Het kasteel van Otranto ~ Vathek ~ Frankenstein

Het kasteel van Otranto Vathek Frankenstein The Gothic novel that curious literary genre which flourished from about until revels in the horrible and the supernatural in suspense and exotic settings This volume with its erudite in

  • Title: Het kasteel van Otranto ~ Vathek ~ Frankenstein
  • Author: Horace Walpole William Beckford Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
  • ISBN: 9027421641
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Gothic novel, that curious literary genre which flourished from about 1765 until 1825, revels in the horrible and the supernatural, in suspense and exotic settings This volume, with its erudite introduction by Mario Praz, presents three of the most celebrated Gothic novels The Castle of Otranto, published pseudonymously in 1765, is one of the first of the genre and tThe Gothic novel, that curious literary genre which flourished from about 1765 until 1825, revels in the horrible and the supernatural, in suspense and exotic settings This volume, with its erudite introduction by Mario Praz, presents three of the most celebrated Gothic novels The Castle of Otranto, published pseudonymously in 1765, is one of the first of the genre and the most truly Gothic of the three in ots blending of two kinds of romanticism, ancient and modern, it is a precursor of Romanticism Vathek 1786 , an oriental tale by an eccentric millionaire, exotically combines Gothic romanticism with the vivacity of The Arabian Nights, and is a narrative tour de force The story of Frankenstein 1818 and the monster he created is as spine chilling today as it ever was as in all Gothic novels, horror is the keynote.The cover shows a detail from The Nightmare by J.H Fuseli.

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    1. Actually 3 1/2 stars as a sort of average for the three books in this anthology. Castle of Otranto: Pretty awesome. One commenter described it as being kind of Shakespearean, and I agree - you can enjoy it as if Shakespeare decided to sit down and write a haunted house novella. You can see the very beginnings of modern horror tropes here (panicked servants seeing things, ancestor in the portrait comes to life, etc.), but you also get all of the classic (melo)drama of lit. from this time period ( [...]

    2. THE CASTLE OF OTRANTO: 5 starsSo beautiful!! It was breathtaking, riveting and exciting. And the atmosphere was the beauty of a true Gothic novel. All the characters were rich and clearly defined; I personally loved Isabella the most. However, the ending wasn't properly resolved :( I would have liked to have seen what happened a while after (SPOILER!) Matilda's death. But it was gorgeous! LOVED it! I have been wanting to read this forever, and it didn't disappointTHEK: 2 stars It was very hard t [...]

    3. I have only finished the first book: The Castle of Otranto. The layout of this book was bad. Without the use of quotes or some other notation, it was difficult at times to understand who was speaking. The text also runs together with few paragraph breaks in an apparent effort to save pages. As for the story, I was disappointed on its lack of Gothic descriptions. I expected more from the original Goth novel.

    4. For class, we only read Vathek, but I have read Frankenstein several other times already. I'll have to go back and read The Castle of Otranto when I have a chance. As for Vathek, it's a pretty good story, if you can get through the antiquated style.

    5. This book has been sitting on my "currently reading" shelf since November because I keep forgetting to move it!This was one of the first books I started in my "gothtober" reading month, and I didn't end up finishing it until a couple of days after Halloween.While I loved "Castle of Otranto," I have to say that most of "Vathek" was boring and went over my head. I'm sure there was profound imagery and metaphor there, but I just did not absorb any of it. "Castle" was excellent though. I guess it's [...]

    6. I have read all these three stories and all of them are really great. I definitely recommend this book!! Besides, all three of them are very significant. The Castle of Otranto is considered to be the very first (official) Gothic story every published (1764). The Gothic genre officially starts with its publication. A very entertaining book with all the characteristics of the so-called "first" or classic Gothics which were published by the hundreds from 1790 until about 1820. Vathek: an exotic Got [...]

    7. Frankenstein was really interesting, but when I got to the last page I flipped over expecting one last chapter because Shelley just left me hanging.

    8. The Castle one was kind of interesting, you have to kind of get into a rythym with the language and then it goes a bit faster. It's almost more a comedy of errors. Manfred was a complete cretin, sneaky and gross, The horror part of it to me, wasn't where the gigantic helmet or other body parts came from, it was the idea that Manfred then thought he would marry Isabelle, as if! And the daughter, why she didn't hang herself, I'll never understand! Vathek, I didn't care for that much. He was like a [...]

    9. Review of 'The Castle of Otranto' - 'Entertainingly warped morality'I began reading this book as research for a Regency romance I was writing that contained references to Gothic novels. I realised although I thought I had the concept of a Gothic novel, the ones I've read previously ('Frankenstein' and 'Wuthering Heights') are deemed Gothic by virtue of their narrative structure, rather than the actual content. 'The Castle of Otranto' would, I thought, be a 'proper' Gothic novel.Well, initially I [...]

    10. Frankenstein I have already read and reviewed. Horace Walpole's The Castle of Otranto is an early piece of gothic. The story is highly melodramatic with bevies of swooning maidens, over-wraught heroes and plotting baddies. The writing is highly 'tell don't show' and as such gets somewhat tiring. Also none of the speech is laid out on modern lines (new line; speech marks) so it's sometimes confusing as to who says what. There are some supernatural elements but these tended to fall away as the nar [...]

    11. This review is only for The Castle of Otranto and Vathek, because I intend to read Frankenstein at a later date, at my own leisure, with plenty of time for reflection.I'm beginning to realise that it's hard for me to rate Gothic fiction, because I read it for fun. Even when I can't appreciate plot or characterisation, I appreciate the atmosphere, the air of mystery and terror. That's definitely the case with Otranto.Vathek, on the other hand, is just overall bad. I'm not even sure it should coun [...]

    12. "But alas! my lord, what is blood? what is nobility? We are all reptiles, miserable sinful creatures. It is piety alone that can distinguish us from the dust whence we sprung, and whither we must return." - Friar Jerome - The Castle of Otranto"and he succeeded better as his generosity was unbounded and his indulgences unrestrained: for he did not think, with the Caliph Omar Ben Abdalaziz, that it was necessary to make a hell of this world to enjoy Paradise in the next." - Vathek"for nothing cont [...]

    13. Saved but the story of Mary Shelley "Frankenstein", this collection of gothic novels introduces the Gothic genre from its first steps. The Castle of Otranto starts with the most promising qualifications just to disappoint the reader with its mild ending. The narrative style and vocabulary were simple and not of my taste while Frankenstein shouted out Percy Shelley to specific parts. The narrative, especially by the point of view of the monster was excellent, mostly interesting and emotionally mo [...]

    14. For me Frankenstein was painful. Mostly because I felt like Dr. Frankensein was crazy for even wanting to make the monster in the first place. I also had a hard time with the romantic writing, perhaps this is something that I could appreciate better now but I failed to see why we needed the description of the beautiful mountains just as the monster was getting angry and about to do something interesting.

    15. I know, I know, it's taken me an AGE to get through this book.I whizzed through The Castle of Otranto. It's absolutely bonkers and filled with chivalrous knights and good, swooning Christian ladies I loved it!Vathek was what got me down. It's like two completely different books stitched together in the middle and more than a little impenetrable. Very memorable though.Frankenstein well; what took me so long? Glorious.

    16. Just re-read The Castle of Otrano, which I find so narratively promising in its first half and so disappointing in its second where, I think, thoughtful characterization falls away. As a subject for study, it's endlessly engaging despite my response as a reader. The intro by Praz doesn't do justice in this regard. It's so outdated that I can't believe Penguin keeps it in print. Vathek and Frankenstein, neither of which I've re-read lately, are both stunning, mind-blowing even.

    17. Contains Frankenstein, Vathek and The Castle of Otranto as listed. The first is a must read; the others are much harder going but are interesting as examples of the genre at certain points in time. All round a valuable collection as I otherwise wouldn't have picked up the other two novels. However,the latter two are interesting for literary/genre context rather than engaging as novels in their own right.

    18. This novel compiles three major Gothic novel. although it is a good start to introduce someone to Gothicism I was not compelled by any of it. I already read Frankenstein, it was the only one that I somehow enjoyed. for the two others, I didn't like the whole supernatural lore, it was a bit too much, it lost its value. I don't think that Gothic novels are for me. well I tried anyways.

    19. I just finished reading "The Castle of Otranto." It was quite an enjoyable read. The mystery really got me turning pages and I liked the old, gothic feel. I've read "Frankenstein" before and love it. The emotional/ethical concepts stick with you. I'm working on "Vathek" right now--so far, so good :)

    20. Another book from the gothic novel strand at university. Of the three, Frankenstein is, I would guess, by far the best known, and is slightly different to the usual damsel in distress in dark castle with weird stuff going on idea of some gothic stories. I enjoyed it, although I have to confess to feeling sorry for the monster by the end. Castle of Otranto is a more standard gothic offering.

    21. I was familiar with Frankenstein, of course, having read it 10-12 times in my life. The other two were unfamiliar to me and they were interesting and lots of fun (maybe not the right word). However, I was hoping for stories that would be a little darker, a little scarier.

    22. The very first collection of Gothic stories I ever read- a very good introduction indeed. Loved "Frankenstein"- a true gem of Literature. Mary Shelley's genius at its most: a book that can have several interpretations, religious, scientific, moral, philosophical, all equally deep.

    23. The Castle of Otranto is good, if wordy and willfully strange. Frankenstein is appalling. Vathek unreadable.I wouldn't bother if I were you

    24. Castle of Otranto was pretty creepy because of Manfred's obsession with Isabella, but other than that, it was a decent read.

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