Heart of the World

Heart of the World An extraordinarily beautiful Indian princess and a white Englishman fall in love but suffer deeply because of their feelings Excerpt from Heart of the World The circumstances under which the following

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  • Title: Heart of the World
  • Author: H. Rider Haggard
  • ISBN: 9781600961472
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback
  • An extraordinarily beautiful Indian princess and a white Englishman fall in love but suffer deeply because of their feelings.Excerpt from Heart of the World The circumstances under which the following pages come to be printed are somewhat curious and worthy of record Within the last few years a certain English gentleman, whom we will call Jones, because it was not his namAn extraordinarily beautiful Indian princess and a white Englishman fall in love but suffer deeply because of their feelings.Excerpt from Heart of the World The circumstances under which the following pages come to be printed are somewhat curious and worthy of record Within the last few years a certain English gentleman, whom we will call Jones, because it was not his name, chanced to be employed as the manager of a mine not far from the Usumacinto River, the upper reaches of which divide the Mexican State of Chiapas from the Republic of Guatemala Now life at a mine in Chiapas, though doubtless it has some compensations, does not altogether fulfil a European s ideal of happiness To begin with, the work is hard, desperately hard, and though the climate is healthy enough among the mountains, there are valleys where men may die of fever Of sport, strictly speaking, there is none, for the forests are too dense to hunt in with any comfort, and, if they were not, the swarms of venomous insects of various degree, that haunt them, would make this particular relaxation impossible.

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    1. Although I had previously read and hugely enjoyed no fewer than 40 novels by H. Rider Haggard, I yet felt a trifle nervous before beginning the author's "Heart of the World." I had recently finished Haggard's truly excellent novel of 1893, "Montezuma's Daughter"--a novel that deals with the downfall of the Aztec empire in the early 16th century--and was concerned that "Heart of the World," which I knew to be still another story dealing with the Aztecs, would necessarily be repetitive. As it turn [...]

    2. শেষ করলাম হেনরি রাইডার হ্যাগার্ডের অন্যতম আলোড়ন সৃষ্টিকারী বই "হার্ট অফ দ্য ওয়ার্ল্ড"সেবা প্রকাশনীতে এযাবতকালে প্রকাশিত সম্ভবত হ্যাগার্ডের সবথেকে বড় অনুবাদ এটি। মূল বইটি প্রকাশিত হয় ১৯৯ [...]

    3. সেবার অনুবাদে পড়ে ফেলা। হ্যাগার্ডের রচনা হিসেবে খুবই অনুমানযোগ্য।

    4. ‘Heart of the World’ is set in Mexico, part of the reason why I wanted to read this particular book. It follows the adventures of stalwart Englishman James Strickland and his Indian companion Don Ignatio as they try to find the lost Indian city of great wealth, an El Dorado in Central America. The Englishman seeks adventure, the Indian seeks to overthrow the Spanish-descended Mexicans and reestablish his people’s empire of old, both hammering home the similarities between this and ‘Solom [...]

    5. With King Solomon's Mines, Allan Quatermain, and She, Haggard hit an early peak with his popular formula of taking a brave Englishman, adding exotic locales, native women, and glorious riches, and then capping it all off with an explosive climax (the Englishman being the hero, of course). Perhaps because he followed this formula, more or less, for the rest of his career with the zeal of a religious convert, his reputation has suffered much more than those of his fellow Victorian adventure noveli [...]

    6. হেনরি রাইডার হ্যাগার্ড‌ এর লেখা আমার সব সময় প্রিয় ছিল প্রাচীন সভ্যতার উপর দুর্বল বরাবরি তারউপর যদি মায়া সভ্যতা পুরো বইটা সাজানো হয়েছে ইন্ডিয়ান মেক্সিকান দেড় উপর স্প্যানিয়ার্ডদের শাসন, মা [...]

    7. A beautiful Indian princess and a white Englishman fall in love but suffer deeply because of their feelings and her Indian background. Yet another ill-fated lovers novel by Haggard! Set in Mexico in the late 18th century, the love story is set along side the tale of down trodden Indians at the expense of the Spanish and Mexicans. These Indians are Aztec descendants who split into 2 groups after the conquest by Cortez. One group flees northward and the other southward and remain separate until th [...]

    8. This is a workmanlike Haggard tale with some features familiar from his other books. It is fairly routine but, as always with Haggard, there are some fascinating passages.Don Ignatio, descendant of Guatemoc, King of the Aztecs, narrates the tale. He resembles Harmachis in Haggard's Cleopatra (who also narrates in the first person). The pure-blooded Harmachis is the true heir of the Pharaohs. His partisans, the common folk of Egypt, wish to see him drive out Queen Cleopatra and all the other Gree [...]

    9. After reading King Solomon's Mines and The People of the Mist, and enjoying both of them so much, I thought I would like Heart of the World a lot more, specially because the fisrt two books are settled in Africa and, consequently, based on Haggard's inspiration taken from the african tribes, while this one in particular is inspired by the Maya Civilization - which usually wins in my preferences when we are talking about old/lost/imaginary race tales. However, something about this book didn't cor [...]

    10. I became of fan of Haggard in my teens when I read the Wisdom's Daughter, the first of his Ayesha books, and went back for more. Heart of the World is one of almost a dozen books by the author I had on my bookshelves, and this is the one I found least memorable. It's said if you can't get into a book by a hundred pages, you probably should give up. I'm beyond that point right now, and I'm just not feeling pulled forward by this. There are elements of Haggard even at his best that dates him. His [...]

    11. Цивилизации гибнут, как гибнет прочее. Хотел ли Хаггард подвести читателя к мысли о спокойном принятии действительности? Какие бы процессы вокруг не происходили, им свойственны схожие моменты. Нет ничего вечно существующего, человек же ведёт себя так, будто нынешнее полож [...]

    12. A curious adventure book in which most of the exciting action take place in the early chapters when the main character faces an evil plantation owner and stages a memorable rescue and an exciting battle. After this, the book meanders into one of Haggard's lost worlds and becomes entrenched in the politics and rivalries of the city. The ending does feel somewhat rushed and the character of the white explorer, Strickland, does not feel as well defined as others of Haggard's heroes. It is interesti [...]

    13. I didn't enjoy Heart of the World as much as other books by haggard that I've read. It was a bit heavy on plotting and treachery and a bit light on action. I also don't like it when the hero(s) in a book resign themselves to fate rather than going down swinging. I didlike the ending and thought it tied everything together well.

    14. A pretty standard Haggard work, lots of adventure, narrow escapes and larger than life characters painted in broad strokes. If you like his other adventure stories you'll like this one, but it's not overly memorable in all honesty.

    15. Haggard leaves the dark continent for Mexico in this adventure novel. Lost cities of gold, love, danger and treachery all makes H R Haggard novels a thrilling read.

    16. I wondered why I had not seen this Haggard book around. I loved She and King Solomon's Mines, now I understand. Not his best effort.

    17. A bit tedious at times, but it’s still Haggard. There are enough interesting elements here to push this up to three stars, but just barely.

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