Time Stoppers

Time Stoppers Annie Nobody thought she was well nobody living in a nowhere town where nothing goes her way Day at her newest foster home proves to be dreadful too and things get even worse when she s chased b

  • Title: Time Stoppers
  • Author: Carrie Jones
  • ISBN: 9781619638617
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Annie Nobody thought she was, well, nobody, living in a nowhere town where nothing goes her way Day 1 at her newest foster home proves to be dreadful, too and things get even worse when she s chased by something big and scary that definitely wants to eat her.Luckily for Annie, not everything is what it seems, and she gets swept up literally by a sassy dwarf on a hovercAnnie Nobody thought she was, well, nobody, living in a nowhere town where nothing goes her way Day 1 at her newest foster home proves to be dreadful, too and things get even worse when she s chased by something big and scary that definitely wants to eat her.Luckily for Annie, not everything is what it seems, and she gets swept up literally by a sassy dwarf on a hovercraft snowmobile and taken to Aurora, a hidden, magical town on the coast of Maine There, she finds a new best friend in Jamie Hephastion Alexander who thought he was a normal kid but just might be a troll and Annie discovers that she s not exactly who she thought she was, either She s a Time Stopper, meant to protect the enchanted.Together, Annie and Jamie discover a whole new world of magic, power, and an incredible cast of creatures and characters But where there s great power, there are also those who want to misuse it, and Aurora is under siege It s up to the kids to protect their new home, even if it means diving headfirst into magical danger.

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    1. Probably great for middle readers. I'm not used to the style, and thought it felt a little clunky. Fun and slightly silly fantasy adventure story about friendship and acceptance. Issues of identity and confidence were handled nicely. I'd recommend it to kids 8-12 ish.

    2. This is a fun middle grade fantasy book. Twelve year old Annie Nobody, who has been bounced from foster home to foster home and Jamie, whose father and grandmother treat him cruelly and threaten to eat him, are brought together in an adventure to save a magical town where they both may finally fit in and have a welcoming place to live. After all, Annie is supposed to have magical powers and Jamie might or might not turn into a troll. They just have to be brave and resourceful. Luckily, they have [...]

    3. ARC kindly provided by Bloomsbury Publishing Australia in exchange for an honest review.Review ‘Time Stoppers’ was a novel I wasn't sure what to expect of. I knew it was going to be a lot more “childish” in a sense because its target audience is children between nine and twelve. I didn't expect too much of the novel; yet I knew that the writing was going to be good. This was going to be one of those novels that just CLICKED for me or one that didn't.Jamie and Annie were quite the pair. F [...]

    4. I honestly couldn't read this book. The evil characters are just so unrealistically evil that I couldn't continue. School Library Journal:-When Annie Nobody arrives at her new foster home in the town of Mount Desert, ME, she is dismayed to find that it is even worse than the previous 11 that she's had. The Wiegles, a mother and son who have agreed to take her, are clearly interested only in the money they get from the state. Meanwhile, in another house in the same town, a boy named Jamie sees hi [...]

    5. Annie Nobody is a foster kid who has been passed around a lot in her twelve years. She longs for a family, but doubts she'll ever get one as she moves from one horrible foster family to another. Jamie Alexander knows what it is like to be unloved too. His grandmother and father are horrible to him and seem to just be waiting until he is old enough to eat. Turns out they are trolls and get to eat Jamie when he turns twelve. In swoops Eva Beryl-Axe to save the day. Eva is a heroic dwarf who saves [...]

    6. I received a print copy of this title from Bloomsbury Australia for review.Ten Second Synopsis:Annie is facing an uncertain future if her final foster placement doesn't work out. Jamie's grandmother and father are impossible to live with. When noises in the night and whispers of wild beasts on the rampage start to surface, Annie and Jamie find themselves plunged into a whole new world of magicd danger.Time Stoppers is an adventurous middle grade offering with some highly original elements and a [...]

    7. An ambitious book, but I never felt like the timing of events worked out right and couldn’t sink into the descriptions properly. At the end she thanks her daughter for asking for more of the story as they were on long car trips, and I realized that the story was perfect as something an adult would make up and tell in serial form to a beloved child.

    8. A kind of silly but kind of solid YA fantasy that has a ton of classic good-versus-evil tropes and a TON of action to go along with it. Certain kids will love this, adult readers might have a little more struggle in the setup and execution.

    9. This book was ok I like the plot, but it was unnecessarily long, and very cheesy. It was all the superhero books put into one, and it was so predictable. And then at the end, of course it leaves you on a cliffhanger.

    10. I've always enjoyed books about the fae. This one was different than most. A little juvenile (as it should be given it's genre) but very entertaining.

    11. It was OK I really didn't like the nastiness of the children's situations with their human families (or what seemed to be human, in one case). Sure, this is fiction, and more like a fairy tale at that, but it was pretty depressing and not something I would read to small children. Very over-the-top.I also didn't like the shallow characterizations of the magical children they meet. The dwarf has one dimension and it got pretty annoying and boring.

    12. The thing I most love about this fantastical romp of kids finding their “tribe,” successfully battling trolls and other nasty creatures, is seeing the beloved baby it is to its author. The author’s acknowledgments reveal this “new” book was in fact her first—and it has that slightly wild, slightly gangly feel of a first book—full of inspiration, like an overgrown garden plot, a little weedy, but some fabulous varieties growing strong among the more pedestrian plants.

    13. When I was looking through my stacks of books for other titles that would fit in a column about time travel, I came across this middle-grade novel: Time Stoppers. The cover even has a little clock in the “O” of “Stoppers,” so I figured, hey, this one must involve manipulating time in some fashion. (Aside: Man, if I had the ability to stop time, I’d be doing it all the time.) Well, as you might expect, there are some folks in this book who are known as “Time Stoppers” and, yes, they [...]

    14. Annie Nobody is tired of being shuffled from foster home to foster home. She just wants a place where she can belong, a family that won't throw her out, and possibly a dog. Or a rabbit. Some creature who can understand her the way humans can't. But when she finally finds a place better than she'd ever dreamed, she has to face the horror that she's been called upon to stand up and fight to save it . . .Jamie is terrified of his father and his grandmother. He's small and weak and shy, nothing at a [...]

    15. My name is Annie, and I am a Stopper. I lived with twelve different, horrible foster families, but I've escaped to a town called Aurora with Jamie. Jamie was going to be eaten by his troll father and grandmother, but I don't think he'll become a troll himself when he turns thirteen. I guess we'll soon find out for sure. Aurora is a town of magical creatures and non-magicals who don't fit in. The town is now in danger because the protective lawn gnome was stolen, and the Raiff's minions can now e [...]

    16. Jones, Carrie Time Stoppers, 372 pgs. Bloomsbury Children’s Books, 2016 $16.99. Language: G (0 swears, 0 “f”); Mature Content: G; Violence: PG.Annie Nobody has nothing. Traveling from foster home to foster home, nothing is going her way. Jamie Alexander is also in an awful condition. His father and grandmother are very, well, suspicious. Annie and Jamie are the kids that just don’t fit in, until they are taken to a magical city. Suddenly, Annie finds out that, unknown to her, she has spe [...]

    17. Time Stoppers introduces a cast of underdog characters that readers 8-12 will enjoy. Annie Nobody is in her 12th foster home, and though tries to befriend her new family, she is cruelly locked out of the house until she can perform one ‘simple’ task – teach the dog/wolf hybrids how to do a backflip. Jamie, a dark-skinned boy, lives with his family, or so he thinks. After witnessing his grandmother turn into a troll, he realizes the threats to eat him aren’t jokes. Enter Eva, a tiny, but [...]

    18. Half of the books I read are [number]-and-a-half. really needs to add have a new system. Maybe a system that has you enter a number, which is out of 100; something along the lines of "This book was 93 points out of 100 for me." That will just get a more exact average on what the community thinks of the book. For the record, I have no idea where that came from.Anyway, Time Stoppers breathed even more life into the fantasy genre. Not that it needs more life, but there is no such thing as to much [...]

    19. Annie Nobody has been tossed from foster home to foster home. Strange things seem to happen around her and she never stays at any home very long. Jaime Alexander is not loved by his family and wondering why they sudden seem like they want to eat them. When the two of them are rescued and brought to Aurora, can they protect their new community?As someone familiar with the area, it is fun to see how Jones uses Mount Desert Island and the surrounding area within the story. I spent a fair amount of [...]

    20. My son and I shared this as a read aloud. Annie Nobody is a twelve year old girl who has been bounced from foster home to foster home. Jamie is a boy growing up in an abusive home. Their lives intersect in order to save a magical town called Aurora. This was a pleasant read with all the familiar fantasy tropes one expects: burgeoning magical powers, a whole host of magical creatures, the quest to find something that is lost, an unending set of obstacles. We were neither wowed nor discouraged fro [...]

    21. Annie Nobody is an unwanted orphan. She’s been in and out of foster homes all her life but everything is about to change. She and Jamie Alexander are rescued from trolls and taken to Aurora, a magical place. Unfortunately the magical place isn’t as safe as it used to be. The magic that protects is wearing thin and trouble isn’t far behind. Annie is a time stopper but doesn’t know how to use her powers yet. She’s learning but will it be in time? What a fun fantasy book. It has all the i [...]

    22. My first impression of Time Stoppers was that it was one I would enjoy more if I were younger, but after having completed it I'm not sure even my younger self would have been able to stomach the heavy handed storytelling. We have not one, but two main characters who come from miserable homes. It just drags the story down really. It's become a cliche in children's fantasy novels along with the mysterious evil for the sake of evil guy who wants to destroy everything good. Some can pull off the who [...]

    23. This book, This book is the greatest! The characters go on a quest for the lawn gnome to save their magical friends. I love this book because this is all about trust, friendship, and bravery, and that's just enough to make the whole book great!

    24. Maybe 3.5Good book with a good ideabut I felt like it had some flow issues and could have used better character development. And some of the plot was just a little too predictable. Perfect for the middle grade reader that liked Fablehaven or the likes.

    25. Thoroughly enjoyable. With a few minor discrepancies, Time Stoppers is a rollicking ride into a place where magic and magical creatures exist, where evil is definitely around the corner. Carrie Jones's writing is enthusiastic and full of her spirit. Middle grade readers will enjoy Time Stoppers!

    26. Four unlikely friends work together to save their world from dangerous creatures, including human-eating trolls. While I didn't like it so much, I think the stuff I was put off by will please kids. It's a light, humorous, suspenseful read.

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