Spells of Blood and Kin

Spells of Blood and Kin In her extraordinary debut Spells of Blood and Kin Claire Humphrey deftly weaves her paranormal world with vivid emotional depth and gritty violence Bringing together themes of death addiction and

  • Title: Spells of Blood and Kin
  • Author: Claire Humphrey
  • ISBN: 9781250076342
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In her extraordinary debut, Spells of Blood and Kin, Claire Humphrey deftly weaves her paranormal world with vivid emotional depth and gritty violence Bringing together themes of death, addiction, and grief, Claire takes readers on a human journey that goes beyond fantasy.When her beloved grandmother dies suddenly, 22 year old Lissa Nevsky is left with no choice but to taIn her extraordinary debut, Spells of Blood and Kin, Claire Humphrey deftly weaves her paranormal world with vivid emotional depth and gritty violence Bringing together themes of death, addiction, and grief, Claire takes readers on a human journey that goes beyond fantasy.When her beloved grandmother dies suddenly, 22 year old Lissa Nevsky is left with no choice but to take over her grandmother s magical position in their small folk community That includes honoring a debt owed to the dangerous stranger who appears at Lissa s door.Maksim Volkov needs magic to keep his brutal nature leashed, but he s already lost control once his blood borne lust for violence infects Nick Kaisaris, a charming slacker out celebrating the end of finals Now Nick is somewhere else in Toronto, going slowly mad, and Maksim must find him before he hurts people.Lissa must uncover forbidden secrets and mend family rifts in order to prevent Maksim from hurting people, including himself If she fails, Maksim will have no choice but to destroy both himself and Nick.

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    1. Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsTo begin, for all of you non-English majors:Postmodern literature: is a form of literature which is marked, both stylistically and ideologically, by a reliance on such literary conventions as fragmentation, paradox, unreliable narrators, often unrealistic and downright impossible plots, games, parody, paranoia, dark humor and authorial self-reference. Postmodern authors tend to reject outright meanings in their novels, stories and poems, and, instead, highlight and celebr [...]

    2. I'm not really sure about this book. I loved it toward the end and the beginning but during a lot of the middle it sort of dragged for me. Maybe I just didn't understand all that was going on. Lissa's grandmother dies in the beginning of the book. We don't even get to meet her that way because it starts out with her death. She's a very powerful witch that has been around for a long time. She has been teaching Lissa spells and leaves her house and everything to her. Lissa does spells for the neig [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book in general, but the problem is that I didn't start enjoying it till the 60% mark and even then it still had some slow parts. I like the idea of this book, a young witch burdened with the responsibility of her grandmothers promises to a mysterious paranormal man. I haven't seen this type of “creature” before in a paranormal book so I appreciated that but it was odd, I found the Kin to be interesting and boring at the same time. Perhaps if they didn't act like drunken super [...]

    4. 3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2016/06/10/When all is said and done, if you’re in the mood for a fresh twist on magic and the paranormal, or simply looking for a story featuring an interesting confluence of relationships and thought-provoking characters, then you’ll definitely want to curl up with Claire Humphrey’s enchanting novel debut, Spells of Blood and Kin. And as an added bonus, the events of this book also take place before a charming and vibrant backdrop, in the [...]

    5. Paranormal fantasy meets women's fiction?Lissa has led a sheltered life, brought up by her Russian grandmother and taught the old traditions - the VERY old traditions. Lissa's baba was a witch. And now, her clients expect Lissa to take over her practice and provide them with the potions and spells. She's ready to do her best - but she feels underprepared. Luckily, part of her magic is that once a month, she can ask questions of her grandmother's spirit.Still, grieving is stressful - and when Lis [...]

    6. When Lissa Nevsky's grandmother passes away rather suddenly from a heart attack Lissa is left on her own trying to learn the family trade, magic. The community is now relying on Lissa to give them their remedies and be their koldun'ia. Maksim Volkov comes looking for Lissa grandmother, she had helped him deal with being a Kin and controlling his urges. After her passing Maksim finds that the protective spell that she had put on him has failed so now he needs Lissa to help him before his violent [...]

    7. An entertaining story about family with a take on a common supernatural trope that's clever and tragic and utilizing a mythos you don't see too much in contemporary fantasy.In modern day Toronto Lissa's grandmother has just passed away unexpectedly leaving Lissa as the koldun'ai for the local Russian community, a sort of village witch/herbalist/wise woman figure. Lissa is a deeply private person who feels utterly alone without her beloved baba. Into her grief comes Maksim, a supernatural creatur [...]

    8. I received a free digital copy from the author/publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest feedback. When Lissa's grandmother dies unexpectantly, she is suddenly thrown into the role of resident witch among the Russian community in her Canadian neighborhood. As a koldun'ia, Lissa makes special eggs every new moon on request - for fertility, for pain, for sleep, etc. When her stepsister shows up, Lissa has to try and hide her other life while also dealing with the arrival of Maksim, a man w [...]

    9. Review from Tenacious Reader: tenaciousreader/2016/0Spells of Blood and Kin presents a fresh and interesting twist on the paranormal. This is not as dark or gritty as a horror novel, but it is darker and more violent than I expected. It is also not a paranormal book that romanticizes the violent creatures of the world and for me, that honestly was a positive. I found it overall rather unexpected and definitely could not predict the way things would go. Also a positive.Lissa is a witch whose gran [...]

    10. Spells of Blood and Kin is a dark urban fantasy novel set in the City of Toronto. We follow Maksim, a kin blessed with a long life and a thirst for violence that will slowly drive him crazy as the years tick by. He can effect people with his blood, as he's done with his kin Gus, and just recently Nick, who was living a pretty normal life up until then. Entre Lissa, a particular type of Russian witch who's grandmother has recently passed away. It's around this time the Maksim's lust for violence [...]

    11. A grittier, less sloggy incarnation of "A Discovery of Witches", infused with Russian folk magic and a really interesting take on shapeshifters. This has a slight urban fantasy feel to it, and should appeal to fans of that, but it rises head and shoulders above what I feel is an overcrowded and repetitive urban fantasy genre. I'd put it up there with Mishell Baker's Borderline and Sergei Lukyanenko's Night Watch series, two of my "contemporary fantasy" favorites. Longer review later this month.T [...]

    12. Belatedly sharing the review of this I did for B&N back in June, forgot to post it here. Worth reading!: barnesandnoble/blog/sc

    13. On one hand, I did enjoy the rather unique aspect of being based on Russian folklore, rather than the same old, mundane paranormal creatures/beings presented in other books. On the other hand, it did start out a bit slow and the dialogue did seem to be a bit choppy at times. Since my copy was an unedited ARC, hopefully some of this is corrected before final publication.Overall, I did enjoy this book and the novelty of it and would not hesitate to read more of Claire Humphrey's works in the futur [...]

    14. I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in return for an honest review.This was such an interesting book! I decided to wait a couple of days before writing a review because there was a lot I wanted to think about. I’m still umming and ahhing over 4 or 5 stars, but I’m going to plunk for 5. I usually reserve 5 stars for books I know will stick in my head forever, which I’m not sure this will (ask me in a few years?), but I can’t really find many flaws in this book and it was a great [...]

    15. I think if you enjoyed dark paranormal fantasy like Dreams and Shadows by C. Robert Cargill, Trueheart by Mel Sterling and Deathless by Catherynne M Valente, you'll enjoy Spells of Blood and Kin.Lissa's grandmother suddenly dies leaving her to continue to serve as koldunya (witch) in a small Russian enclave in Toronto. Grieving and shocky, Lissa tries her best to honor her gran who still has a tenuous link to her through a magical doll which will answer Lissa's three questions on a full moon, bu [...]

    16. I enjoyed this despite it being a book with no plot. It weaves a tale of Russian witches, with their knowledge passed down through time. Sadly, Lissa is bereaved and not confident in her abilities after losing her Baba. Grandmother. Then a step-sister shows up with condolences; a violent, distraught guy and we learn about the ties of family. What makes family?Lissa adapts to her role, sister and helps the 'kin'. I couldn't work this out incidentally.

    17. This is a book that you aren't surprised by the events or the ending, but that the journey is enjoyable enough to compel you along. I was more puzzled by some of the character's (lack) of reactions than I was endeared by them, but overall it tips to a positive review.

    18. JUST the kind of thing I like: Russia and witches, sweetness and badness. And the writing, like poems of sentences. Want more

    19. This book was veryting. I know I sounded doubtful, but it was actually more of the surprise side, since I started out expected some old-fashion paranormal/urban legend. But guess what? I fell in LOVE with this unique and UTTERLY FANTASTIC book before I could even realize it. Also, did I mention it was based on Russian folklore? Ohh yesssAs I mentioned, the paranormal element was absolutely special. The Russian legend aspect did a number of wonderful things on the book, especially when it comes t [...]

    20. A lot of books classed under the paranormal genre tend to be about a romance between a human and an otherworldly beast. There is nothing wrong with that and displays at the local bookstore indicate there is a continual appetite. In Claire Humphrey’s ‘Spells of Blood and Kin’ she has tried to break the shackles of the genre and endeavoured to present something darker and deeper. The story centres around Lissa of Russian heritage who is dealing with the death of her Grandmother who is a witc [...]

    21. Lissa is trying to step into the role of neighborhood witch to the Russian community in Toronto due to her grandmother’s unexpected death. As she is reeling with her loss her stepsister arrives from England to help her cope. She doesn’t have any type of relationship with Stella good or bad so she doesn’t know anything about Lissa’s magical background. Maksim is a kin, a type of long living magical berserker. The spell that Lissa’s grandmother had on him to control his nature has broken [...]

    22. I'm kind of conflicted about this one at the moment! I'll provide a proper review nearer publication. But in short:+ Magic based on Russian folklore. Found this really intriguing and I liked that it was a bit different from the usual+ Characters were quite different from each other, making their relationships interesting too. Also, character development, especially with protagonist Lissa was nice.+/- slowish pace. It build up the mystery, in a way, but also might put some readers off?- writing c [...]

    23. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley. Lissa's grandmother Baba has passed away. Now it is up to her to provide their community with the spelled eggs they need. Her grandmother passed a lot down to her, but she's finding out that she also kept things from her. When a man named Maksim tells her that the protection her grandmother spelled him with ended when she died, Lissa has no idea how to help him. But, since he says he is kin, she must find a way. This started out really slow for me, [...]

    24. I received a copy of this book for free through NetGalley3.5 starsThis had a whole lot going on and I didn't hate it. The Russian folklore scattered throughout is very confusing albeit interesting and I certainly did love reading about witches since I hardly do so. The characters in this were pretty well developed but I think they needed a little extra boost to give them some more depth. I will say that I found this to be a little slow in the beginning but by time I reached the half way point I [...]

    25. This book was definitely okay! I read through it, and it kinda kept my interest, and it was kinda fun!It wasn't great the pacing was weird, for one thing. It just kept chugging along without much variation in excitement level. Any real action was either off screen, in flashbacks, or literally happened just before the story started. There were at least three main characters who we get first person points of view from, as well as a couple of odd moments out from some side characters. The story mai [...]

    26. The kin are supernatural creatures perhaps most like vampires; though drinking blood does not seem to be essential to their survival, one becomes kin by being infected by the blood of another, and such conventional vampire traits as longevity, and enhanced strength and senses are part of the package (though others, such as susceptibility to sunlight, the ability to shapeshift etc. are not). So, let's call this a revisionist vampire novel. As such it is fairly interesting. The plot involves one s [...]

    27. Pros: introverted protagonist, man vs himself plot, awkward situational and dry humour, minor romance elementsCons: I wondered where Maksim got his money The death of Lissa Nevsky’s grandmother affects her life in numerous ways. She has to take up her duties as a kodun’ia, a Russian witch, and her stepsister, whom she barely knows and who knows nothing of witchcraft, shows up unexpectedly to help out. The death also affects Maksim Volkov, a member of the kin who’s had his violent nature ta [...]

    28. I received this book in a giveaway.And I’m really glad I did! I was very impressed with it, both with the writing style itself and with the depth and complexity of the characters. I’m already anticipating the next book by this author.Working from a foundation in Russian folklore, the author manages to bring folklore into the twenty-first century. The particular folk magic the Lissa practices has clearly been researched, and is intriguing and fascinating. The eerie aspect of the magic combin [...]

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