Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: Alamo All-Stars

Nathan Hale s Hazardous Tales Alamo All Stars From Nathan Hale New York Times bestselling author and Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List maker comes the definitive graphic novel about the Alamo Hale relays the facts politics military actions

  • Title: Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: Alamo All-Stars
  • Author: Nathan Hale
  • ISBN: 9781419719028
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From Nathan Hale, 1 New York Times bestselling author and Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List maker, comes the definitive graphic novel about the Alamo Hale relays the facts, politics, military actions, and prominent personalities that defined the Texas Revolution in factual yet humorous scenes that will capture the attention of reluctant readers and fans of history aliFrom Nathan Hale, 1 New York Times bestselling author and Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List maker, comes the definitive graphic novel about the Alamo Hale relays the facts, politics, military actions, and prominent personalities that defined the Texas Revolution in factual yet humorous scenes that will capture the attention of reluctant readers and fans of history alike In the early 1800s, Texas was a wild and dangerous land fought over by the Mexican government, Native Americans, and settlers from the United States Beginning with the expeditions of the so called Land Pirates, through the doomed stand at the Alamo, and ending with the victory over Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto, the entire Texas saga is on display Leading the charge to settle this new frontier is Stephen F Austin, with a cast of dangerous and colorful characters, including Jim Bowie, William Travis, David Crockett, and others Through his vivid depiction and additional maps, and biographies located in the back of the book, Nathan Hale brings new insight for students, teachers, and historians into one of the most iconic structures in the United States.

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    1. Every time I read one of the Hazardous Tales, I think, So THAT'S what that was all about! I fancy myself knowledgable about history, but there are things like the Alamo that you hear about but never real understand how it all got started and who the key players were. And most of the time I end up thinking: What is wrong with people?But anyway: This book. This book is great. Of course it is. And you know what to expect: Humor, facts, fun illustrations. This one is great, too, because they introdu [...]

    2. Dang, this author is brilliant with this graphic novel series. This one even shows the controversies with historical texts and trying to decide whether or not to include the story. This is history/storytelling at its best and funny with the metafictional elements. Don't miss!

    3. ‘Remember the Alamo!’--something we’ve all heard, and probably shouted in fun, but just what does it mean? What’s the Alamo and why should we remember it? Nathan Hale answers all these questions and more in the latest book in his popular Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales: Alamo All-Stars.In Alamo All-Stars, Hale explores the tumultuous times in Texas history in the early to mid 1800’s, when Texas was fought over by American settlers, the Mexican government, and Native Americans. Many bat [...]

    4. - This isn't my favorite of the series, but I still enjoyed it.- Nathan changed the formula a little bit. Other characters helped Nathan Hale tell the story, and the hangman wasn't the only one interrupting with comments and questions. I didn't really care for the new narrators. They weren't needed.- I don't know a lot of back story for the Alamo, so it was good to learn about that and guys I'd never heard of, but on the other hand, I was a little confused in the beginning. The intro threw the r [...]

    5. This is my first Hazardous Tale, but I did see Nathan Hale almost two years on a panel and thought he was fantastic. Now I'm seeing his work as a whole (they were showing grabs of pages and layouts of his work on the panel) and see where his humor and interest in history and graphic content collide. There's SO MUCH going on in the pages that it does take a trained eye and some patience. I feel like even so, I didn't get all the information transferred on what was happening, but that's the great [...]

    6. I am glad that the Hazardous Tales series has become so popular. Nathan Hale has done an excellent job on them, and they keep getting better. This most recent is probably the best of the lot.Always entertaining, the best thing about these books is that they present the history so well. Hale shows the many players and events in their proper context, in a carefully accurate and memorable way. In this case, I had never really understood the Alamo, and I'm glad to have gotten both the big picture an [...]

    7. Nathan Halen viihdyttävät ja samalla opettavaiset sarjakuvat Yhdysvaltain historiasta jatkuvat, tällä kertaa meksikolaisten ja teksasilaisten välisestä sodasta kertovalla tarinalla, jossa vilisee Jim Bowien ja Davy Crockettin kaltaisia nimiä. En voinut sanoa tuntevani aihetta juuri Alamon taistelua enempää ja esimerkiksi Goliadin verilöyly oli aivan tuntematon juttu, mutta nytpä on sekin puute elämässä korjattu.Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales on kyllä ihan uljainta parhautta. Kunpa [...]

    8. This is my first Nathan Hale Hazardous Tales graphic novel. Not only did I relive the 1800's where Native Americans, settlers, and the Mexican government were all at odds with one another, but Hale was delicate regarding the subject of war. He also used humor though out. I will most certainly go to his others in this series. A great way for kids to learn history without knowing that they are learning at all.

    9. It was hard to keep track of all the different historical figures and the story wasn't as entertaining as the other ones by Hale, but still worth reading if you like history and graphic novels.

    10. Good as always! I love that he contextualizes these events within the Mexican Revolutions and the multiple government turnovers happening there. Just as good as always!

    11. This took me awhile to get into, maybe because it was my first Hazardous Tale. By the end, I loved it and loved how much I learned about history! I knew the phrase "Remember the Alamo!" but not much more than that. Very well done! Looking forward to reading more.

    12. I like this whole series since it shows history through amazing visuals. It looks like this book took a lot of hard work and that paid off. I recommend to people to like to actually learn.

    13. I really like this series, but I like this title the least of all the titles published so far. I knew this volume would be violent (as promised by the subject), but I had a really hard time finishing this book. Previous volumes in this series have included varying levels of violence, but they didn't read as glorified as they did here. Every episode that highlighted the life of Jim Bowie included many near death battles that should've claimed his life, but felt less like they were included to sho [...]

    14. Based on this book (and on Treaties, Trenches, Mud and Blood, also by Nathan Hale) I think it's fair to say that the history of Texas is just about as complicated as the history of WWI. But thanks to Nathan Hale, I learned lots. Mostly, I learned that it wasn't the battle at the Alamo that was nearly as important as the battle cry afterward to "Remember the Alamo!" (and to remember the massacre at Goliad, which has apparently been mostly forgotten).

    15. Fantastic read! (just as all the other previous Nathan Hale series)Witty and education plus a monster! Seriously just like the war machine from the pages of the World War 1 issues, Hale haunts the pages of this graphic novel with an frightful representation of Cholera, scarier than most actual comic book villains.

    16. Enjoyed this one more than most of the others in the series, maybe because I'm a Texan (not by birth, but Texas adopted me!). Jim Bowie was pretty awesome, and I love how the executioners all decide to have a slumber party together--ha!

    17. Well researched, funny, interesting, and beautifully rendered Texas history. What more could you ask for?

    18. I didn't really like this one I don't know why, it seems to be more confused than the others book I've read.Alamo is another piece of American history I've heard before but never really think about what it meant. I was curious when I started reading, as I was when I started the other books in the series. But I soon got disappointed: there were so many characters and not a clear storytelling that I lost track of everything. Tons of Texians, Mexicans, Americans and Native Americans Jeez, who were [...]

    19. This is a fantastic series for tweens and I recommend them constantly. This latest one, which tells the story of the Alamo, doesn't have the fluidity of the previous ones.I lived in Texas and I LOVE Texas and Texas history is as interesting and inspiring as you can get. However, Hale bites off a lot in this book and it might be a bit much for some readers. There are a lot of players involved and a lot of back stories and I know the history of Texas and the Alamo so I could follow along but I thi [...]

    20. I love all of Nathan Hale's graphic novels and this one is no exception. The artwork is not too dark for my 4th-5th grade library patrons as in so many titles in the genre, and the real history of the Alamo is clearly presentedwith a creative delivery that makes it fairly clear what is history and what is the author's unique writing style. I will continue to purchase Mr. Hale's titles and hope that he continues to attend the Texas Librarian's Association annual conference so I can continue to at [...]

    21. This is such a great book. I am learning about Texas history in school and this makes everything so much easier to learn. The pictures made the book entertaining and easy to read, and the books are filled with facts. I finished this book almost immediately because of how entertaining it is. It includes every battle, treaty, and important person to help you understand the book. Even if you are just reading it for entertainment, you won't be disappointed. Nathan Hale does a great job with a book o [...]

    22. A great tool for teaching Texas history, although not sure I would recommend it as recreational reading to many kids. Good for grades 4-7, leaning towards the younger side. Having the executioners participate in telling the story is an interesting twist, and showing historical figures as flawed people who did important things, sometimes by accident, is a great way to instruct middle grades readers on the complexities of history.

    23. Nathan Hale (the spy, not the author), is back (though technically, the author is back too) along with his story telling buddies the hangman and the British soldier, this time to tell the tale of the Alamo. In true "Hazardous Tales" fashion though, not just the last stand at the Alamo is described, but the motivating factors and tensions that lead to that point as well. Also, Hale and Co. are joined by one of Mexico's (many) presidents, Vincete Guerrero (who was also short lived) and his firing [...]

    24. I love this Nathan Hale series, but this book was a little more challenging to comprehend. After finishing the book though I don't think that is due to Hale's writing, but rather it is due to the fact that the story is quite complicated. I learned a lot and am glad we own it so we can go back for future reference. I greatly appreciate how Hale tells lesser known stories in American History.

    25. The history of the Alamo is well done in this book. There are a lot of characters and a whole lot of backstory that is necessary to understanding the Alamo, but it was overwhelming and not my favorite of the Nathan Hale's tales. (Around the Year in 52 Books Challenge: a book published outside the 4 major publishing houses)

    26. I love the Hazardous Tales series. It condenses a historical occurrence into a graphic format that is easily understandable for kids (and adults.) The books are well researched and not only is my memory refreshed, but I learn from the events as well. That said, this was not my favorite in the series. Personally, I found the story confusing and actual battle was not well explained. The illustrations (as always) were top notch, but I don't feel like I understand the battle of the Alamo any better. [...]

    27. I learned a lot about the Alamo and Texas history. This is a fun way to learn. It also makes me want to read the prose story - I find graphic novels, while fun to read, increase my desire to read more of what I call "the real thing".

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