Invasion They are coming The countdown has begun First visible only as blips on a telescope image the discovery of objects approaching from Jupiter orbit immediately sets humanity on edge NASA doesn t even bo

  • Title: Invasion
  • Author: Sean Platt Johnny B. Truant Ray Porter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Audiobook
  • They are coming The countdown has begun.First visible only as blips on a telescope image, the discovery of objects approaching from Jupiter orbit immediately sets humanity on edge NASA doesn t even bother to deny the alien ships existence The popular Astral space app broadcasting from the far side of the moon and accessible by anyone with internet has already shown tThey are coming The countdown has begun.First visible only as blips on a telescope image, the discovery of objects approaching from Jupiter orbit immediately sets humanity on edge NASA doesn t even bother to deny the alien ships existence The popular Astral space app broadcasting from the far side of the moon and accessible by anyone with internet has already shown the populace what is coming So the news has turned from evasion to triage, urging calm and offering the few facts they have The objects are enormous, perfectly round spheres numbering in the dozens, maybe hundreds They are on an approach vector for Earth And they will arrive in six days Fear simmers.Meyer Dempsey mogul, wealthy entrepreneur, arrogant and always in charge is in New York, on the phone with his ex wife in LA when the news breaks He can hear tension in the voices of reporters and experts chronicling all that s known and unknown But even while those supposedly in charge restrain their own panic, Meyer finds he recognizes bits and pieces of what the world is facing He s seen this in dreams in visions of another place He knows where he and his family must go He has prepared though he never knew until now what he d been preparing for He knows only they cannot hesitate They must run to their safe haven in the Colorado mountains Now Before society shatters into chaos, and it all falls apart Fear rises.Meyer has been taking steps for months, and has made preparations a trove of supplies, a van stocked for the worst, a Gulfstream waiting at a small airstrip in Jersey But he hasn t yet been able to take the final and most important step moving the family to Colorado, where every contingency is covered The networks stay on air longer than expected, creating a farce of calm But those with means have already begun to scramble as Meyer gathers his wife Piper and his two teenage children and begins their race toward that compound, toward safety There is no time for hesitation, regret, or pity Soon, pundits begin to ask questions hard enough to tip those who ve thus far stayed calm out of their complacency, inciting chaos What do the beings inside the ships want What will they do when they arrive And what if the scientists are wrong, and the spheres aren t decelerating Will they strike the planet, raising clouds of extinction dust Will they knock the Earth off its axis Is this a prelude to an alien invasion An alien war An alien apocalypse The first domino in the birth of a new alien empire Fear erupts.Panic, once it breaches the thin crust of civilized society, spreads like a virus Meyer knows only one thing, and it s a truth that has perched atop his mind like a psychic obsession When the ships arrive, his family must be at the Colorado compound or all will be lost The space fleet in itself doesn t matter The disintegration on the surviving news outlets does not matter Reports that Las Vegas has been set ablaze do not matter The fate of humanity, in Meyer s eyes, doesn t matter.All that matters is Piper Trevor Delilah And Meyer s ex wife Heather, coming to the same destination from the west a woman who remains his best friend, and his secret lover Rioting spills into the highways as time ticks away Unrest boils in both city and hinterlands But Meyer s obsession to reach Vail is single minded, guided with the focus of a far seeing nightmare Gangs can ground his plane, threaten his vehicles, and steal his belongings But nothing will stand between Meyer s family and their haven and Meyer will kill his way to Colorado if he has to This relentless, page turning tale of apocalyptic dawn is the first in the alien invasion series by masters of story Truant and Platt, authors of The Beam, Robot Proletariat, the Dream Engine series, and many .

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    1. The hero was a cheating jerk, setting up an sex date with his ex wife while married to another woman, in fact cheating on his wife their whole marriage, then this author having the wife thinking that if he is cheating it's her fault. The jerk wasn't hero material and I kept hoping he would be the first person to die.I hated, hated the so called hero. The cheating jerk

    2. Read all six seasons of Yesterday's Gone and loved it. Invasion is nothing like that. We're stuck on a road trip with a sociopathic narcissist, who believes he and his idiot family are the only ones who deserve to survive the coming alien holocaust because "he is prepared for it." The second book in the series is offered free at the end of the Kindle book. No thanks.

    3. Great idea and good solid writing. I just didn't enjoy spending time with these characters. I also didn't like the cliffhangerISH ending.

    4. Contrarily to what the title says, the whole story isn't about an invasion but about a family who tries to reach a bunker the father had had built in case of such an event. The event, you might wonder, is that spaceships are spotted in our solar system and they seemed to be aiming directly for Earth. It doesn't take long for people to panic, the flights to be grounded and for our little family to start having trouble going where they need to be. The main protagonist might not be the likeable one [...]

    5. This book turned out to be a lot more entertaining that I expected it to be. I almost put it down after the first few pages because it seemed more vulgar than it needed to be and the main protagonist seemed modeled after Donald Trump. However, both impressions changed as I stuck with it. Meyer Dempsey turned out to be rather likable, spiritual in his own way, and heroic - a good guy to have along in a crisis. And while much of the dialogue remains crude in spots, it seems to fit the characters a [...]

    6. I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up Invason, but I'm glad I did. It's extremely well-written, and it is definitely a page turner. I won't summarize the plot (other reviewers have done this better than I can), but the premise is fantastic and the book moves quickly. Meyer Dempsey is probably one of my favorite Sterling & Stone main characters--I really felt like I knew him, and I found myself thinking about him even after I put the book down. My only complaint is that Meyer was so w [...]

    7. I didn't dislike it but I was unimpressed overall. I should have known the writing style would be a bit immature just from the character names - Piper, Delilah etc - but I thought I was being judgemental.There are too many irritating characters doing things that don't add up. There are too many coincidences and artificial cliff-hangers at chapter ends. It's kind of engaging (enough so that I got through it quickly) but a long way from being good literature - you're aware of the amateur style thr [...]

    8. (Listened to audiobook w/hubby) Didn't really track that Meyer, a man who had supposedly incredible insight and preparedness, would not include certain (seemingly obvious) survival items. But, aside from that, which very much frustrated my retired Marine hubby to no end, we're curious to see where the story goes from here.

    9. Great writing of an outstanding story. Sean Platt hooked me with Yesterday's Gone, and I loved Invasion just as much.

    10. I hated "Meyer F*cking Dempsey," and his entire lot, BUT this was a great audiobook for my weekday commute. It was very well-paced and exciting. I'll look forward to the next installment.

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    12. Invasion is the first in the science fiction series Alien Invasion by Sean Platt and Johnny B Truant but it reminds me more of a dystopian or thriller story such as Fear the Walking Dead.The story begins with a family in New York City learning that alien spaceships have been spotted and are expected to reach Earth in five days. As pandemonium hits they attempt to escape New York because "everyone knows New York is where everything happens" and reach their shelter in Vail, Colorado.Much like Fear [...]

    13. I really enjoyed the story line, I love apocalyptic books so anything along those lines grab my attention, this book though it's a tough one to rate, I can see why it has so many low stars I really can, I didn't love the way this was written jumping from one person to another then another and in places I felt it was too descriptive but then in others I felt it wasn't descriptive enough, understanding the surroundings whilst reading was hard in places, I wasn't sure where they were from one min t [...]

    14. Thoroughly enjoyable survival takeWith the world facing the soon arrival of an alien fleet society begins to crumble and few people know what to do. One man is determined to make sure his family survives no matter what it takes. Our hero is a paranoid survivalist whose preparations for the inevitable apocalypse began long before as the result of drug-induced vague new age visions right out of the Western version of Eastern mysticism so popular in the latter half of the Twentieth Century, but thi [...]

    15. The basic premise of Invasion is pretty clear and has been done before - aliens show up and humans have to deal with a new reality, one that most people never really believed to be true. But Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant have put their own unique twist on the theme, and created a captivating story that has plenty of mystery underlying the action. Our hero knows that he has to get his family from one side of the country to the other before the spaceships arrive. But how does he know? And why? A [...]

    16. “There were powers in the universe that found [our] force and aggression not just laughable but unworthy of notice.”Don’t read the blurb; it’s a synopsis of most of the book. Oddly, the titular invasion occurs off stage. In fact, this is mostly a dystopia about the panic between the sighting of inbound aliens (species, powers and intentions unknown) and the actual first contact. “Good men and bad men looked the same from the road, especially considering how thin the line between them h [...]

    17. I'm not usually much of a sci-fi reader, but I'm a huge fan of these guys and their SPP podcast, and as someone looking to begin serialisation I thought I'd give it a try.Firstly, I loved the feel of the whole book. The shifting perspectives of the character add a nice depth to the story and means that you can feel the growing panic of the invasion from a variety of different angles. There's a definite direction the story moves in and you find yourself wondering how and when they will achieve wh [...]

    18. Drug inspired rich prepper tries to get his family to Colorado, December 7, 2016Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: Invasion (Alien Invasion Book 1) (Kindle Edition)The description from Book Bub is not encouraging, " In six days, a host of alien crafts will descend upon Earth -" I wonder if in addition to peoples, the deers, geeses and such will be in danger from the alien crafts.The grammar in the book itself is better but it is written on a level comprable to young adult lite [...]

    19. 2.5/3 Stars Not a bad start to a series. The only problem I had with it was with Meyer, the main character, the so called hero his personality was the worst thing ever. He thought of himself as the smartest person around just because he was 'prepared' for the end of the world unlike everyone else. He seemed like the worst of humanity with his 'I deserve to live because I'm prepared' attitude. Also his relationship with his ex was um questionable and unrealistic. I couldn't tell if he was cheatin [...]

    20. What strikes me most is how real the characters are in Truant and Platt's books. They aren't afraid to deal with feelings and thoughts that real people have but desperately keep to themselves. You don't see that a lot - everything is very PC these days, even in fiction. But not here. So aside from the impending invasion, we get a real look into the heads and hearts of real people dealing with real problems - some related to the situation at hand, but many more spilling over from their lives "bef [...]

    21. Society quickly breaks down when all they see are dots on a space telescope. Throughout most of the book, the main characters steal, kill, hurt and whatever they have to to reach their final destination. And they justify it because if they don't do it the other party will. The protagonist constantly use his insight in some new-age drug to guide him. The characters are somewhat thin and aliens part of the book is tiny. But for some reason, I'll probably read the next book.

    22. Well this book is bad. This book, called Invasion, isn't a story about aliens invading earth. It's about a family who takes a trip across the country to get to their bunker BEFORE the aliens arrive. We hear little of these aliens. All we know is that they are coming and won't arrive for 6 days. This book is incredibly frustrating and the title is misleading. I will not be continuing on with book 2.

    23. Locked down in a bunker? Lots of canned goods but tired of counting the cracks in the ceiling caused by the ground bursts from North Korea? Forgot to bring that box of must read books, and you are limited to user manuals and the Invasion Series by Pratt? Well, grab the cheetos and dehydrated beer, and start reading. You won't raise your IQ with this, but it's mindlessly distracting.

    24. I'm waffling between 2 or 3 stars for this book. Some things I liked and others I didn't. The book had a made for TV miniseries feel about it. Although the second book in the series is offered for free I'm not sure I'm interested in the storyline to find out what happens next.

    25. Page-TurnerThoroughly enjoyed this sci-fi thriller and looking forward to reading the sequel. Excellent writing, good charter development, fast paced and interesting plot. Even if you are not a fan of the genre, you will enjoy this book.

    26. Can't wait to start book 2!! Great read that I could not put down. If you love alien invasion scifi, I think you'll enjoy this series. I'm very excited to read book #2!

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