Always Mine

Always Mine When it comes to getting what he wants Asher Barrington is a hammer who is known for crushing his opponents From the moment Emily walks into his office and challenges him winning takes on a whole ne

  • Title: Always Mine
  • Author: Ruth Cardello
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When it comes to getting what he wants, Asher Barrington is a hammer who is known for crushing his opponents From the moment Emily walks into his office and challenges him, winning takes on a whole new meaning The only thing standing between Emily Harris and her goal to open a museum for the blind is an arrogant, sexy as hell billionaire, who thinks sleeping with her wilWhen it comes to getting what he wants, Asher Barrington is a hammer who is known for crushing his opponents From the moment Emily walks into his office and challenges him, winning takes on a whole new meaning The only thing standing between Emily Harris and her goal to open a museum for the blind is an arrogant, sexy as hell billionaire, who thinks sleeping with her will not complicate the situation He won t change She won t back down But together they sizzle This is book one of a spin off series from The Legacy Collection and The Andrades You fell in love with Dominic Corisi and Gio Andrade come meet the rest of the family All new couples with cameos from many of your favorite characters Love reading books set in the same world Watch for Jeannette Winter s release, One White Lie Her series will mirror my time line It won t be necessary to read hers to enjoy mine, but it sure will enhance the fun.

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    1. How did Ruth Cardello do it? How did she make me go from wanting to strangle Asher Barrington, to making me want him for my very own, in just one book? "Be careful. When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail.", is what Asher was told by his father, because that is precisely what Asher Dale Barrington is, a hammer, and he doesn't care who gets nailed if they get in his way. Asher is possibly one of the most infuriating males that I have ever read, well with the exception of Dominic Corisi [...]

    2. Another fantastic "billionaire" novel from Ruth Cardello and the beginning of what promises to be an amazing new series. In this one we first meet Asher Barrington. Hugely successful and power businessman who will do whatever he wants to get what he wants. He meets his match though when Emily Harris barrels into his office, refusing to sell the land his company has been trying to obtain. When he won't listen to reason, Emily decides to hit him where it will really hurt. His family!!This is a won [...]

    3. I really had problems with the characters in this book. I just did not see any chemistry between these two, Emily was terribly childish thru the book, she was mad or whining and annoying, she did not want to listed or get any help. Asher was cocky from the beginning but he get better at the end.

    4. Asher and Emily. Didn't care for either of these characters. Asher was just a bossy, demanding, overbearing person. "My way or the highway" was I felt he was constantly thinking. Emily - she was determined to keep her property, even though it wouldn't have been a good place for the museum she was doing. She was stubborn (and not in a good way) and her lack of trust in Asher and his family kept me from believing that she could actually care for him. And what's with the "I hate you but let's have [...]

    5. Oh my god this was AMAZING!!!!! I just have no words to describe how perfect the story was. I kept imagining Emily's mother's paintings and how would it feel like to touch those paintings I loved the story from beginning to end. I totally recommend this book.

    6. Barely 2 stars. That was a catastrophe for me. I hated the hero from page one. It didn't get better or so little better. Emily, the heroine, is kinda letting herself be run over by this, well, allpha hero would be too mild to describe this walking aggression on two legs. I liked the art parts of the story. There are really good plot points in there but the male lead made the whole story leave a very bad taste. I finished it because I am a perfectionist when I should have just stopped reading.

    7. Nice start to a seriesNo complaints here The book had a decent pace, the characters were fairly well developed, the focus was where it needed to be, and the ending was sweet. Hopefully, as the series grows, so does the story. Definitely I felt looking forward to the next book of the series.

    8. I love finding new author to me I found this beauty within Audible Romance Package just started that not to long ago and loving ever minute this was a suggestion to read on up. I love listening to new books, new authors such a great read. Robin Rowan was the narrator new to me love finding an appealing voice to listen too I always wonder how the authors pick them!! Great pick to me. Wow, it looks like there are plenty books to dive in by Ruth I gotta get to it hoping to find more readin [...]

    9. I never thought i would love anyone as much as i loved Dominic Corisi but i was wrong!!!! Asher Barrington IS Dominic Corisi only about a gazillion times hotter! Seriously that man is perfection in every way even his flaws are perfect. Ok enough rambling. We start with Asher in his office, he is a man who is not used to the word no, he is not used to anyone disagreeing with him period so when feisty little Emily Harris walks into his office he sees something in her that stirs something inside of [...]

    10. Standalone/Cliffhanger: Standalone but part of a series. Ages of H and h: Late 20s early 30sMulti-Luv'n/Ménages: (view spoiler)[No(hide spoiler)]Was There Descriptive Sex: (view spoiler)[ Yes(hide spoiler)]Descriptive Sex &/Or Drama Between H/h With OW/OM: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]>>If So, Before or After H/h Hookup: (view spoiler)[N/A (hide spoiler)]Contains Cheating: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Amount of Sex In The Book: (view spoiler)[ A decent amount. (hide spoiler)]H [...]

    11. Ruth Cardello stepped out of her comfort zone to create a new kind of love story with Always Mine. The characters are bolder, the story sexier and the female lead is a tough cookie. Art imitating life perhaps. Emily was a spitfire. Her determination to keep a promise despite every obstacle Asher threw at her was so out of character for a Ruth Cardello novel. I admire that. Asher is a bulldozer with a cash register for a heart. He measures success by what he has acquired whether it be money, buil [...]

    12. A contemporary romance that features Emily Harris, an artist on a mission, and Asher Barrington, a ruthless billionaire businessman. Willing to fight for her tactile museum, Emily takes on Asher, and finds the love of her life. Yet, unwilling to back down, Asher fights her, only to find that she is his, always. Getting there will take fights, laughter, and spicy love-making.As for the museum, will it come to fruition? Will love really win out, or will they part company forever? A few hair-tuckin [...]

    13. Oh,oh,oh,brilliant?!This book earned the five stars I gave because it was different in so many ways, I loved the strong mindedness of Emily and the way Asher didn't to begin with, know how to handle her, and the sexy bits were tantalisingly erotic!, so glad they both got their happy ending, left me feeling good! well done Ruth Cardello, loved the way you write!

    14. Enjoyable readI really enjoyed this story, the characters were likable and believable. There was romance, and an entertaining plot. I will be reading more from this author, Ruth Cardello!

    15. UnputdownableI highly enjoyed this book. I loved all the characters especially the Barringtons. Asher was a hard ass with a soft heart. Emily was strong willed and wouldn't let her dreams go. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author.

    16. Always Mine (The Barrington billionaires, #1) by Ruth Cardello - When you want to find your other half the one that makes you feel "forever" love - the trail to happiness it is here - grab the book.Ruth Cardello has another hit I feel in love with the Andres (spelling?) Family and then to have a cross over to this family gives it that coming home familiar feeling. The main character's Emily and Asher whoa you had to love her take no prisoners style and Asher's shock n not in control ego shaking [...]

    17. This series is a spinoff of the Andrade series by Ruth Cardello. She is joined in this series, The Barrington Billionaires, by her sister, Jeannette Winters, and her niece, Danielle Stewart. Each one of these authors has written a series that can be read by itself or in conjunction with the other authors. All of the books contain interwoven characters. It’s more fun to read them together but it is not necessary.I’ll be honest, I didn’t read the entire Andrade series before beginning this o [...]

    18. Another sweet freebie. In this one, we have Emily, who is fighting a losing battle to keep her grandfather's land, when every piece of property around her has been sold to Asher's company. The company has been leaning hard on her to sell, but she refuses, because she wants to open a specialized museum in honor of her blind artist mother's memory. So, she goes to see Asher. And while she finds him attractive, she also finds him an arrogant asshole. She doesn't bend to him, which intrigues him. Bu [...]

    19. Asher and Emily are a very complicated couple. He is a billionaire who doesnt want to be like his father because he thinks his father was weak. Asher is under the impression that love causes weakness. Emily is dealing with the loss of her whole family. She thinks its in a productive way, but she has just become obsessed with getting a museum open. She meets Asher because his company is trying to buy her land and she goes to his office to let him know that she will not be selling and that it woul [...]

    20. I admit, Dominic Corisi is what made me curious about this book, and it was pretty decent.Emily Harris, sculptor and a woman on a mission, a mission to save her mother's legacy a tactile museum goes head to head with One of USA's wealthiest men, businessman Asher Barrington. The oldest of the Barrington children Asher is used to getting what he wants, and has no time for people like Emily but the young woman makes connections with Asher's mother and to keep his mother happy Asher meets with Emil [...]

    21. This was a wonderfully intense and perfectly emotionally paced read. Asher's and Emily's character back stories were well developed and made sense. They were both mourning a loss in their own way. The intensity of their sex play was sexy hot without the over-the-top explicit descriptives. Unfortunately, there are F'bombs in the story. WHY? The writing is so emotionally rich and intensely layered that the reader knows EXACTLY the level of emotion the characters are feeling. I simply felt visually [...]

    22. Barrington Billionaire 1Asher needs her land to complete his project but she won't sell her family's land. Emily just needs to convince his company to stop plans to build a facility in her hometown and on her family's land. When Emily goes to meet Asher they both experience more then either had planned but will this one meeting be the start of their happily ever after?Ruth Cardello brings together two lonely souls. For me the book started a little slow but as the story line progressed, Asher's c [...]

    23. Sorry, not logical and very explicit.1. Not logical - why shouldn't/ couldn't she move the museum to some other place? The vicinity was abandoned, the museum was totally out of the way and would be hardly attracting any one passing-by. Maybe this was explained later, but I didn't get there I just couldn't comprehend her behavior. Very badly made out plot. 2. The sex scenes/ thoughts were very explicit. I know I can just ignore those pages, but in this case this would mean to basically leave out [...]

    24. And the sweet stories continue! This book is always Mine, book 1 of The Barrington Billionaires series, written by Ruth Cardello. This is the first book in an inter-connected series. We will get to see glimpses of the characters from the last two series as well as the Barringtons. This one is about Asher Barrington and his new love interest Emily. I’m enjoying the new blood as well as the former characters stories. It’s going to be another great series!

    25. This was another great read by Ruth Cardello, I enjoyed every second of reading this book. I also must say That I was surprised at how easy it was to go from not caring for Asher to absolutely loving him. For all his faults (and he had a few) he really came around in the end of this book.I can’t wait to read the rest of this series and see how the rest of the Family fairs in their own stories. Oh and let’s not forget Celeste because she needs to fall for one of them!!!

    26. An artistic kind of loveWow! Another great story. Emily is struggling to open her museum but a very powerful company is buying up all the land around her. She's refusing to sell her grandfather's house and her dream museum. Emily goes to see the head of the company and things become even more complicated. Asher believes he can have anything or anyone he wants until Emily shows up in his office. Beautifully written with a happy ever after ending!

    27. A good read in the Barrington series. Alpha males, and the females that get them all twisted up. Emily and Asher butt heads over a tactile art museum she wants to open in a town where he wants to build a factory. One look at her, and that's all he wants. Game on! I like how his family is woven into the story line, which leaves the reader open to wondering what will happen to the other brothers and sisters in the Barrington clan.

    28. Read Legacy and the Andrade series and I was peaked to continue reading more from Ruth Cardello. I was not disappointed. If you are into reading series were you get to read how the previous H/H are doing these series are the way to go. It was good to see how Asher in the end helps Emily. It was worth reading this story and seeing Asher and Emily happy ending.

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