The Priestess and the Dragon

The Priestess and the Dragon Love and revenge don t end with death Exiled for her mother s sins Suzume lives in a remote mountain shrine training to become a priestess She would give anything to return to her old life at the emp

  • Title: The Priestess and the Dragon
  • Author: Nicolette Andrews
  • ISBN: 1517361834
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love and revenge don t end with death Exiled for her mother s sins, Suzume lives in a remote mountain shrine training to become a priestess She would give anything to return to her old life at the emperor s palace When she accidently awakens a sleeping dragon posing as the mountain god, she thinks he is the answer to all her problems But she gets than she bargaineLove and revenge don t end with death Exiled for her mother s sins, Suzume lives in a remote mountain shrine training to become a priestess She would give anything to return to her old life at the emperor s palace When she accidently awakens a sleeping dragon posing as the mountain god, she thinks he is the answer to all her problems But she gets than she bargained for when she unleashes the Dragon, Kaito He has been sealed away for five hundred years and now he is hungry for revenge The woman who trapped him may be dead, but he will settle for her reincarnation and he chooses Suzume to join him on his quest for vengeance What he doesn t realize is Suzume is that priestess reborn Now she must find a way to seal the dragon once before he learns the truth.

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    1. A very good debut novel. I give it a solid 4.3 stars. Interesting premise, well developed characters and world, story-line develops well, and the ending leads well into the next novel. Only problem I had was that some of the segues and scene shifts were [slightly] rough, but that isn't an author problem, its an editor error. I also really like how several plot points have been left hanging, and some of the foreshadowing is also left unresolved. NICE WORK! I'm definitely looking forward to the ne [...]

    2. Favorite comedic moment: "You no eat me?" (the toad thing, 80).While The Priestess and the Dragon is the first book in a separate series than Kitsune of the Tales of Akatsuki series, it ties in multiple characters from the first novel, set in the world of ancient Japan. Because of this, I may reference minor spoilers throughout my review – nothing major.Suzume, the protagonist of The Priestess, is a princess who is nearly forced into life as a priestess due to a rumor spread in the court about [...]

    3. Oh my lordy lord. I feel so many things right now. It weird. I don’t like it.Where the frick do I even begin? How do I start? I have no idea. Just bear with me on this one. It’s going to get weird.Let the review commence.Right from the very start I knew I would love this book. One freaking page!! I couldn’t believe how good this book was. There were multiple times I had to put my kindle down and just breathe. With every turning page I was dragged deeper to the point of no return. I am surp [...]

    4. Before I tell you what I think of The Priestess and The Dragon, let me just point out that I was given a free copy for the purpose of reviewing it. With that being said, the book it totally worth its money.Everyone who knows me well would label me as a slow reader. Very slow. Nevertheless, it took me two days to finish this book; I just couldn't put it down.Being a writer as well, I did find myself making the occasional correction to avoid repetition or because a word didn't sound well to me in [...]

    5. Hi,I'm a french reader on wattpad and i have read the new and improved version of the book, for the wattpad readers it's truly a better version, the plot is more detailed and make a lot more sense. For the newcomers first i read this story because i like japanese culture but this book is a fantasy story not a historical one. It's more about folklore and legend, don't expect a "mate story" with a dragon and all that jazz, it's based on facts and it's pretty serious, not that serious because the a [...]

    6. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I love how in this book some of the characters from Kitsune return to be part of the story. Suzume is a very headstrong princess who was exiled along with her mother and siblings because her mother supposedly cheated on her father the Emperor. Of course throughout the story it's alluded to that something besides adultery is the real reason that she was exiled. Suzume is very spoiled and throughout the book she starts to lose her spoiledness but [...]

    7. I loved this book. It is cleverly written, full of action and a flirtatious dance that is fun to watch. It is interesting that the dragon is an oriental dragon, more serpentine than what we see depicted in other stories. We forget that the Asian culture has different fairy tales and mythical creatures. It was a fun read and I look forward to the next installment.

    8. I received an ARC of this book to review it. I loved it. Suzume is like my spirit warrior. She is so relatable and I loved her character and how well-developed she is. The entire novel is well-developed and written very well too. Kaito and Suzume's relationship is pure awesomeness and it will live on forever in my heart. 4 stars.

    9. I loved this book. At first I wasn't too sure but the twists and turns made it make me want more. I am looking forward to the next book so I can see what happens to the characters!

    10. MagicalLoved it. So great. It was like reading a Studio Gibli film. So pretty. I liked the unique plot and that there actually wasn't a lot of romance

    11. I remember first finding this story on wattpad and I'm so glad I did it was an amazing story. It contains Japanese mythology and a lot of comedy>< I can't wait to re read it again on paperback!

    12. I must admit that this style of book is not the usual genre that i enjoy reading, in fact it really is not my cup of tea at all, however it is a very intricate book which i am sure fans of Japanese anime would love! The heroine Suzume, the daughter of the emperor hence a princes forced to turn priestess and who unknowingly freed the dragon is a very silly kind of spoilt brat who spent most of her time face down in the mud!! I never knew anyone more clumsy than this character, Kaito the dragon on [...]

    13. Really interesting book, I loved the setting and the world building. The characters and their relationships were well-developed, too. I liked that the Dragon and Suzume both had character flaws that made them their own worst enemies, so there was and still is lots of room for them to grow.The world that was created was fascinating and full of magic, in a way that you would want to see and experience, despite the dangers. It's just a really interesting, unique read. I'm hard-pressed to think of a [...]

    14. 4.5I never really got whether Kaito was loving to her or to Kazue. Also is Hisato a bad guy or a possible love interest? Reminds me alot of Annette Marie's series with the Japanese folklore.1/1/2018Rereading because I'm so excited for the sequel! I hope that Kaito ends up with Suzume and not Kazue.

    15. I heard about this book on Wattpad and when I discovered it was published, I decided to purchase a copy for myself. I wasn't too terribly disappointing either. The novel in many ways, reminded me of the anime of Inuyasha with it's ideas of reincarnation and two leads who bicker all the time. Not to mention the feudal Japan setting. However, this novel separates itself from the anime, especially with regards to the female lead character.Suzume was spoiled, selfish and whiny throughout most of the [...]

    16. This was no quick read but it was well worth the time invested in enjoying every single page turn. There were well developed characters. A very strong lure to Suzume. Her life at a mountain shrine for training to become a priestess was alluring on its own. The for her to wake a dragon that one of her previous lives had locked away in the mountain was a strange twist for her life. The dragon, Kaito that she release has his sights set on vengeance. This read was captivating from beginning to end. [...]

    17. An interesting setup in an ancient-Japan-ish fantasy world, but the main character, Suzume, felt like the Mary Sue that has everything bad happen to her before she turns out to be the Chosen One and Saves the World. The writing, while technically fine, just feels too romance-y, if that makes any sense, for my tastes. Everything centers around Suzume, while I wanted more about the priestesses and the kingdom and the mythology. I was not surprised to see in a comment that this book was originally [...]

    18. Although I loved the story, there were times when I could have shaken Suzume for being a whinging child!I have to accept that she had lived a life of luxury and decadence and was then rudely thrown into a situation that she had no experience of and was a real culture shock to her.This is the first book by Nicolette Andrews that I have read and I will have to give her another go.Read it and make your own mind up.

    19. More description and details needed. I love Japanese mythology and fairy tales, but cracking into these characters were different. Some had been previously introduced, well slightly. They are hard to like in a novel setting. Done as more traditionally mythic, with language that pulls the senses, would help. There is definitely not enough political drama for an Eastern myth.

    20. I couldn't put this down. I was completely swept up in Suzume's escapades and found myself breathless with anticipation by the end. I can't wait to read the next one in the series, The Sea Stone.NB: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. (But I really enjoyed it, so it's no hardship to write a positive one!)

    21. Suzume is exiled because of her Mother’s sins. She’s training to be a priestess , but accidentally awakens a dragon. Now the trouble really begins. Wonderful book that kept me fascinated until the end. Received a free copy.

    22. WowWonderful !!!Amazing characters great storyline and a beautiful world.Couldn't put it down till I got to the end.Looking forward to the next book

    23. First purchased bookCannot wait for book 2. It was an awesome read and totally worth buying. The story is well paced holds relatable flawed characters and an ingenious story line.

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