American Indian Life: The Navajo: The Past and Present of the Dine

American Indian Life The Navajo The Past and Present of the Dine None

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  • Title: American Indian Life: The Navajo: The Past and Present of the Dine
  • Author: Donna Janell Bowman
  • ISBN: 9781491449929
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “American Indian Life: The Navajo: The Past and Present of the Dine”

    1. The photos was absolutely beautiful. There were some things I have learned from going to a POW-WOW in Wisconsin when I lived there, and see that silver and turquoise jewelry comes from these Native tribes but really from them working with the Spanish during 1800s. It is a short, easy read but picked up some concepts I might have been unaware or confused with another tribes heritage and or history. This tribe is from Arizona and surrounding areas.

    2. This book, part of a series, includes basic information about the culture and traditions of the Navajo, including a brief discussion of the Long Walk in which its members were forced to move to a reservation. Photos and text celebrate their cultural traditions, including clothing, jewelry, food, medicine, and religion. While it's important for young readers to understand their history and connections to the land, it is also important to know something about how Navajos live today. There is even [...]

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