Puppies and Piggies

Puppies and Piggies Join a sneaky puppy for a joyous barnyard jaunt and meet the many adorable babies spring has brought to a farm There are ponies and puppies piggies and duckies And whether it s munching or snoozing

  • Title: Puppies and Piggies
  • Author: Cynthia Rylant Ivan Bates
  • ISBN: 9780152023218
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Join a sneaky puppy for a joyous barnyard jaunt, and meet the many adorable babies spring has brought to a farm There are ponies and puppies, piggies and duckies And whether it s munching or snoozing, hiding or playing, they re all busy doing the things they love best.

    One thought on “Puppies and Piggies”

    1. This is a fun rhyming and rhythmic poem that is bouncy and fun to read aloud. With adorable and colorful illustrations, this is a perfect book for even the youngest child. It's at the edge of being too young for our girls, but we had fun reading the book and pointing out the things we saw in the pictures. We are slowly working our way through Cynthia Rylant's vast collection of stories - we really love her writing!

    2. Little Kid Reaction: My boys enjoyed the book, we read it a lot; sometimes I picked it, sometimes they did. My 4-year-old liked it, but was a bit bored with it. My 2 year old liked it, and enjoyed the short length. They both enjoyed the fun illustrations with familiar animals (puppy, kitten, mouse, goose, etc.)Big Kid Reaction: I loved the sweet illustrations and the soothing, peaceful story. It actually doesn't have a plot, just a handful of glances into the lives of the animals. The pictures a [...]

    3. In this gentle, nursery-rhyme-style book, a variety of animals frolic in a fantasy barnyard, doing the things their species love to do--whether scratching and pecking for the chick or wallowing in mud for the pig. It would be nice if scenes such as this were still common, and farm animals were still able to engage in the natural behaviors they were born to do.

    4. I heard about Cynthia Rylant through a comment on my blog. This was our first book of hers to try and it certainly won't be our last. The story is fun, the rhymes flow easily, and the illustrations are just right. I threw in a few noises for the animals since that's what my little one is interested in right now. We really enjoyed this one.

    5. This book has beautiful illustrationsif you pay close enough attention to them, you will know which animal will pop up next.The book has great rhythm and rhyme and has more to offer than just puppies and piggies. The book introduces eight different animals doing what they enjoy doing most.A sweet, delightful read aloud book.

    6. Adorable pictures and since it's Cynthia Rylant, impeccable verse with a nice rhythmic swing. It escaped my ever vigilant saccharine meter by just a tad--a nice addition to the fluffy/wuffy sort of books about farm animals and babies.

    7. Nicely done verse about the barnyard animals. A title the very young will enjoy for the rhyming of the two line text per page. Illustrations are soft, lovely warm which convey those feelings to young child.

    8. Illustrated by Ivan Bates--a good bedtime story showing several animals doing what they love to do, all the animals are very happy, and so is Baby who loves his bed & his Mama who kisses his sleepy head. Nice rhymes and charming pictures for babies to toddlers.

    9. I probably liked reading this book to my kids because the puppy in the book reminds me of my dog growing up. Along with puppy you visit with the other baryyard animals and find out all the things they love to.

    10. Cynthia Rylant never disappoints, and Puppies and Piggies is just as endearing as its cover looks. The wonderful, simple rhymes and the pretty illustrations of farm animals enjoying their day together create a joyful read.Rylant continues to be on of my Top Two Favorties of all time!

    11. Puppy, piggie, goosey, pony, and more are all happy living and playing in the barnyard. The simple rhyming text and Ivan Bates' adorable illustrations will draw toddlers' attention. The sweet ending makes this a perfect book for parents to share with their little ones at naptime or bedtime.

    12. This would make a great bedtime story for babies and toddlersbut would also be enjoyed by beginning readerswith the rhyming phrases and a new animal on each page. I love Cynthia Rylant!

    13. A snuggly story for sleepytime reading. Showcasing animals found near home. Written by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Ivan Bates and published by HMH Kids.#PB #Bedtime #animals

    14. Cute, rhyming. Charming illustrations. Sweet message, like a nursery rhyme. Just not quite classic status- it's missing that special magic.

    15. Children will love the rhythm and rhyme of this delightful book by Cynthia Ryland. I've found next week's Kindergarten read-aloud.

    16. Love Bates's soft crayon/watercolor art. Rylant uses rhyming couplets (?) to describe animals around the farmyard. Ties into babies at end. Very sweet; we'll see how the child responds.

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