she sneaks to the Human farmer's house and sees on a TV that she calls a "Box God" what really happens to cows, she decides to get out of dodge and go to safer pastures in India. Along the way she meets up with a pig named Jerry a.k.a. Shalom and a Turkey named Tom who both are seeking a new home in Israel and Turkey. Will these fair-weathered farm animal friends succeed? Read on and find out for yourself.This was a pretty good and prett [...]

    11. not 100% sure I know quite what I have just read. a deeply bizarre take on Mankind's interaction with each other and with the natural world? Or simply a Dairy tale? Confused

    12. As an animal advocate and a vegan, I really wanted to love David Duchovny's intelligent and wisecracking new book, "Holy Cow." There are indeed aspects of this bizarre animal Odyssey of a cow, a pig and a turkey searching for a home where they will be loved and safe that make important points. In this passage, Elsie the cow has just learned the truth about dairy cows and their sad fate as well as that of their children: "You humans drink our milk and eat the eggs of the chickens and the ducks. I [...]

    13. writingisfunbooks.wordpress.cКрава, която чела Омир, пуйка пилот на самолет, и прасе, което говори перфектно иврит? Звучи като от „Досиетата Х“… и си е точно така!По време на четенето на тази книга, установих, че до някаква степен ме подсеща за приказката на Братя Грим за „Бременските му [...]

    14. Humorous in a laid back way & a lot of fun, Duchovny makes a lot of good points about life through the eyes of Elsie, a cow who dreams of & sets out to travel the world in search of a better life. It's a coming of age story without any preaching, just a lot of questions. Life can be pretty awful in some ways, but every place has its roses & warts.For those friends of mine who notice I finished listening to 3 books today, I also turned one of the largest bowls I've ever made & cle [...]

    15. Quizá lo que hace que este libro sea caca (de vaca) a pesar de que arranca más de una carcajada es que está ejecutado con vagancia; una vagancia tal que casi puedes oír los resoplidos del autor mientras lo lees. Reseña completa: libros-prohibidos/davi

    16. Mi-am dorit să citesc această carte datorită rolului jucat de actor în serialul Californication, care mi-a plăcut foarte tare. Mă așteptam să găsesc de un roman tip pamflet, plin de umor și care, eventual, să fie o satiră socială. Deși toate aceste elemente se regăsesc în Holy cow, trebuie să recunosc că la final am fost dezamăgită de poveste. Protagonista noastră este o vacă ce își duce liniștită traiul la o fermă din Statele Unite până într-o zi când află că o [...]

    17. The author of Holy Cow doesn’t really need an introduction, does he? Especially for all my fellow geeks who grew up on X-Files (Mulder <3’s Scully 4EVA!). But I was rather surprised when I was handed the proof copy for Holy Cow with the comment that David Duchovny had written it. I didn’t even knew he wrote! It turns out that Holy Cow is his debut novel and it is a solid debut. It is also very much a book that either works for you or it doesn’t. It approaches some serious real world [...]

    18. I received this book for free in a giveaway. Also posted on my blog, Rinn Reads.This book was… uh, not really my kind of thing. At all. I read it in about three hours, but seven pages into it I already hated the tone and the awful jokes. So by that point, I was truly glad it was only 250 pages or so.Holy Cow follows a young cow who learns the truth about ‘meat farms’, and decides to move to India where she won’t be eaten. She is joined by her friend Tom the Turkey, who wants to go to Tu [...]

    19. "What are you doing here, country folk? This is rat turf. You won't survive three days here. Welcome to the jungle, baby, you're going to die!"Who knew that not only can David act, but he can write on hell of a hilarious novel? *cough cough* sorry! I meant to say Cow-writer of a memoir. I came across this book because it was recommended to me. A lot of people said if you love Bukowski, you'll fall in love with this. No one can compare to the great Bukowski and the only other person that even com [...]

    20. Cuando me enteré de que el popular David Duchovny había escrito una novela donde su protagonista es una vaca llamada Elsie Bovary (el nombre ya apunta maneras) que se cuestiona desde una fina y aparentemente ingenua ironía todo el mundo de los humanos, flipé mandarinas. De un tipo que desde el complejo y frágil mundo de la interpretación ha marcado a más de una generación con personajes tan oscuros, icónicos y radicalmente diferentes como el agente del FBI Fox Mulder de Expediente X y e [...]

    21. ahaha yeah not a fanI am curious as to the parts where it was getting preachy along religious and racial lines but I can't tell if it was supposed to be taken seriously or if the satire was just weak on purpose as a message in and of itself? This is me desperately projecting meaning onto what I just did to my brain.But yeah I think the humour is not in my lane hereeee and I think as an overall I couldn't take it seriously--within the context of the book lol I do realize I had willingly picked up [...]

    22. Is this the worst book I have ever read? Yes. Yes it is. Is it the worst book ever written. I hope it is because I don't ever want to accidentally read a book worse than this one. What drew me to it was the author, David Duchovny. I loved him as an actor and I appreciated his dry wit on talk shows like Letterman, in the 90's. This seemed like a silly book that would give him a chance to show his wit. What I got instead wase worst book I have ever read and illustrated by the worst artist too (I a [...]

    23. Животни, ама не съвсем: knigolandiafo/book-review/mГолям фен съм на писателския образ на Дейвид Духовни от “Californication” – Ханк Муди, – но не бих го чел в онова му амплоа на арогантно копеле ала Бегбеде. “Мамка му… и крава!” е обаче нещо различно – не мога да не направя връзка с едно идиот [...]

    24. This book by David Duchovny is clever, but the premise wore thin for me after a while. Written on the order of Animal Farm, I suppose, Elsie Q. is a cow on a dairy farm, and she learns about the huge businesses that raise and then slaughter animals for human consumption for great profit. She decides to go to India, where cows are, of course, sacred. She picks up a pig (Shalom) who wants to go to Israel, and a turkey (Tom) who wants to go to--Turkey. I am on board with a lot of the points Duchovn [...]

    25. Quanta expectativa pra esse livro.Ok, eu nem fiquei tentando racionalizar e achar verossimilhança no livro, mas não deu. Foi uma viagem tãp crazy que não funcionou pra mim.Sorry, Brasil.

    26. So I'm going to start a publishing company. It's going to be called "F.A.M.E.-US". The acronym stands for "Famous Actors Makingmething something something". I'm not good at acronyms. I'll get marketing to come up with something.Here is how "FAME-US Publishing" will work: aspiring authors who want a wider audience than they may otherwise get will submit their work to me. I will then locate an actor, athlete, rock star, or other famous person who wants to be known as a literary-type person -- an a [...]

    27. A cow that migrates to Israel , the holy cow on the temple of Solomon? I dont know , sometimes funny, sometimes my thoughts was what is the point of this book?

    28. 4.5 Stars[Necessary Information Pulled from My Blog]:If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll most likely remember my love (obsession?) for The X Files, and it is probably clear to you that I had to read this book. (If you’re new to this blog, hello newbie! I’m obsessed with The X Files.)This is a story about Elsie Bovary the cow who finds out what happens to cows who live on farms in America and sets of on an adventure to India where she will be safe from harm and even worshi [...]

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