Public Secrets

Public Secrets From Nora Roberts the incomparable New York Times bestselling author of Sanctuary and Montana Sky comes a mesmerizing story of a woman trapped by a dangerous desire and threatened by a murderous sec

  • Title: Public Secrets
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780553589474
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
  • From Nora Roberts, the incomparable New York Times bestselling author of Sanctuary and Montana Sky, comes a mesmerizing story of a woman trapped by a dangerous desire and threatened by a murderous secret, one of Nora Roberts s most popular novels Emma Beautiful, intelligent, radiantly talented, she lives in a star studded world of wealth and privilege But she is about tFrom Nora Roberts, the incomparable New York Times bestselling author of Sanctuary and Montana Sky, comes a mesmerizing story of a woman trapped by a dangerous desire and threatened by a murderous secret, one of Nora Roberts s most popular novels Emma Beautiful, intelligent, radiantly talented, she lives in a star studded world of wealth and privilege But she is about to discover that fame is no protection at all when someone wants you dead All she has to do is close her eyes and she remembers the magical day her father came into her life She was a frightened, lonely toddler, hiding, always hiding, from her mother s wrath, when Brian McAvoy swept in and took her away She didn t know then that she was his illegitimate daughter or that she had just been rescued by pop music s rising new star All she knew was that suddenly she felt safe And there wasn t only Brianhis new wife became Emma s loving stepmother, his band members became her surrogate uncles, and soon Emma even had a new baby brother to care for Then just when everything seemed perfect, a horrifying event shattered all their lives a botched kidnapping attempt, shocking theworld, traumatizing Emma, leaving her bereft of her newfound happiness Yet now, after so many years of pain and guilt, of being overprotected and hounded by the press, Emma finally feels as if she s put the tragedy behind her A determined, self sufficient young woman, she has carved out a thrilling career, and even dared to fall rapturously in love But the man who will become her husband isn t all that he seems And Emma is about to awaken to the chilling knowledge that the darkest secret of all is the one buried inher mind a secret that someone may kill to keep With Public Secrets, Nora Roberts has woven an absorbing tale of a woman you can t help but care for, trapped in a terrifying web of suspense that willkeep you reading long into the night.

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    1. Public Secrets isn't one of Nora Roberts most popular books. It's not one that gets mentioned much and I know a lot of her readers don't particularly care for it. But there's something about this book that thoroughly captures me. It's one of my all-time favorite books. I think I've read it about 6 times now.It's a rather atypical romance novel (semi-romantic suspense) because the romance doesn't really come into play seriously until the last 150 pages. This book is more about the heroine, Emma, [...]

    2. When I purchased the book last year, it looked vaguely familiar. Let me be clear; I have read a LOT of Nora Roberts. Between haunting the library shelves in Germany for her books and purchasing almost all of the rest, I do believe that I have read most of her books. There are only a few I have not gotten around to reading. When I bought Public Secrets, I thought this was one of those that remained unread. After reading the first page, I remembered the story. It turns out I did read it more than [...]

    3. Wow, this is intense. I want to say it reminds me of Coming Home, a little bit, because they've both got this - atmosphere, I guess - that conveys such a sense of reality. As if the story is already known and is simply being transcribed. Not the sort of work where you think about plot and pacing, just about the inexorable march of time. The almost inevitability of the ending, something hard-won after years of work put into making it from day to day. The courage of everyday living.I wish there'd [...]

    4. 4,5Nora Roberts não desiludeNeste livro acompanhamos a vida de Emma desde os três anos e vamos acompanhando as histórias de todos as seu redor.Só não dou 5 porque achei que no fim o relacionamento de Emma e de (Não quero fazer spoiler) Devia ter sido diferente Ele merecia mais!!

    5. Un secreto a voces, también conocido como Alegrías y desgracias en la vida de Emma McAvoyDefinitivamente, este es un libro de la época en la que Nora no sabía resumir. ¿Eran necesarias QUINIENTAS páginas para profundizar en el pasado de un personaje? Con un capítulo YO hubiera estado igual de tranqui. Pequeños flashbacks, qué se yo. No entiendo porqué tuvo que ser tan minuciosa para describir toda la infancia, adolescencia de Emma. La parte interesante (el romance) llega en la página [...]

    6. A Filha das Estrelas é um bom exemplar do trabalho de Nora Roberts. Gostei especialmente que o livro fosse tão completo em relação à protagonista, Emma, que acompanhamos ao longo da sua vida, desde pequenina, passando pelos diversos episódios que, para o bem ou para o mal, a moldaram. A escritora levou-me a criar genuína afeição por Emma, uma ligação fortificada pelo sofrimento da personagem.Ao mesmo tempo, Roberts conseguiu que todas as personagens tivessem o seu espaço na narrativa [...]

    7. 2'5-3Este libro es el que más pesado y más me ha costado leer de Norita, incluso lo tuve aparcado un par de meses porque me daba pereza reanudar la lectura. Yo creo que cerca del 40-50% del libro fue lo peor de todo estaba taaaan explicado y desarrollado al más mínimo detalle (algo que en este caso me pareció excesivo) que leía y leía y veía que no avanzaba prácticamente nada la trama.

    8. Sice jsem dvě nejdůležitější věci odhadla hned v počátcích, ale celkový požitek mi to rozhodně nezkazilo. Věděla jsem, že to bude pecka hned po prvních pár stránkách a jsem ráda, že jsem se nemýlilaiznidenicek/201

    9. This is an oldie but a goodie. I first read Public Secrets over 15 years ago and since then I continually pick it back up for a reread. I just finished rereading the story after a good 7 or 8 year break and I am so happy to say that it's still as compelling, intriguing, and delightful as it was the first time I read it. This story in particular is a favorite of mine as it follow the story of not just the main character Emma, but an entire cast of characters that you love to love and love to hate [...]

    10. Op basis van bovenstaande samenvatting zou je als lezer een uiterst spannend boek verwachten. Dat zou ik zelf ook doen mocht dit mijn allereerste Nora Roberts-boek zijn. Er zit zeker enige mate van spanning – of eerder mysterie – door dit verhaal heen verweven maar het vormt zeker niet de belangrijkste factor.Eén van de zaken die er voor zorgen dat ik de boeken van deze schrijfster zo graag lees is de manier waarop en de mate waarin ze haar personages uitwerkt. Binnen de kortste keren leef [...]

    11. Quando comecei hoje a ler, faltavam 265 páginas para terminar e tencionava dividir a leitura por 3 dias mas estava a gostar tanto, mas tanto que tirei a tarde para o despachar. A sério, nunca pensei que fosse possível gostar tanto. Afinal, este livro tem elementos que me fazem desprezar uma leitura, como seja passar-se há umas décadas atrás, a ação estender-se por diversos anos, não é apenas um romance de amor + um mistério como é mais usual em NR mas sim a vida de Emma durante 20 an [...]

    12. tuve mis dudas sobre este libro cuando comencé a leerlo y descubrí que nos narraba la historia desde que la protagonista, Emma, era una niñita. Eso me hizo recordar otro libro, no de Nora sino de Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Fancy pants), que es un aburrimiento y despropósito total en sus 500 páginas, de las cuales regala mucho a la infancia de la prota; no obstante, seguí adelante con la lectura y ¿qué creen? Que Nora Roberts logró regalarme una novela muy buena. Este es un libro que debe [...]

    13. Very emotional book from start to finish but I loved every minute of it and think this is probably one of the best NR book I have read.

    14. Este foi um livro que não me despertou o interesse durante meses e meses. Não sei se pela sinopse, se pela capa, a verdade é que eu achava que iria ser mais um romance típico à Nora Roberts que, confesso, já não me atrai como dantes, talvez à conta de tantos que li. No entanto, após acabar um livro do seu pseudónimo, J. D. Robb, que tinha as primeiras páginas d'A Filha da Estrelas, lá o comecei a ler. E não esperava nada o que veio a acontecer - a história agarrou-me de tal maneira [...]

    15. I really enjoy the Nora Roberts novels that follow an individual person or group of persons over a long path of their life. It really allows for me to learn the characters better than a novel that packs all the action to a span of a few months or perhaps a few years. This novel spanned decades, and the characters grew and developed in believable ways as the plot moved forward.My main gripes with the novel are that some of the circumstances seemed somewhat contrived and unrealistic. For example, [...]

    16. The characterization and settings are superb. based solely on this, it would have been a 5. but after a while the detail is too much. For about an hour's worth of crime drama, you need to span 20 years. There were scenes where the person has traveled hours to ask one life-or-death question. Rather than ask, they draw it out for a page saying "I'm going to ask a question," or neglect to share a vital piece of information entirely. I found myself wanting to edit several times. Whole chapters, such [...]

    17. Emma McAvoy met her rock star father for the first time at the age of three when her mother, a pitiful but vengeful mess, forced the interaction. Brian McAvoy had no idea of her existence and fell in love with his daughter, his spitting image, at first sight. From here on out, the tale unfolds about their lives, a saga of heartache, betrayal, love and commitment. It's hard to capsulize this book into a one-paragraph summary as it chronicles the lives of this family over a 20-year time span. Even [...]

    18. I have really mixed feelings about this book. I generally love all the books by Nora Roberts and this one is really well written. But I haven't enjoyed it as much as some of her other books.First, I was definitely expecting something completely different. I was thinking about a good romantic suspense with nice developed characters and a bit of this rock star glitter. Instead it is a story more into woman's fiction genre or even a very well-written biography of a non-existing person, Emma. Really [...]

    19. I simply loved this book. I honestly couldn't put it down. The characters were touching and real, not flawless and perfect but real.What I hated was being in Emma's head. Not the writing hate, I just loved the story, but rather the existantial hate. I don't want to think of child abuse, that's just one of the most horrible things out there. And the worst of it was that, even when she grew up in a loving environment with all luxuries etc in the end she was still the traumatised little girl who bl [...]

    20. This was not one of my favorites from Roberts, but it was well written and a good read. Most of the reasoning for my rating has to do with pacing. It's not that the story ever lags, but there was a section I felt lasted too many chapters. That being said, it's more of my personal distaste for the subject matter going on in the story--brutal domestic abuse and violence against children. It makes me sick to even read about such things and know they exist in reality. So, though it may be a bit unfa [...]

    21. This book is amazing! It's not a typical romance, more of a story about the girl Emma and her life which at times is quite tragic. But I just loved this book and found myself unable to put it down. I felt like I was right along with Emma experiencing and feeling all of these events and emotions with her. It's a not so glamorous side to life but I truly loved it and again, Roberts will NEVER disapoint!

    22. Nora Roberts é uma autora que me surpreender sempre. Mesmo depois 60 e muitos livros que partilhamos juntas (ela escreve, eu leio). É verdade que os seus livros não podem ser considerados Nobel da literatura, mas todos eles têm um fio condutor, a capacidade de nos entreter durante cada minuto que dura a leitura e não será este o objectivo principal quando pegamos num livro?

    23. This is the most wonderfull book I've ever read! The book has it all, love, happiness and sadness. It's the first book that made me have tears in my eyes, some where from happiness but there where also tears of sadness. But everything meaningful in the book and I love the happy end!!!!

    24. From its very first pages you find yourself hooked. It is the kind of books I deeply love; the kind that induces you to forget time and surroundings and captures you in an unstoppable reading trance.

    25. Dit boek was totaal niet wat ik eerst had gedacht. Door het lezen van de achterflap had ik echt het gevoel dit boek over een volwassen Emma ging, maar dit boek begint wanneer Emma 3 jaar oud is. Haar jeugd wordt heel uitgebreid vertelt, waar ik op voorhand geen idee van had maar wat wel belangrijk is voor het verhaal.Ook draaide dit boek rond de levens van de andere personages, hierdoor voelde het verhaal soms wat langdradig aan. Het maakte wel dat de personages goed uitgewerkt waren en realisti [...]

    26. I have great memories of this book and decided it was time to take Nora Roberts Public Secrets off the shelf and enjoy it once more. While it was definitely as good as I remembered there was so much more to this book than just a romance. In fact I wouldn't really even call this book a Romance but because NR wrote it, the publishing industry lacks imagination and insists on calling it so.This book is a retrospective of life, love, family, connections and how you learn to deal with it all. At the [...]

    27. A young girl brought from the worst of society to the glittering lights of stardom and rock-n-roll by her father, a rising star. After a horrible tragedy befalls the young family, her life is torn apart and she is sent away. Once grown she embarks on a path to find herself some happiness, acceptance, love and to find out what happened that horrible night, but others are watching and would do anything to keep her from rememberingI've read lots of Nora Roberts books since I was a teen girl, but th [...]

    28. Although this story spans 23 years, telling the life of the heroine, Emma McAvoy, from just before her third birthday to the beginning of the nineties, from the moment she met her father, through her adolescence, her first crush, through a disastrous marriage, to the moment she discovers the truth about a tragic incident in her youth, I didn't understand the woman. Maybe I didn't because I couldn't connect or empathize with her due to the fact I didn't live such a life, or maybe I couldn't becau [...]

    29. Synopsis above, not going to make my own.This was a great book from Nora Roberts, better than some of the others I have read. It is one of her time progression novels, so a lot of the book is about Emma's childhood and the lives of the band members. The major romance between Emma and Michael doesn't really begin until after half of the book is already over with, somewhere in the last 175 pages or so. I loved reading about all the lives in this book, though. Usually NR focuses on the main two cha [...]

    30. I have read a lot of negative reviews about this book and I think it is because people expect romance from Nora Roberts and this was so much more. To me this was an intense and dramatic character study of Emma McAvoy. She starts life as the daughter of a miserable and abusive junkie mother who cares about nothing more than herself and her fix. Her father, a rock and roll icon, didn't know she existed for years and when he learns of her existence he rescues her and she begins a new life with him [...]

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