Helbeck van Bannisdale

Helbeck van Bannisdale Mary Augusta Ward nee Arnold June March was a British novelist who wrote under her married name as Mrs Humphry Ward

  • Title: Helbeck van Bannisdale
  • Author: Mary Augusta Ward Guillette de Lange-Willeumier
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mary Augusta Ward nee Arnold June 11, 1851 March 26, 1920 , was a British novelist who wrote under her married name as Mrs Humphry Ward.

    One thought on “Helbeck van Bannisdale”

    1. Mrs. Humphry Ward (Mary Augusta Ward, 1851-1920) is my new idol: she was very productive in middle age. A niece of Matthew Arnold, she began writing compulsively after her marriage to Thomas Humphry Ward, a tutor and fellow at Brasenose College, and after she had three children. Fortunately she had hired help: she spent her mornings at the Bodleian library and wrote three hours every night. She was the author of 26 novels, and I can attest that three are excellent, Robert Elsmere (1888), Marcell [...]

    2. A little boring in places,had to finish it sad ending.The actual book I read is 119 years old it is in great shape for a book that old.Has an English book sellers stamp in front.

    3. Fascinating as social history; with a tragic ending. Unable to reconcile her love for a Catholic with his faith the 'pagan' heroine kills herself. Thinking her death an accident, the Catholic hero becomes a Jesuit. This book was written in 1898, but it definitely doesn't read as a story set at the dawn of the twentieth century. In the distinction made between Catholics and others, it seems to be set much further back in time. But maybe it is accurately describing a pre-Vatican Two world, in whic [...]

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