The Dragon Hunter and the Mage

The Dragon Hunter and the Mage Magic can make you invincible if it doesn t get you killed first Aric and Fadan are half brothers Both sons of the Empress but only one of them the son of the Emperor A decade ago Fadan s powerful

  • Title: The Dragon Hunter and the Mage
  • Author: V.R. Cardoso
  • ISBN: 9789892066035
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • Magic can make you invincible, if it doesn t get you killed first.Aric and Fadan are half brothers Both sons of the Empress, but only one of them the son of the Emperor A decade ago, Fadan s powerful father tore the Empire in two by outlawing the use and practice of magic Forbidden from seeing each other, Aric and Fadan defy the Emperor and wander the vast Imperial CitaMagic can make you invincible, if it doesn t get you killed first.Aric and Fadan are half brothers Both sons of the Empress, but only one of them the son of the Emperor A decade ago, Fadan s powerful father tore the Empire in two by outlawing the use and practice of magic Forbidden from seeing each other, Aric and Fadan defy the Emperor and wander the vast Imperial Citadel until one night, they stumble upon an ancient Manual of Magic They are faced with a choice take the book straight to the Emperor or see if one of them has the forbidden magical Talent Their world is turned upside down and the half brothers find themselves swept away as tragedy and conspiracy separate them, sending each to either end of the Empire In a world of dark mages, massive creatures, and vengeful gods, one will train as a Dragon Hunter while the other taps into magical powers that could spell his execution Dark forces are moving in the shadows and no one in the Empire is ready for what s to come Will Aric and Fadan survive to ever see each other again

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    1. It's done!Two years and three months in the making, The Dragon Hunter and the Mage is done :)It will launch on the 30th April. Man, this was hard. I am very proud of the book, however.

    2. Thank you to the author for an e-book copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I had to ponder long and hard about what to rate this book. I know that giving a young adult book 5 stars makes me seem like a kid infatuated with a book but I swear I gave it 5 stars because this book totally deserves them. I have read my share of young adult and adult books so I know the difference between a good book as seen from a kid’s perspective and as seen from an adult’s perspective. It’s weir [...]

    3. Plot:The king is purging out all of the mages, he’s a determined guy and he loathes mages, anyone found guilty of magic is usually executed. The king has a son with his wife who he basically forced into marrying him with the promise he would spare her previous husband and sons life. He treats her older son like trash and makes him live in the guests quarters and doesn’t allow him to train with weapons.His son, Fadan, isn’t so bad. He doesn’t take after his father and really loves his bro [...]

    4. This has a strong YA feel to it.It took me a bit to get into the story, but once the two POVs split and went different ways I was hooked.The book is fast paced and the two main story strands are different enough to have kept me interested throughout the book!I especially liked the story of the brother who gets to go to the desert and be trained as a dragon hunter! But the other POV that stays at court and deals with some politics and the past gave it a bit more depth than the pure action was a b [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book. For me it's the characters, more than anything else, that make or break a story. This book has solid characters. Both Aric and Fadan were great, as well as the cast of side characters that surround them. There were also some cool magical concepts as well as a well developed world. Full review on my blog: courtneysreads/20

    6. This novel starts off slowly, but the middle section is where it really finds its feet. If the whole book had been just about the characters, I’d have given it 5 stars easily. As it is, the beginning and the ending were a little too slow for my likely, which is where it lost a star. Fans of sword and sorcery stories with a heart will enjoy this, and I look forward to seeing book two.

    7. A glorious quest by two half brothers. Aric and Fadan both sons of the Empress, but only one of them the son of the Emperor. On an adventure they stumble upon an ancient book of magic. The book will separate then to the opposite ends of the empire. Well worth reading.

    8. This is the second book I’ve read by Cardoso, and I must say I enjoyed this one more than the last. With the dialog formatted correctly, it read smoothly and the story was enjoyable.Basically I’d consider this a coming of age story. It revolves around two half brothers, Fadan (the prince) and Aric (born of a different father than the emperor) as they each come into their own power/skill. I love stories that center around sibling relationships but sadly this only happened for the first quarte [...]

    9. Two boys have grown up in a world of magic but a world where magic is now seen as evil and something to be purged. Both are the sons of the empress but only one is the emperor’s son. Two boys who could be enemies are secretly best friends and soon they discover a secret that brings them even closely. Now they are forced to go in completely separate directions but they have the same goal in mind. A goal that one day should bring them back together.The Dragon Hunter and the Mage started a little [...]

    10. I’ve been waiting a long time for this book and I was not disappointed. This is a book that can be read by fantasy lovers of all ages. While there is some violence, it is not graphic and there are no explicit sexual situations that parents of younger readers would find objectionable After the Emperor destroyed the mages, even young children who had just begun their training and had little or no knowledge of how to use magic he has maintained his tyrannical rule with the help of the Paladins an [...]

    11. This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Before I started this, I decided to read the prequel first to make sure I actually like the author's writing style and I loved it. It easily convinced me to start this book when it was being offered in exchange of an honest review. It took me a couple days to read this novel because it was well-written. I loved how the author describe what was going on around the characters. The world-building was astounding. It was written in [...]

    12. WOW, It is not often that I find a young Author that comes out with a great beginning to a new series. Author V.R. Cardoso is one such Author. I received an early edition of his new book from Mr. Cardoso for review. I must say I loved his book. I will impatiently await the next book in the series.The characters are wonderfully detailed and will come to life as you read about their lives. One character could be my best friend, but I know he's never met her. I fell in love with the world Cardoso c [...]

    13. Awesome new book along with great ( Audible ) narration done by Todd Menesses. I am not one to drone on with a review, but I will say that it's like a YA book, but less whiny, more action and start to a good world building along with a magic system. I would normally toss a YA book out the window into a burning fire BUT there are a handful that I will let slide when the YA ( protagonist ) is not acting like a total self entitled know it all ass hat.Oh, and if you like Dragons it has plenty of the [...]

    14. Very well written book with lots of twists and turns. After the Purge all magic and Mages are forbiddenose who have "the Talent" are killed or are in hiding. Two brothers with the same mother yet different fathers the prince the other the "half-prince" each share a role in the story will hunt Dragonse other "has the forbidden Talent." Nice building of a new fantasy world for me to play in as an audio book narrator. Great for ALL members of the family, On sale now at Audible adbl/2cwJILH

    15. A fantastic fantasy novel, I loved it.Recommend to anyone who enjoys fantasy novels.I won this book in the Firstread giveaway and cannot wait until the next in the series.

    16. Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free of charge for a honest and unbiased review.The Dragon Hunter And The Mage by V.R. Cardoso is about two half-brothers.  Both are sons of the Empress, but only one of them the son of the Emperor.  The Emperor has forbidden the brother  from seeing each other. Aric and Fadan defy the Emperor by meeting in secret whenever they can get away. The Emperor had also outlawed the use of magic and almost completely killed all the mages in the kingdom. The broth [...]

    17. I received this book as part of the First Reads program.This book had a pretty good story with a number of interesting characters. I struggled a little with a few of the plot points that didn't make sense to me as well as the occasional use of "modern" language and some technology (binoculars) that seemed out of place. The final scenes of the book also seemed a little rushed and focused more on punishments instead of celebrating a victory.Overall a decent book and I enjoyed it.

    18. This would have been without question a 4-star book if I had read it, instead of listening to the audio version. The appalling narration almost totally ruined the story, I was on the verge of giving up several times but the fact that I persevered until the end is testament to the excellence of the writing. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. but definitely not the audio version!!

    19. The beginning of the story was a bit hard to get through after the pace took up it got a lot better.Overall a decent story.

    20. naive MC'svery little magic or action for a book called "dragon hunter and the mage"very little personal character growth

    21. This is one of those book that stay on your mind long after you finished it, I keep looking up the authors page for the next release of this wonder story

    22. The beginning was a bit hard to follow, with the jumping around between different points of view, and I almost missed the jump from past to current day happened. But the book really picks up once the boys start on their own paths. Really great from there to the end, and I can't wait to read the next one!

    23. The Dragon Hunter And The Mage took me a long time to finish. Longer than most fantasy books, anyway. Part of that was I started reading during the holiday season and with travel and family time, I didn’t have much free time for reading. Part of that was this book was a little on the long side, which is common for the first book in a series as you have to introduce people and places and histories. But a big part of this book taking me so long to finish was that I never felt completely dragged [...]

    24. The Dragon Hunter And The Mage by V.R.Cardoso.4 out of 5 stars.An entertaining fantasy about two half brothers, one is the son of a disgraced nobleman, one other is the son of The Emperor. Their mother, Cassia was originally happily married to Lord Doric Auron and had their son, Aric. But then, The Emperor Tarsus forced her to divorce him and marry him instead as he had always wanted her, so she also bore him an heir when she had their son, Fadan.But although, Tarsus had allowed Cassia to bring [...]

    25. I received this book as a part of a giveaway.I went into this book knowing practically nothing about it, except that it was fantasy (and I'm always down to read some fantasy) and that it had quite a high rating. But I really did end up enjoying it a lot.I mean it definitely had its faults, (view spoiler)[ like some plausibility issues (e.g the fact that Aric was one day too weak to even keep up with the group, but the next day he is carrying around Ergon like he's the strongest one there), the [...]

    26. This was a 4.5 star read for me. The wait has certainly been worth it! Well-crafted, action-packed, and intricate. I fell in love with the characters. If you read this, I'm sure you'll agree there are just so many different stories going on; so many subtleties. The author should be commended for the efficient way he has conveyed such a complex plot line. Unlike many Epic Sagas, Cardoso has controlled the pace well, and though there was a lot of world-building and introduction in the first few ch [...]

    27. Dragons, mages, and rebellions, oh my! I loved this book. It was a fun, fast-paced YA read set in a well-imagined fantasy world. The magical system was very nicely developed, and the fact that it was extremely difficult to master made it better. The characters were believable and distinct, the subplots were exciting, and the action was fantastic. There was very light romance, and not a ton of violence, which makes this a great read for younger audiences. Definitely looking forward to the sequel! [...]

    28. The beginning of the story is brilliant and had me gripped right from the start. It is a mark of great writing, when a book pulls off something that isn’t easy to do. It combines great world building and character development, and the best part – the story is only just beginning. I do believe you won't be disappointed and you will not be able to put it down. Great reading everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    29. Good bookI got this book with my prime. I am glad I did. It is a bit different than some other books I have read. I like how there are two main characters and their roles switch. Well you will have to read the book to find out. I strongly recommend you read this book. I can't wait for the second.

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