Holding Her Hand

Holding Her Hand Boy meets girl Boy falls in love with girl Girl falls in love with boy SCREECH No It can t be that easy You knew that right Boy meets girl Boy can t fall in love with girl because girl comes from a

  • Title: Holding Her Hand
  • Author: Tammy Falkner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Boy meets girl Boy falls in love with girl Girl falls in love with boy SCREECH No It can t be that easy You knew that, right Boy meets girl Boy can t fall in love with girl, because girl comes from a different culture She also has secrets Lots of secrets he s determined to uncover He ll try to uncover all her secrets But in doing so, he ll have to remove theBoy meets girl Boy falls in love with girl Girl falls in love with boy SCREECH No It can t be that easy You knew that, right Boy meets girl Boy can t fall in love with girl, because girl comes from a different culture She also has secrets Lots of secrets he s determined to uncover He ll try to uncover all her secrets But in doing so, he ll have to remove the gloves she hides behind Leave her bare and aching And what happens then Girl meets boy Girl falls in love with boy Boy can t love her back.

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    1. Tammy Falkner writes with so much heart it’s impossible not to fall in love with her stories. And it’s always so fun to see how she’ll continue with the triple letter titles!Ryan has lived his entire life certain a hearing person couldn’t possibly understand or fit in his deaf culture. Until he meets the one girl who’ll intrigue and challenge him enough to question his beliefs. But said girl has fears of her own and giant walls that isolate her. Can Ryan break through her barriers? Can [...]

    2. It's like ripping my own heart out but I didn't like this one. I didn't like a Reed Brothers book. The World must be coming to an end, my friends.

    3. As usual Tammy has created another perfect story, and as usual she had me smiling throughout the whole book. Can't wait for Wrens story next.

    4. I just love this series and all the characters involved.  Each of their stories has a little unique twist which makes it easy to remember what has happened to each of them in the past.  Even the short novellas of this series are so touching with so much meaning and so worth the read!Larke is broken and scarred, but trying to move on with life.  The guilt she suffers from is excruciating and I can't even imagine how she ever got over it.And then there is Ryan.  Ah man, what a sweetheart!  [...]

    5. My reading order OCD is getting to me and I know that I should not have skipped the few books that came prior to this but not much was given away – so I’m reading those mixed books next (or I’m going to go crazy!).Holding Her Hand is the 9th in The Reed Brothers Series, bringing us the story of Ryan (deaf tattoo artist) and Lark (member of the Zeroes). Ryan has been deaf his whole life, raised by two deaf parents and admittedly not ever one to date a girl who isn’t deaf. But all of that [...]

    6. Adoro esta serie, es de esas que no quiero que termine nunca, por lo tanto nada de lo que diga va a tener caracter objetivo, pero. que le voy a hacer Amo a todo este gran grupo de personas y sus historias.Me encantaron Lark y Ryan, tan dulces, tan tiernos, como siempre, este libro tiene todos los condimentos que se espera en esta serie. Me enamore de los Reeds y adoro a las Zero y ya ya ya quiero la historia de Wren y Mick!!!

    7. Lark & RyanRyan is a tattoo artist and the Reed’s shop. He is also deaf. Lark is one of the Zero’s and wants to get some tattoo’s to cover her scars. Larks’ scars are burns from when she was younger and she also has suicide scars on both wrists from when she was 15. Her story is sad and the guilt that she feels is understandable.Lark does not let anyone outside of the family see her scars but she has to show Ryan if he is going to cover them for her. Ryan likes Lark right away. And t [...]

    8. Out of the sisters this is one of my favourite but Pick and Sam were pretty special as well.I love how all the family that's not blood all become one big family.Love this series

    9. In the continuing story of the Reeds and Zeroes, this time we get Lark's story. Lark has been on the periphery of the last few novels as her bandmates found love however we didn't really know her story. We were introduced to Ryan at the end of While We Waited - he was the new tattoo artist at the Reed's store and didn't date hearing girls. Lark was going to see him for a tattoo and there was some chemistry there. In this instalment we get to see what was going on behind the curtain at the tattoo [...]

    10. Tammy Falkner fans will this newest release in her Reed Brothers series. We meet Ryan toward the end of While We Waited. He is a new artist at the Reed's shop and also gains the immediate attention of Lark, one of the Zeroes. Ryan is hearing impaired and holds firm to his rule of not dating only hearing impaired women -- that is until he meets Lark. Although the story was not overly hawt, like some of the other books in the series, it was seductively sweet. I adored the story and Ryan and Lark's [...]

    11. " Porque las cicatrices significan que sanaste. Pasaste por un trauma y tu cuerpo se sanó. Las cicatrices significan que saliste adelante. Sobreviviste. " Holding Her Hand es el noveno libro de la serie The Reed Brothers de la autora Tammy Falkner y tiene como protagonistas a Lark ( del grupo Zero ) y Ryan, un personaje que conocemos brevemente en el libro anterior.Desde hace un tiempo los libros de esta saga ya no me gustan tanto como me gustaron los primeros ( sobre todo los de los hermanos R [...]

    12. I've been waiting for Lark and Ryan's story since the last book in the series <3 I just knew it was going to be special.(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]We have a girl with a tragic past, and a hero that is in no way what's expected. He can't hear, and neither he nor his family think dating a hearing girl is okay. I loved how the person being judged was Lark. It shows how people with disabilities also have prejudices against hearing people.The couple was so cute together, and Ryan is such a dro [...]

    13. 3.5 starsI feel like these storylines always hold so much promise but the execution just falls short sometimes. They are just too short for all that the author tries to convey. I really believe that if the more time was taken to flesh out the story, these would all be incredible. Unfortunately the shortness takes away from the believability of their love. It's such a shame because this one in particular I was really looking forward too :/ It's definitely not bad, just a little undeveloped (under [...]

    14. Entertaining but very very very fast read. Honestly, I don't really know what to think about these books anymore The last couple books in this series have been so short and with barely any obstacles to the relationship in each book.In this one, Lark and Ryan wanted each other from the moment they met. The big obstacle they had to overcome, was that Ryan, who is deaf, does not date girls that aren't. He got over that after one or two dates with her. Everything just went so fast, I'm starting to f [...]

    15. 3.5 CAP THEIFStarsI really really adore all the characters in any Reeds storyOk maybe not samantha and a few other spiteful ones.I love Ryan! Can't wait for Mick and Wren better be them that get together!!!!Lark I think is my favorite of the zero girls so far. And that's a tough one because they are all amazing. I think I just felt more pulled into this one. Amazing SERIES

    16. Wooo I still love this series!! This was definitely better than the last one, but I think it just lacked time. The story is in the span of a week, & I felt it might have been too fast paced. But it was a still a nice, cute read. I missed the italicized sign language. I just hope there's a Reeds novella coming soon! (:

    17. Rating: 3.5I loved the story, but I feel like the zero's stories are getting rushed and that the story isn't giving me everything I need. I did love hoe Ryan was able to help lark overcome her past a bit with the tattoos. I can't wait to read Wren's story.

    18. Quick read. Love the Reed Brothers and the Zero girls. Sweet story of Ryan, who is deaf and a tattoo artist at Reed's and Lark, who as all the Zero's do, has baggage and then some. Ms. Faulkner writes such great characters such as Ryan's Mom, Emilio and Marta Vasquez. Love me some happily ever after!

    19. 4.5 StarsSo I have binged on Tammy Falkner for the last week. I love her writing!! It's so easy to read. She brings up issues that are hard to talk about and shines the spotlight on them. It's a great opportunity authors have to make people think about things. This is Lark and Ryan's story. Ryan is a tattoo artist at the Reeds and he is also deaf. Lark is one of the Zeros. She has struggled with depression from the accident that caused her parent's death. She has scars and meets Ryan when she de [...]

    20. thesecretworldofbooklovers.bloStill with the reed family here!This book, I've got to say that I liked a lot! but I'm starting to feel as if the falling is happening too fast anyone else here with me?What I loved about these series from the beginning, was that fabulous way in which the woman fight off these strong men approaches because they need to be sure they are what they say they are, and they won't give up the fight until they realize they are worth of them.These two last book, even though [...]

    21. A ver en 1er lugar amo esta saga, en 2do lugar son de hermanos Reed malditamente asombrosos y los amo y siempre los amaré, en 3er lugar me siento mal porque este libro no se, algo le faltó y no podré darle 5 stars y me siento mal. Cre que ya no debería llamarse "The Reed Brothers" porque en sí, ya no aparecen mucho y creo que eso es lo que hacía que siguiera con esta saga porque los amo y entiendo que las historias son diferentes ahora ya que es de las "Zero" pero me parece que este es el [...]

    22. I lov-lov-lov-lov-love this series. I've probably fangirled over it 50 000x already. I don't care.If you've never read any book from the series: we've got this tight-knit family of people with varying disabilities (or sicknesses or tragic pasts), but no one ever sees anyone as their disability, because they've all got great hearts and aren't judgmental and are just all around great people.They also believe that the bigger the family, the better and so they adopt their family members because bloo [...]

    23. This book was so beautiful. Ryan is a tattoo artist who works for the Reed brothers and was born deaf. His parents are both deaf as well. Since his culture is so different from those who are hearing, he's vowed never to date a hearing girl. Enter Lark, a hearing girl who knows sign language from growing up with her sister Peck, who had difficulty talking. Lark wants Ryan but can she convince him to give her a try? I loved how this book was narrated in a way that you could picture all the dialog [...]

    24. 3.5 I think it was a good story, I mean I liked it, but it lacked development, it lacked struggle, everything was so fast and uncomplicated that it doesn't seem real. But I love this author and this series, I loved to see glimpses of the Reeds here and there and I'm still gonna read Wren's story because I like the possibilities of what it could be. I just hope this novels weren't so short and fast!

    25. Awesome read. Lark is a woman with a troublesome past and plenty of scars and secrets to prove it. From the time Lark walks into the Reeds tattoo shop, Ryan is intrigued by Lark. There's an instant connection but neither thinks it can go anywhere. She's too shut off and he's convinced that dating a hearing girl isn't for him. The heart though wants what it wants and can make you believe anything is possible. Now if these two will just listen to their hearts.Definitely recommend.

    26. Ein Buch der Reed-Brüder Reihe. Irgendwie lese ich die nicht der Reihe nach, sondern habe immer mal wieder ein anderes Band zwichen den Fingern, aber es ist nicht schlimm. Irgendwie scheinen die Gehörlosen ja immer sehr sexy zu sein ;) Ich mag die Reihe und lese gerne ein Buch zwichen durch. Allerdings war Ryan nicht so besonders toll am anfang, aber zum Glück hat er sich noch gefangen :)

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