Murder by Remote Control

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  • Title: Murder by Remote Control
  • Author: Janwillem van de Wetering Paul Kirchner
  • ISBN: 9780345332691
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One thought on “Murder by Remote Control”

    1. Very weird. First, there is the basic story of a man fishing out on the lake and attacked by a remote control airplane. He's found dead and a special agent is sent to the quiet Maine shore to investigate the inhabitants of a few houses along the shore. They all could have motives for wanting the man dead. But each person's investigation turns into surreal dream-like LSD trips and it's all very outlandish and frankly, odd. Then when the case is over and the agent goes home, there is a little twis [...]

    2. 'Murder By Remote Control' is a collaboration between international writer Janwillem van de Wetering and his neighbor, artist Paul Kirchner. The book did very poorly during it's initial publication, but this reprint should bring new life to a story that feels just as fresh and interesting today.The story starts with the murder of Mr. Jones who is out on a lake and is killed by a remote control airplane. There are plenty of suspects in the area and lots of motives. Mr. Jones was not a very nice g [...]

    3. Trippy and Deeply Cool, (or, "Dragnet" With Magic Mushrooms)I just read the new Dover re-issue of this book, which was originally published in 1986 by Ballantine. The passage of 30 years has done nothing to dim the book's appeal. Indeed, the contrast between some of the dated aspects of the story/drawing and the prescient and very current eco-tech themes adds a good deal to the reader's enjoyment. You know those neo-noir books that feature "existential detectives" and hippy-dippy pretension? Wel [...]

    4. Feels like a hour-long murder mystery, where we have to get all the suspects out, get suspicious of each and then eliminate them one by one. All the women are pretty much purely sexual, with a lot of breast focus, though the one suspect does have a drug-trip side to add to the art. Somewhat mediocre.

    5. A fine publication from this publishing house, and long may their interest in reviving lost graphic novels last, especially if the results are like this. Two introductory essays and the first reprint of this book in English since the mid-1980s, when it brought neither creator a penny in royalties. That's not too impossible to believe from the contents, a politically charged thriller set on the coast of Maine, that opens out into quite surreal visual pages. I'd liken them to something more strong [...]

    6. Dutch crime novelist van de Wetering and Marvel/Heavy Metal artist Kirchner, both Zen Buddhists, apply their shared life philosophy to the American-style mystery novel. Before he can build his destructive oil refinery in the Maine wilderness, someone murders Mr. Jones, a despicable man who disrespects people and the environment equally. In this black and white work, littered with liberal does of surrealism and sexuality, van de Wetering and Kirchner investigate the likely subjects. Employing a c [...]

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