RahMeek and Bella: A Philly Love Story

RahMeek and Bella A Philly Love Story I made love to her mind before I got to her body and when I got to her body she was already wet RahMeek hometown hero and spearhead of Philly s most notorious drug ring is serving a bid upstate af

  • Title: RahMeek and Bella: A Philly Love Story
  • Author: Mercy B.
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I made love to her mind before I got to her body, and when I got to her body, she was already wet RahMeek, hometown hero and spearhead of Philly s most notorious drug ring, is serving a bid upstate after falling victim to someone else s misfortune By a quirk of fate, he meets the beautiful thought provoking Bella RahMeek quickly puts her stereotyping to rest after att I made love to her mind before I got to her body, and when I got to her body, she was already wet RahMeek, hometown hero and spearhead of Philly s most notorious drug ring, is serving a bid upstate after falling victim to someone else s misfortune By a quirk of fate, he meets the beautiful thought provoking Bella RahMeek quickly puts her stereotyping to rest after attesting the beliefs of a nigga behind bars He proved, unwaveringly, that his reach was far beyond the bars that held him captive Although a bit apprehensive, Bella finally submits to his chivalry RahMeek takes her on the wildest ride of her dreams as he captures her mind In anticipation of her body Roc and Kelly sheds light on that forever kind of love that even the toughest candidate dreams of Kelly is not only devoted to her relationship with Roc, but she has made his hardships hers as well However, under despair, Roc hasn t proved to be the man that Kelly once knew him to be The doting girlfriend is wounded after discovering Roc s infidelities Kelly cuts him off completely leaving him scrambling for the love they once shared The couples share a different kind of love, with each being special in its own way However, will it be enough to pacify the bruised egos, lonely nights, and broken hurts

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    1. I loved this book. I cant believe that ending. Bella, Bella, Bella you just couldn't wait. Wow! I'm ready for part 2. Poor Rahmeek, I love him! #Bella&Rahmeek pls forgive her!

    2. I picked this up because I enjoyed a few David Weaver books so I said what the heck. After reading it I was surprised with all the errors and foolishness in the editing though. With all that aside it was an okay read even with it being a bit long winded. It’s one thing to read the day by day but the every little detail was a bit distracting. Yes, Kelly went to the bathroom. I don’t really care that she sat on the toilet, played with her toe nails, wiped, flusheyou get the point. The mess wit [...]

    3. Banger20star banger I love it the storyline was bananas the characters just grow to love them this story was entertaining exotic and intoxicating the theme was fresh and different yet wholesome and refreshing I just couldn't get enough hope part 2 get here soon I didn't like the ending that was so messed up Damn why do Bella like that but to get caught like that wasn't feeling it can't wait for mo

    4. Needs editing This story was just okay to me. It was really hard to get into the story with the many editing issues on just about every page. Due to the many grammatical errors I would not be willing to recommend this book to others or continue on with the series.

    5. This book was EVERYTHING!! Bella Bella Dang girll Why didnt u wait!!?? Ugghh soo mad at tht ending!! Cant wait for book 2!! Heard it may b out end of month!

    6. AmazingI can tell this is gonna be a great series! The scenarios from prison were realistic and easy to picture. The storyline kept me engaged and entertained. Mercy B is the truth with that pen!

    7. Meek❤️❤️❤️❤️I know I’m late to the party but OMG Rahmeek(swoons)! That n***a is a Boss. I love the way he handles Bella. Now she done messed up for something not even worthwhile. Roc and Kelly made me so happy. I was glad he learned his lesson and got his happily ever after.

    8. To be continuedBella girl girl girl whyyyyyyy!!!!!!! I just want to know is their RahMeek out there for every girl? I'm sorry but I would have sent Carter's like dock having ass home. Seeing that would have brought me back to reality thinking about RahMeek!

    9. R &B: APLSThis was a good book with the exception of few errors. The storyline was somewhat different but a good read. Looking forward to reading the next part in this series.

    10. Rahmeek and Bella: A Philly Love Story is the first book that I have read by author Mercy B. I chose to read this particular book based on a recommendation, which made me have high expectations. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed after reading this. I will give the author credit for releasing the book for that does take effort and courage that many would not take. However, to say that other books were released before this one would also give the impression that the book would be of some qua [...]

    11. Bella may have let her frustrations get the best of her!I liked Meek's cocky behind and even with his situation he seemed like a good dude. As much as Bella tried downplaying how she felt, I was glad once she decided to let Meek in. It was funny how the back and forth between them went until then both decided to stop playing games. Kelly even had a good head on her shoulders and I was all for her and Roc's relationship. I couldn't believe he'd stoop to Veil's level but the time he and Kelly were [...]

    12. Great StorylineRahMeek and Bella: A Philly Love Story, had a really great storyline and I found myself getting really excited about 20% into the book. The introduction between Rahmeek and Bella, and then their "cat and mouse" chase, was really enthralling and kept me turning pages. I also enjoyed the secondary characters and their storyline. However half way into the book everything took a nosedive for me. The entire story became a little repetitive with uninteresting, boring dialect. In my opin [...]

    13. A must readBella and Rah love was so not expected but they took time to know each other before anything even with rah being jail he never stop trying to win Bellas love. Kelly and roc are responsible for their union,and with both roc and Rah behind bars that girls manage. Bella and Kelly are sisters but with Bella having to raise her she manages to her best ability. Kelly and roc love is so cute but making one mistake roc loses his heart in Kelly but with rah in his corner he gets his girl and f [...]

    14. Ok ReadThis was my first read by Mercy B and I'm on the fence. I took a chance because I saw the reviews and the hype on FB. This was an ok read. It was kind of slow to me and I was waiting for something to jump off based off all the hoopla around the book. I was really disappointed with the editing and the mix up of names. I want to take all these urban fiction authors seriously, but these editing and grammatical issues are getting to be a bit much. It's hard for me to praise authors who don't [...]

    15. Meek and BellsI am in love with RahMeek and Bella. They are officially my newest book couple. I also fell in love with Roc and Kelly. This book was a refreshing change from my typical read. I am in love with this love story and Rahmeeks pursuit of Bella. I loved every word but that ending really hurt my heart. Why! Bella Why! I am so ready for part 2 to see what RahMeek is going to do. This book is a must read for anyone who enjoys a good love story.

    16. AwesomeThis book will have you loving, crying, laughing and cursing all in one this was such An amazing read that I hated I was at the end waiting for the next part. Mercy B this is a winner and on its way to be a classic love story. Come on and read this book and fall in love with Rahmeek.

    17. Loved itNot my usual style of books but I was completely pulled to this one I love the story line I love the stubbornness two hearts felt for one another by both of them just didn't want to go for what they knew what was right the cliffhanger completely sucked but I am halfway through the second book wonderful job minimal grammar errors but hey we're human

    18. Loved the story butI loved the chemistry between Bella and RahMeek and overall this was a good read but there were too many editing issues that were a turn off for me. This will not stop me from buying part two but for future reference please make sure the editor is on his or her game.

    19. Good storyRahmeek is my guy. I so need him in my life. A man who loves and spoils his woman. I'm still not quite sure how I feel about Bella. Maybe because she has my dream guy. The cover to this book is awesome. Merry B is an awesome writer. She brought us a banger with this book. The ending of this book was shocking and definitely unexpected.

    20. This was a good read. I liked how Mercy B. slowly built up Rahmeek's & Bella's relationship-it made it seem they were destined for each other. I also thought Roc & Kelly made a cute couple. I just hope Bella hasn't ruined it allStoryline held my attention & has me wanting to read part 2.

    21. Simply ImpressedThis was so well written. Bella was so hard to open up at first but I knew sooner or later she was going to come around because Mr Rahmeek seemed too good to be true. Now that ending had me on edge. Giving me no choice but to read the next

    22. AwesomeMercy B you are an excellent story teller I can't wait to find out if Belly slept with Carter. I read this book in one day that's how good it was if you haven't read please do so you won't regret it.

    23. Great read was so glad that Rock worked things out with Kelly. Rahmeek and Bella can't wait to read book 2 to see if they make it. I think they will make a powerful couple together. Good job Mercy B c as nt wait to read on to see what the end brings.

    24. ExcellentThis book was good from the beginning to the end. I need part 2 asap. Urban loved everything about this book. Can't wait until part 2 comes out to find out what's going to happen next.

    25. Man!!! Lol! Good read!!!!I really liked this book!! That ending tho!! Really BELLA, u just couldn't wait huh!!! Dang can't wait to see how this is gonna play out in the next book! Smh!

    26. I liked itThis was a good book I like RahMeek and Rocky I'm glad that he and Kelly were able to get back togetherI'm so mad that Bella just had to go and mess up and sleep with Carter! I'm so ready for part 2



    29. Roc Roc you sly dog. Glad to see he was able to do Right by Kelly. Poor Bella Rahmeek had he stuck between and a rock and a hard pace literally. I was disappointed about the ending only because I wanted to see what happened, but I'll just patiently wait for part 2. LOL. Good Story!!!

    30. Good but the errors almost ruined itThe loved the storyline but the grammatical errors almost made me stop reading. I am definitely a fan but please get an editor before you release part two which I can't wait for.

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