My Lost Brothers: The Untold Story by the Yarnell Hill Fire's Lone Survivor

My Lost Brothers The Untold Story by the Yarnell Hill Fire s Lone Survivor The true story behind the events that inspired the major motion picture Only the Brave A unique and bracing Booklist first person account by the sole survivor of Arizona s disastrous Yarnell Hill

  • Title: My Lost Brothers: The Untold Story by the Yarnell Hill Fire's Lone Survivor
  • Author: Brendan McDonough Stephan Talty
  • ISBN: 9780316308182
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The true story behind the events that inspired the major motion picture Only the Brave A unique and bracing Booklist first person account by the sole survivor of Arizona s disastrous 2013 Yarnell Hill Fire, which took the lives of 19 hotshots firefighters trained specifically to battle wildfires.Brendan McDonough was on the verge of becoming a hopeless, inveterateThe true story behind the events that inspired the major motion picture Only the Brave A unique and bracing Booklist first person account by the sole survivor of Arizona s disastrous 2013 Yarnell Hill Fire, which took the lives of 19 hotshots firefighters trained specifically to battle wildfires.Brendan McDonough was on the verge of becoming a hopeless, inveterate heroin addict when he, for the sake of his young daughter, decided to turn his life around He enlisted in the Granite Mountain Hotshots, a team of elite firefighters based in Prescott, Arizona Their leader, Eric Marsh, was in a desperate crunch after four hotshots left the unit, and perhaps seeing a glimmer of promise in the skinny would be recruit, he took a chance on the unlikely McDonough, and the chance paid off Despite the crew s skepticism, and thanks in large part to Marsh s firm but loving encouragement, McDonough unlocked a latent drive and dedication, going on to successfully battle a number of blazes and eventually win the confidence of the men he came to call his brothers.Then, on June 30, 2013, while McDonough Donut as he d been dubbed by his team served as lookout, they confronted a freak, 3,000 degree inferno in nearby Yarnell, Arizona The relentless firestorm ultimately trapped his hotshot brothers, tragically killing all 19 of them within minutes Nationwide, it was the greatest loss of firefighter lives since the 9 11 attacks Granite Mountain is a gripping memoir that traces McDonough s story of finding his way out of the dead end of drugs, finding his purpose among the Granite Mountain Hotshots, and the minute by minute account of the fateful day he lost the very men who had saved him A harrowing and redemptive tale of resilience in the face of tragedy, Granite Mountain is also a powerful reminder of the heroism of the people who put themselves in harm s way to protect us every day.

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    1. Gripping and inspirational.I felt drawn to this book because I’ve been through wildland firefighter training, so I have a ton of respect for the guys who do it for a living. And I always appreciate people who are willing to tell their own stories. Especially tough, intensely personal stories. Telling the hard truth is one of the highest forms of courage we can share with each other as human beings, and Brendan McDonough holds nothing back.The author is the lone survivor of the Yarnell Hill fir [...]

    2. Sois book is sold in the UK as 'Granite Mountain' but is the same work.The story detailed within this book has been in my mind off and on quite a lot over the years (since 2013), due largely to being familiar with the area where it's set.In short it deals with the June 2013 death of the 19 firefighters out of Prescott AZ, who formed the Granite Mountain Hotshots, when the fire they were working on at Yarnell AZ changed direction.It's written by the surviving member of the team - and that's only [...]

    3. Most folks will find this to be an interesting and exciting book. After 24 years working for two of the biggest federal agencies in wildland fire, I find it extremely frustrating, starting from the very beginning. As represented, the author and another crew member basically go out cowboying on a serious large fire, drop about a hundred common sense safety precautions and rules, and nearly get themselves injured/killed as a result. What they did was absurdly foolish and totally unprofessional. Th [...]

    4. Good read! I would have finished earlier but busy life made it hard!!! Read this so I could see the movie this month!

    5. This book started off with multiple typos in the first few chapters, and went downhill from there. The author seems to be more or less a scumbag who is making is living now off the deaths of his co-workers. Example: He talks about how his friend Chris and he were always there for each other, and as examples says that Chris would always buy him a sandwich when he was buying one for himself, and that if the author ever needed anything, he could ask Chris for it. So, where was the part where the au [...]

    6. I made the mistake of reading some reviews prior to reading this book, and now I cannot help but comment on some.This book is a man's story, it was what he lived, and survived. It's easy to sit back and judge everything he did or describes sitting at home in front of a computer. I do not think it matters if you work in the field or not, if you read this and choose to judge him and the other heroes from Granite Mountain that is a very poor reflection on who you are as a person. Now that I have go [...]

    7. In the close-knit brotherhood of America’s Bravest, there is an elite few who dare to do the impossible by confronting the most menacing conflagrations imaginable. They are wildland firefighters; the tip-of-the spear when Mother Nature turns up the heat. Of the twenty-thousand wildland firefighters in the U.S. that comprise a rugged fraternity of smokejumpers and air attack crews who are the elite Special Forces of firefighting, there is also an equally determined group of men and women who ar [...]

    8. I had just driven through Yarnell on my way to Prescott before receiving this book as a gift from a local resident. It was a good, conversational read, bolstered by the co-author's eye for storytelling detail. I didn't expect to learn so much about fire and the terrain in the dry mountains of Arizona. I began to appreciate the challenges in being a wildland firefighter, including the 32-hour shifts, the intense physical demands, the lack of an OSHA-like body to guarantee their safety. In an age [...]

    9. I really enjoyed Brendan McDonough’s true story of the Yarnell fire and his “brothers” who lost their lives fighting that fire and trying to protect others. Reading thisngave me a much greater appreciation for the hotshots and what they do. Riveting and heartbreaking, I finished the book in one sitting.

    10. “My Lost Brothers”, (newly re-titled “Granite Mountain” in the U.S.), has been at the very top of my reading list ever since its release. I’m a Prescottonian. Born, raised and still live in Prescott, Arizona. Everyone here knows someone who served on the Granite Mountain Hot Shots, whether or not they were on the crew during the Yarnell Hill Fire. We all knew at least one of them, or knew of them / knew them secondhand, knew their loved ones etc. So the Yarnell Hill Fire was really a c [...]

    11. Interesting, sad tragic story. Brendan could have saved a couple chapters if he had of dropped the swearing. Sadly, his story would have been even more powerful if this book had of had a good editor to clean up the language.

    12. I was lead to this book after seeing the movie "Only the Brave ". I remembered these fires, but none of it had been personal for me, other than the sheer horror of dying by fire, and the great tragedy of so many lives lost needlessly.We had lived in Arizona for 3 years when the Prescott and Yarnell Fires hit. I had no idea how dangerous and fast these high desert fires could be. I was shocked and horrified when I heard on the news about the deaths of 19 firefighters. I found the book fast paced. [...]

    13. This book has been made into a movie. It is a true account from the one survivor and I recommend you read the book because I hate what Hollywood does to stories like this. These are real people not characters to over dramatize. Getting off my soapbox.The book told what it really is like to be a wildland fire fighter and the brotherhood that exisits. The author Brendan McDonough had overcame alot to become a fire fighter. You get to see that these hero's have their own demons but still give their [...]

    14. Wow! What a book! Brendan starts off with his story. His childhood was difficult and filled with trouble. When he moved to Prescott, AZ, he began his interest in fire science. Reading his growth and eventual connection with the Granite Mountain Hotshots was encouraging. His account of fire fighting was educational and something that society in general needs to know more about. Wildfire fire fighting is very different than municipal fire fighting. It's intense, terrifying and heroic. The account [...]

    15. The majority of the book was in perfect unison with the documentary. This inspirational story teaches how to find one's purpose in life, and shows how millions of firefighters, police officers, and other first-responders put their lives on the line to save others. My Lost Brothers also teaches strength in the face of tragedy, and displays the importance of acceptance and moving on. This is a great book for someone who has faced death or PTSD, or knows someone who has. I learned a lot about the v [...]

    16. As a firefighter (in a different capacity from the Granite Mountain Hotshots) this has been a book I’ve wanted to read for a while. I’ve put it off until now though because I was aware of how it ended. That being said, I think it’s an important read not only for those of us in the fire service, but for the general public whose homes and lives are being protected. McDonough does an excellent job describing the relationships formed between himself and the members of his crew. You can feel hi [...]

    17. My son and I saw the movie "Only the Brave" in October, which is based on this book, and I wanted to know more about the story so I picked it up, and was not disappointed. It was interesting to me not only because the account of the 19 hotshot firefighters killed in the Yarnell (Arizona) forest fire in 2013 is compelling, but also because the author (the only survivor from the Granite Mountain hotshot crew) is a recovered drug addict who turned his life around.If you have interest in learning ab [...]

    18. I know a few fire fighters, and I respect them all for what they do, but I don’t think I ever truly thought about how tough they are until I read this. A couple quotes from this book that stick with me:“If I make you a better firefighter, that’s all well and good. But if I don’t make you a better man, then I’ve failed you.” This is a philosophy I try to adopt with my kids and kids that I coachd“See you later, brother, on this side or the other (paraphrased).” Forebodingd“‘Dud [...]

    19. I read this book after seeing Only the Brave and not being able to get Brendan McDonough's story out of my head. McDonough's account of the Granite Mountain Hotshots was honest, heartfelt and often humorous. He shared stories of his life at his lowest low and what it was like to finally find a family. By the time June 30 rolled around in the book, I knew what was coming, and I had grown so emotionally invested that I avoided moving forward in the book. I'd recommend this memoir to anyone -- a gr [...]

    20. Overall not a bad book. But there are some troubling aspects to it. First off, a significant part of the book is devoted to the author’s experiences growing up. It helps tell his story, but does little to explain what happened in the 2013 Yarnell Fire. Secondly, what happened out there? I think a follow-up chapter devoted to the tragedy and what was uncovered from the investigations would help round the story out. I understand the author’s immediate shock and the PTSD symptoms experienced as [...]

    21. Reading this book made me cry, and books/movies/etc DON'T make me cry have a handkerchief nearby while reading it. I gained a lot of insight as I read this book into what happened, what didn't happen, what went wrong, etc. Reading it made everything much clearer to me with respect to how this fire was fought and exactly what happened to cause such a tragic loss of life.Rest in peace, Granite Mountain Hotshots. :(

    22. Good book, sad storyI'm a wildland firefighter in Florida, who does mostly Rx firesI got a lot out of reading this book, and I mourn the loss of every firefighter that loses the fight. I cried when I read about the loss of these men's lives, and I try to empathize with Donutough I can't imagine how he felt or how it continues to feel to be the lone survivor of this tragedy.

    23. The difference between the two authors writing styles made this difficult to read. The error about the South Canyon Fire made it hard for me to take the rest of the book seriously. If you are familiar with the Yarnell Fire you won’t gain anything from reading this. I think it’s a good story and I’m glad it’s out there, but keep your expectations low if you choose to pick this up.

    24. Excellent, excellent read. Brendan McDonough does a fantastic job of telling his story and makes it nearly impossible to be able to put the book down once you've started it. I lived in Phoenix at the time of the this incident and remember it vividly and how it made time stand still in Arizona. These men are nothing short of heroes. read this. you won't regret it.

    25. Story was very engrossing from start to finish. I learned a lot about wildlife firefighters and I am amazed and awed at all they do. A lower rating was given as the writing (understandably) was a bit amateurish and there was quite a bit of vulgar language throughout. The bookMade for a great book club discussion.

    26. After visiting the Prescott, Arizona area this fall and seeing the movie Only the Brave, I wanted to read this true story about the tragic story of the Hotshots who fought this wildfire. The author, Brendon, was the lone survivor and it was interesting to see how joining this group changed his life and brought meaning to his life. I would recommend the book, and the movie.

    27. Good book. A bit of unnecessary language. I wish Brendan would have waited a bit to write this book. I feel like he is missing some maturity and distance/time that is needed to process this event better. There is also an obvious difference between Brendan's writing and the ghostwriter's.

    28. Eye OpeningThis is a great read and a excellent reminder that life comes before anything else when fighting a fire. I will read this book again to ensure that I don't forget that message.

    29. Somehow I never managed to hear about this story when it happened. I was blindsided when I watched the movie and it broke my heart. It’s really interesting to read it from Brenden’s viewpoint through this book. It’s definitely bittersweet - a great book but such a sad story.

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