One thought on “Inerrancy and Hermeneutic: A Tradition, a Challenge, a Debate”

  1. A WTS style of defense for biblical inerrancy. Today's WTS is not the same. I developed my commitment to inerrancy through this book, thought I have become more sophisticated now.

  2. Generally very good articles from a high point in Westminster Seminary's past. Really appreciated McCartney's Poythress' and Dillard's chapters.

  3. How does the inerrant word of God apply to the lives of the present culture? And how can we be sure that our interpretation of the word is the right interpretation? These questions may sound obscure, but in practice the approach to this question determines what kind of sermon you will hear on Sunday. The wisdom of the men in this collection of essays, the precision and depth of their content, their goal toward the practical application of the Gospel to the hearts of men and women, there are so m [...]

  4. Edited by the late Harvey Conn, it contains a series of essays by current and past faculty members of Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. The essays in here helped confirm my decision to attend WTS. I still refer to some of the principles here in my own teaching.

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