The Rattle-Rat

The Rattle Rat Douwe Scherjoen was a well to do livestock dealer from the remote Dutch province of Friesland Then his corpse was found half charred by flames floating in a dory in Amsterdam s harbor No one knows w

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  • Title: The Rattle-Rat
  • Author: Janwillem van de Wetering
  • ISBN: 9781569471036
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Douwe Scherjoen was a well to do livestock dealer from the remote Dutch province of Friesland Then his corpse was found, half charred by flames, floating in a dory in Amsterdam s harbor No one knows why he was in the nation s capital, far from the bucolic pleasures of his native village of Dingjum But since Grijpstra is Friesian by birth and can understand the language,Douwe Scherjoen was a well to do livestock dealer from the remote Dutch province of Friesland Then his corpse was found, half charred by flames, floating in a dory in Amsterdam s harbor No one knows why he was in the nation s capital, far from the bucolic pleasures of his native village of Dingjum But since Grijpstra is Friesian by birth and can understand the language, he and his partner de Gier are dispatched to find the killer or at least the motive for the crime And they discover that while no one, not even his wife, liked the victim, the culprit is the unlikeliest suspect of all.

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    1. "United Europe [] That's the dream. Why shouldn't it come about some day? All together and still apart? [] United above all troubles?"Many years ago a dear friend of mine highly recommended Janwillem van de Wetering’s novels. I had tried to read The Corpse on the Dike and was able to get through just a few pages: I could not follow the bizarrely structured text. About 30 years later I decided to try again and chose a different book - The Rattle-Rat (1985). This time I managed to finish the boo [...]

    2. I remember Janwillem van de Vetering as one of the authors of whose I overdosed by the time I was 13. Yes, I never read any books intended for the young people. It went from fairytales to some adventure books, which were too predictable and boring, to Agatha Christie and books towards thrillers from that. I know I read some JvdW books when I was 12-13 but I don't remember much of the details, so in a way this was a reintroduction to him.Grijpstra and de Gier investigate a murder of a Friesian fa [...]

    3. Even though this is the quintessential Grijpstra / De Gier novel -- JvdW has never written a better book -- you probably shouldn't read it until you've gotten some background. First should be "Outsider in Amsterdam", then one or two more with these characters to get the complete flavor in your mind. Then you can fully enjoy them in this tale -- it's laugh-out-loud funny, and profound at the same time.It also can't hurt to read the author's tales of life in a Zen monastery, which grants insights [...]

    4. Je ne sais pas si ca vient de la traduction ou si J. Van de Wetering a changé sa façon de narrer pour ce livre, mais je trouve que la construction du texte est bizarrement faite. Du coup, c'est pénible à lire et ca rend le récit laborieux Je préfère largement "Mort d'un colporteur" ou "Meurtre sur la digue".

    5. A truly bizarre story teller - but so much fun to read. The author sneaks in these little snippets of philosophy, humor, wisdom, etcyou find yourself going back to re-read it just in case you misunderstood it the first time around.

    6. The Rattle-Rat is one of a series of Dutch police procedurals taking place in the early 1980s. In this installment, the detectives have to find the murderer of a corpse found in a burning dory floating in the Amsterdam harbor. The victim came from Friesland, on the northern edge of the Netherlands, and so there most of the action takes place.The mystery plays second fiddle to the interactions between the detectives, to jokes about Friesland and to showing how the changing roles of women affect e [...]

    7. This is book #10, in the Grijpstra & de Gier series, and this one takes place mainly in the Netherlands' northwest province of Friesland. The running gag in this book (which if this were a TV series, you could use as a drinking game) seems to be the commissaris' line "I was born here, in Joure" for me makes sure that everyone is well aware of this information.Once again, there are some interesting character names. For instance, there is a female motorcycle cop by the name of Corporal Hilariu [...]

    8. Another highly enjoyable lark with inestimable Grijpstra and de Gier. For this outing, they visit the northern province of Friesland, where the locals take themselves and their heritage very seriously:"The coffee had been waiting on the mahogany table, in a silver pot between a silver milk jug and a silver sugar bowl. The adjutant was given the first cup, de Gier the second; the others received their coffee in order of rank.'Why are all of you so tall?' de Gier asked. 'Fertile Frisian soil,' the [...]

    9. Douwe Scherjoen est mort à Amsterdam, loin de sa Frise natale. La Frise est une province de Hollande qui a des mœurs bien particulières. De Gier et Gripjstra en feront la découverte en compagnie d'un rat apprivoisé et asthmatique. L'enquête chez les frisons sera comme une aventure initiatique en terre étrangère. Dixième aventure des flics d'Amsterdam Gripjstra et De Gier, Comme un rat mort confirme et consacre le talent de Wetering, jugé par ses compatriotes comme le Simenon hollandais [...]

    10. A crime is Friesland, a northern, separatist part of Holland speaking a separate language and having different customs and values sends our now four policemen investigating: Grijpstra, the Commissaris, and Cardozo officially on the case and de Gier not officially having anything to do with the case. Of course it will be de Gier who will find the answer as will the Commissaris. In the meantime there's a lot of local color and general plot thickening as we expect of this author whose power are wax [...]

    11. A very entertaining book, more for the likable characters and sly humor than for the mystery that's at the center of the story. For anyone interested in the The Netherlands, the book provides an insightful, and very amusing, look at the contrast between urban Dutch culture in Amsterdam and the distinctly different rural life of Friesland.

    12. Published in 1985, the book is a look at the Amsterdam Police force 35 years ago. The police proceedures and and dialogue between characters were not believable. I read one chapter and chose not to finish the book.

    13. I read many of van de Wetering's books 30 years ago and when I found this one in a local 2nd hand store, I knew I was in for a good read. Love the detectives, their procedures (somewhat unusual) and just the all around writing.

    14. worth a read. geographically detailed. learned a lot about a very strange part of the netherlands - Frieslan.

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