The Ultimate Evil: An Investigation into America's Most Dangerous Satanic Cult

The Ultimate Evil An Investigation into America s Most Dangerous Satanic Cult On August the NYPD arrested David Berkowitz for the Son of Sam murders that had terrorized New York City for than thirteen months Berkowitz eagerly confessed to being a lone marauder one who

  • Title: The Ultimate Evil: An Investigation into America's Most Dangerous Satanic Cult
  • Author: Maury Terry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On August 10, 1977, the NYPD arrested David Berkowitz for the Son of Sam murders that had terrorized New York City for than thirteen months Berkowitz eagerly confessed to being a lone marauder one who had carried out eight senseless shootings with a.44 caliber Bulldog revolver The case was officially closed Journalist Maury Terry was suspicious of Berkowitz s coOn August 10, 1977, the NYPD arrested David Berkowitz for the Son of Sam murders that had terrorized New York City for than thirteen months Berkowitz eagerly confessed to being a lone marauder one who had carried out eight senseless shootings with a.44 caliber Bulldog revolver The case was officially closed Journalist Maury Terry was suspicious of Berkowitz s confession He has spent the years since that summer researching the case, meticulously gathering evidence to demonstrate that the killer did not act alone In The Ultimate Evil, Terry details the chilling events, proving that Berkowitz was an affiliate of and triggerman for a Satanic cult known as the Process Church of the Final Judgment Terry s work not only uncovers the cult s involvement in the Son of Sam murders but also finds their signature on other ritual slayings across the country Since the first publication of The Ultimate Evil in 1987, new evidence about the Process Church has emerged From his prison cell, David Berkowitz has now confirmed Maury Terry s conclusions, making this updated edition even extraordinary As Terry untangles the dense web of information to expose the frightening extent of the Process Church s reach, he also reveals its continuing underground existence today.

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    1. Generally, the people who discuss this book are either conspiracy nuts who believe the government is spying on them through their cereal or something equally crazy, fundamentalist Christians who are eager to prove that Satan is out to get everyone or professional skeptics who have an axe to grind against the former two and a desire to look very smart and very clever on top of it.I had read this book back in my high school days, but only remembered some bits and pieces from it (crazy death cults [...]

    2. Re-read for 2016. Still one of my favorites, this is an amazing piece of investigative journalism by author Maury Terry. This is one I have to keep replacing -- I never get it back whenever anyone borrows it. :)

    3. Oh the good old days before DNA and real good forensics, where one Fire Island obsessed NY reporter could toil away on a single story for decades. Where a good juicy serial killer could make the career of a plucky young journalist.When Terry is not "recreating" conversations between himself and police, himself and District Attorneys, or himself and other newspaper men, he is retyping prison letters from inside snitches. See, here is the thing about this: Berkowitz did it. Alone. Because he is a [...]

    4. One of the most underrated books of our time, "The Ultimate Evil" is a "can't turn these GD pages fast enough" romp through the most convoluted murder mystery of our time. Was the Son of Sam merely a cover up for one of the most devious Satanic cults in the world? After reading Maury's long, really long, tale, I'd say "maybe?"

    5. Book that lays out the theory that the Son of Sam murders were not the act of a lone nut but were in fact the work of several people who were involved in an organized cult. After reading this I am convinced that Berkowitz did not act alone, and that the Son of Sam murders were ritual murders by an occult group, possibly a highly organized one and that the powers that be were aware of this and did their best to cover this up. I do however think that Terry pushes some of his theories beyond the re [...]

    6. I've loaned this one out a few times, and never seem to get it back. One of great cult books of all time. (The dog didn't do it.) And Berkowitz probably only did some of it. Read it and see. The book drips purple prose, which no doubt turns off some, and gives skeptics ammunition to shout down Terry's theories. And yet, I wouldn't want it written any other way. Terry raises some points that are hard to ignore. The main one being that there were others involved with the killings.

    7. I have finally finished this book. It was fascinating. I ended up liking it so much that I looked for the book that he was supposedly working on about the Lisa Steinberg murder; however, it looks like this was the only book he has written. This book was really scary and it really makes you wonder about unsolved murders and missing people.

    8. Terry offers an interesting and novel look on the Son Of Sam killings that terrorized America. He delivers the notion that Berkowitz did not in fact act alone, rather, he was merely a scapegoat to divert the attention away from what was apparently 'really going on'. Terry's theory is that a nation wide Satanic cult, with connections in the highest and widest places is responsible. He even goes on to identify the cult as an apparent off shoot of the Process church. Connections are then swiftly ma [...]

    9. Scary book on several levels, and is very clearly on the money by and large. Great research. I even checked out the Carrs' home and surrounding area on Google Earth when re-reading this recently; quite a cocktail.Strangely, a minor point of detail towards the end slightly undermined some of the other research: the star symbol used by the rock band Rush is not a pentagram and has no satanic connotations whatsoever. Lazy heavy metal / devil worship cliche that was given significance where there wa [...]

    10. Being Boring Is The Ultimate EvilI'm torn between a 2 and a 3 star because some parts were (unintentionally) amusing.OK, I do believe that there was more than one individual involved in the Son of Sam shootings. And you certainly are some kind of hero if you can get a nice clean, brief explanation out of this book.This book is a hot mess. It's so hard to get through it and it manages to make mass murder, some Satan, crazy people, blood, blood, nutso really, really boring and frustrating. So, awa [...]

    11. This was actually a little better than I expected. The author makes a pretty good case that Berkowitz was not the sole killer involved with the "Son of Sam" killings, and that he had connections to people who were possibly involved in all manner of shadiness, primarily drug dealing. I'm willing to buy that, and I'm willing to buy that Berkowitz put in some effort to appear crazier than he actually was prior to getting caught.Other stuff, I'm less willing to run with. Terry tries to link anything [...]

    12. This is very creepy to read when you are alone. I thought this was an excellent investigative book into the multiple killings in New York City in the late 70's by the "44 Cabiber Killer" or the "Son of Sam" killer (s). Too much evidence suggests that this was in no way a one man job. Even the cops investigating this case at the time always thought it was more than one killer. Every crime scene had a different description of the shooter/shooters. The only reason this was all pinned on David Berko [...]

    13. An absolutely fascinating story and in-depth review of the Son of Sam murders. Maury Terry takes this to the deepest level of the cultish underground of New York, ultimately indicting the Process Church of the Final Judgment. I've come across some contradictory information regarding Terry's conclusions, especially an interview with Timothy Wyllie who found Terry's work laughable, but no one has taken the time to carefully deconstruct the events in a similar matter and prove Terry otherwise. I hi [...]

    14. Fascinating theory on the Son of Sam murders! Maury Terry really seems to have done his research and raises some interesting questions.

    15. Very eerie book, which dives into a strange true crime case akin to the Manson murders, a case featuring a cult responsible for eight deaths.

    16. Little more than a loose mix of conjecture, conspiracy theory and "Satanic panic". Terry's connections, for lack of a better word, are loose and are often contradictory. He offers little concrete evidence to support his claims and relies on the reader's assumptions and gullibility too often. A waste of valuable time in my opinion.

    17. next to Peter Levenda's 'Sinister Forces' trilogy,Maury Terry's book is must reading for anyone interested in learning about the occullt that churns alongin it's own parallel world as we pat ourselves on the back for being "oh so very well informed" No lizards here, but plenty of monsters.

    18. Classic piece of sensationalist trash that falls under the category of 'Satanic Panic'literature, an hysterical craze that swept most of the US and other Western countries in the late 1980s that was based on the premise that a vast network of Satanic cults had infiltrated all levels of modern society.Poorly researched, full of factual errors, ludicrous speculation not to mention outright lies, slander and hearsay. It's hard to tell whether Maury Terry genuinely believed the crap he churned out f [...]

    19. 100% fact based book with a long and thorough investigative process.I find that the book left me with one very strong and scarey take-away ,that is, that EVIL does exist! and in its purest form.The investigative journalism is superb!The Son of Sam aspect is just the beginning of the many,many, connections or spokes in the wheel that are tied in to the Cult aspect, the Process church and Devil Worship and murders is astounding and ,I might add high levels of our sick society.Maury Terry's story [...]

    20. The book was amazing! 100% true and factual. I urge all to go to Son of Sam & Beyond-The Ultimate Evil- Maury Terry Facebook group (unofficial). Maury Terry is a true American hero. I grew up in the Yonkers area and knew all about this cult. They had been active in the area since the 1950's. I even knew a few people that were sexually abused and molested by cult members. This stuff happened. Berkowitz was a very popular guy in Yonkers who had many friends who he hung with. Friends who were i [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this book on the whole. There were times when I wondered whether I would finish it or not, as there were times when it didn't keep me gripped, but I plodded on and was glad I did.Starting with a Satanic murder in California in 1974, it then goes onto New York's 'Son of Sam' killings, claiming David Berkowitz didn't act alone and was part of a Satanic cult. This makes up a large part of the book. It goes back to California and even brings in Charles Manson and a Manson II, linkin [...]

    22. An exceptionally long tome about how the Son of Sam case in the 1970s was probably tied to a broader conspiracy that David Berkowitz got involved with after being exposed to a deranged group of self-styled "Satanists" while in the military in North Dakota. Maury tenuously ties the Son of Sam to Charles Manson's group, but this is not convincing to me. This is a re-read of a book that I thought was thrilling back in the 1980s, but it could have done with an editing down.

    23. On targetThis book exposed much that had been hidden or ignored. As a Yonkers resident I hung out bob Untermeyer park in the late sixties and early seventies. My friend and I would see these brown robed figures with the goods over their heads walking through the park heading toward the woods. They were given wide birth and word was passed not to comment, stare or ask any questions. This book brings all those moments back.

    24. I was correct-a hundred pages in I realized I had read this book in hardcover format in 1999. Got home last night and found the hardcover copy. It's an interesting theory-and I can see why some would be drawn into it, but the book also illustrates how easily it is to manipulate any data to fit any number of theories.

    25. This book attempts to link together an organized coast to coast murder conspiracy centered around Satanism. Since those times such ideas have been debunked. Seems like it was the zeitgeist of the day. On the plus side Terry does unravel some of mystery around Berkowitz and his possible/probable accomplices (locally).

    26. on Sunday, June 29, 2008 OMG It took me 10 days to read!!!! Not a good sign is it? It was interesting but I must admit at the end I thought O what the hell, get on with it. This book was good but too long.Very small print more than 650 pages and a lot of repetition.Interesting though, but I am just glad I have read it. I think this must have been a record. 10 days! wow.

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