Waiting for Shadow

Waiting for Shadow Major Jane McMurtry is learning to walk after an IED ripped into her legs Fitted with a new set of prosthetic legs Jane can do now She can start tracking again with her new dog She can go for long wa

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  • Title: Waiting for Shadow
  • Author: Eduardo Suastegui
  • ISBN: 9781516803156
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • Major Jane McMurtry is learning to walk after an IED ripped into her legs Fitted with a new set of prosthetic legs, Jane can do now She can start tracking again with her new dog She can go for long walks around her Colorado ranch Even her back and hip pain have diminished.But that s not the sort of pain pressing down on Jane She misses Shadow, the dog she trainedMajor Jane McMurtry is learning to walk after an IED ripped into her legs Fitted with a new set of prosthetic legs, Jane can do now She can start tracking again with her new dog She can go for long walks around her Colorado ranch Even her back and hip pain have diminished.But that s not the sort of pain pressing down on Jane She misses Shadow, the dog she trained and had to leave in Afghanistan If he could come home If she only had Shadow at her side, she d handle things better Unfortunately, it doesn t look like he ll come soon, not before he finishes his tour of duty That s what Army regs and bureaucrats say That means Jane will have to face her pain alone and either fold under its thumb, or push on as best she can.Read other episodes in the seriesThis is a prequel to the Tracking Jane Together with two previous episodes, Shadow 7 s and Rover, trace the start of Jane McMurtry s life following her return home from wars that have left her and her dog scarred in many ways.

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    1. I'd already read Shadow 7 (book 1 of Tracking Jane) and liked it a lot. Since I already knew most of the information about Jane from reading the other book, this didn't add to my understanding of her. It did, however, reinforce Jane's past a little more. Briefly, Jane was a soldier with the K9 Corps in the middle east wars. When she runs into an IED, she becomes a double amputee and has to leave the military and her beloved dog, Shadow behind. She has done the paperwork to adopt Shadow and await [...]

    2. I routed for Jane from the very first paragraph. This is a tale about second chances. Sometimes it takes strength to accept a second chance and make the most of it. In Jane's case, along with a second chance, life also throws at her some conspiracies and hidden agendas that may or may not be crossing moral lines.There's enough mystery and action to make you turn page after page, and in the middle of that, there is heart - I shed tears at some point, and I don't tear up easily.This was a great ch [...]

    3. Waiting for Shadow is the prequel to Mr. Suastegui’s Tracking Jane series.I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed Waiting For Shadow immensely. It’s not often I have to look up what a word or phrase means but I did for this since I’m not a huge fan of war books or books about the aftermath. The Tracking Jane series may not change my mind about books about war but Mr. Suastegui certainly made Major Jane an interesting character with real life issues which some of us can empathize with or at leas [...]

    4. Free download and the prequel for a series, a thriller, not much mystery. I will almost always try a book with a dog on the cover and am often disappointed, but definitely not in this case. I've already downloaded the first book in the series. This seems to have all of the elements that will hook me into the series, dogs, in this case tracking/security dogs, a strong female lead character who is also a military vet and an amputee.This author is starting to be one of the 'new to me" authors I loo [...]

    5. Waiting for Shadow is a short story following Jane McMurtry, an Army Reservist and a double amputee,getting fitted for her prosthetics and trying to start her tracking business while waiting for the dog she trained to be released from military service. Suastegui keeps the story moving quickly. His main character, Jane is written well, and there is not a moment in the book when the story seems to slow down. I am definitely interested in reading more of the Tracking Jane series.

    6. The story is written in the first person giving the thoughts and perceptions of Jane, a K-9 handler who has lost both legs from an explosion in combat. I found it very interesting to be "in her head" as she works with and relates to an exceptional dog. The character and writing are very good. I'll be reading more of this series.

    7. A who-done-it, it was a free book (at the start of a series) and it had a dog on the cover, so irresistible. The sarcastic in extremis main character made it even better. The smart dialogue that didn't beat you over the head with every point it was trying to make just sealed the deal. Did I mention dogs? Sarcasm? Our hero Jane (of the legs lost to an explosion overseas) and her replacement dog of questionable reliability are in over their heads when asked to help track some missing children. The [...]

    8. This was my first foray into the Tracking Jane series. This was a well-written tale where I found myself liking and disliking Jane at the same time, and it works very well for the story. She's a double amputee that doesn't want anyone's help and pushes everyone away when we first meet her. Even I felt the sting of her barbs as though they were actually directed at me. And that's the great charm about this book. Suastegui draws the reader in through his development of the character in and keeps t [...]

    9. Waiting for Shadow: Tracking Jane prequel by Eduardo Suastegui Waiting for Shadow: Tracking Jane, prequel by Eduardo Suastegui is an excellent book that captured my attention from page one.  It's well written, the dialogue is crisp & the story line is intriguing.  I gave it five stars. I received a complimentary copy from . That did not change my opinion for this review. Link to purchase: amazon/Waiting-Shadow-

    10. Didn't expect it to be so good !!I downloaded this free book because it had a dog and I wanted to see if she got the dog back. Often if I get a free book that I don't like, I just go to the end , read the ending, and then delete it. But I was caught up right away and read it all in one setting. I've now bought the next book. The writing is good and the characters interesting. You are what happens to them. This author is not an amateur.

    11. I downloaded Waiting for Shadow as a free novella from . I had planned to read this after the new year, but I'm obviously gorging on Suastegui books this week, so I decided to go ahead and bump this up the TBR while the other two books were still rattling around my brain. Waiting for Shadow is a great prequel to the tracking Jane series. I'd love to see all my friends trying this series-- it's marvelous with an excellent, well-developed main FEMALE character! Highly recommended series.

    12. Good book but .I really loved the story,but I think the characters could have been given more depth. In my opinion this was a very disappointing ending. I was unhappy that such a good book had such crappy ending

    13. I haven't decided if I want to consider this series. This book was extremely short. The premise could be good but the heroine is going to take some time to understand. She seems to not appreciate what she has

    14. Well written, but not really a stand alone story. The series could be good, but there's not enough here to tell.

    15. GoodI liked the story but a little too cloak and dagger for me. Secrets and lies and a whole lot of behind the scenes action. Maybe it will get better.

    16. I struggled with this book; couldn't quite get comfortable with the main character. I rated it 3.5 stars.

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