Shane As captain of an Irish mafia crew Shane has everything he wants Money women and power He can have anything except the one woman with whom he s obsessed Mia Kasilli daughter of a Russian kingpin

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  • Title: Shane
  • Author: R.E. Saxton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • As captain of an Irish mafia crew, Shane has everything he wants Money, women, and power He can have anything, except the one woman with whom he s obsessed Mia Kasilli, daughter of a Russian kingpin, wants nothing to do with that lifestyle When he can no longer be without her, he orchestrates a series of actions that leave her father in his debt and Mia in his power HAs captain of an Irish mafia crew, Shane has everything he wants Money, women, and power He can have anything, except the one woman with whom he s obsessed Mia Kasilli, daughter of a Russian kingpin, wants nothing to do with that lifestyle When he can no longer be without her, he orchestrates a series of actions that leave her father in his debt and Mia in his power He s dark and dangerous, the embodiment of everything she doesn t want in a man, so why does she crave him so much She ll fight him every step of the way, but how will she fight herself This is a full length novel 75,000 words without cliffhangers It includes a bonus short story at the end This story contains violence, rough sex, and sexual situations some readers might find objectionable If a hot mafia man driven to any lengths to possess the woman he wants isn t your thing, you probably wouldn t enjoy this book However, if you like a dark, Alpha, possessive man with a tender core deep down, who will do anything for the woman he loves, including kidnapping, going to war with rival mafia, protecting her from her enemies, and fighting through her resistance to change her perceptions, get ready to meet Shane.

    One thought on “Shane”

    1. [image error]I love a darkly unapologetic alpha that finds his tender side in the one. That's not this motherfucker! A real man, a real alpha male doesn't have to rape a woman to have her, what he wants! I can either like, accept as 'to each their own,' or at the very least not puke over just about any kind of kinkyfuckery out there. What I can't do any of that for is a MC/MC rape that morphs to MC/MC love. It's a violation that I can't support in any way. I read this author's "Sweet: A Dark Lov [...]

    2. Dark, disturbing and difficult to read at times but still I couldn't put it down,This was a difficult book to read and therefore a difficult book to review. I knew before starting it was dark and disturbing, the disclaimer at the end of the blurb states it contains violence, rough sex and sexual situations some readers might find objectionable.Shane is a captain in the Irish mob and he's totally obsessed with Mia the problem is she's the daughter of Kasilli, a Russian kingpin so he can't just ta [...]

    3. Dark romance full of love and violenceAt age seventeen Mia escaped a sadistic monster and thought she could live a normal life away from the mafia. A few years later she found herself in the hands of a ruthless mobster named Shane to whom her own father had sold her to. Driven by his obsession to possess her since the first moment he saw her, Shane raped her and treated her roughly. On the other hand, he also gave her protection, hope for the future, and saw to all her needs. Obsession turned in [...]

    4. I was loving this book until something I hate more than anything happened in the story. The something that happened in this story is the kind of stuff I think should happen before the hero and the heroine starts a relationship. That pissed me off so bad, but it all ended well. I really don't know what rating to give this book. I'm debating between 3 & 4. So I figure a 3.5 for Shane's Alphaness!!! He was so the bomb hardcore until he started falling hard in love.

    5. Shane O'Mara is captain of the Irish Mafia, he is very rich & very dangerous. He has wanted Mia Kasilli ever since she was his waitress at the restaurant she works at but he knows Mia doesn't like gangsters. Mia's estranged father is a Russian kingpin named Vadim & she hates him & everything he does. Shane sets it up so that Vadim owes him a big favor & he tells him he wants Mia. Vadim summons Mia to his house to hand her over to Shane but she doesn't show up. Shane has her kidna [...]

    6. I am huge fan of dark erotica. The darker the better. I loved this book. It had all the elements I love about dark erotica. The characters in this book have ties in the mafia, but on opposite sides. Her wants her and the only way he can get her is to kidnap her from his rival. Through varies twists and turns they both have fallen victim to the mafia. The chemistry they have for each other is intense and rough. They are both fighting for something they both don't want to acknowledge or afraid to [...]

    7. Full of non-con, abuse, kidnapping, torture, and surprisingly, romance. In other words, I loved it. Shane is a prick--no doubt about it. He takes what he wants when he wants it, and he makes no apologies for it. He is absolutely my kind of hero. I knocked off a star for Mia. Her constant wavering got old pretty fast. While I understand the mental anguish (I'm attracted to him and want to stay, oh but he kidnapped me and he's an asshole, so I should leave!), the constant back and forth in her hea [...]

    8. I thought I would've liked it better. The way it started was interesting, even if the H wasn't one of my favorite. I loved the way the h tried to fight him, and not give in easily. I was expecting a more challenging relationship between the two of them, some kind of entertaining banter and such. Instead the plot took a turn not completely of my liking involving (view spoiler)[child abuse and rape and a quite unrealistic departure from the mafia lifestyle that was totally not believable.(hide spo [...]

    9. LOVE STORY?????This is without a doubt the WORST book I have ever read this girl was raped repeatedly beaten and tortured I understand it's dark erotica but book would be for sadistic's only I was so disgusted to sum it up she fell in love with the man who abused her the least but make no mistake he is still a absolute animal.

    10. Unrealistic I'm sorry but for me books with this type of subject matter, need to be grounded in reality!!!!! And this one is so unrealistic I cringe through the first half!!For example and I might be going out on a limb here but I'm pretty sure a rape victim who has been kidnapped would not be lusting after her captive with in a few hours!!!!

    11. I was asked to read and review Shane and give an honest review. The book is currently available on Kindle Unlimited."This story contains violence, rough sex, and sexual situations some readers might find objectionable. If a hot mafia man driven to any lengths to possess the woman he wants isn’t your thing, you probably wouldn’t enjoy this book. However, if you like a dark, Alpha, possessive man with a tender core deep down, who will do anything for the woman he loves, including kidnapping, g [...]

    12. 2-2.5 Stars I read this over the weekend feeling in the mood for some mafia romance and this was just, ehhh, the writing wasn't up to my reading standards/preferences and as much I thought that this was going to be a DNF for me, I plowed through. I found myself skimming at some points, hmmmm, the storyline, the dialogue, I wasn't feeling it for the most part:( The premise was great, the execution fell short for me personally.The hero and heroine were very weak so it was so hard to fully invest i [...]

    13. This book is fantastic! It grabs you at the beginning and holds on tight to the end. Shane is Irish mafia and takes Mia as payment for a debt from her father who is Russian mafia.Mia is furious and fights him at every turn. Shane is obsessed and is determined to make her give in. This story is packed with action. It is dark and extremely erotic. I absolutely recommend this story as a must read. I received this as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    14. I got to 9% but it wasn't working for me. Mixed reviews out there for this one. It was free on when I got it, so check it out, when a book has very low and high ratings, it tells you it's worth having a look at.

    15. CAN'T COMPLAIN ABOUT SHANE!I'll say it again: love those badass mafia boys, and Shane was a little more twisted than most. Can't wait for the next Saxon story!

    16. I really liked this book. Irish mafia☺️. Kidnappings. Possession. Crazy ass mobsters. Yup, enjoyed it!

    17. It was good, but a lot of sexual violence And the heroine gets raped (view spoiler)[ not only by the hero but by the villain as well (hide spoiler)]

    18. I have probably read this and reread the whole mafia boss series by R.E Saxton about 5 or six times each. Shane is uber alpha and gets what he wants, how he wants. There are darker themes that may not be for everyone, but I always go back to these when I need short quick smutty mafia reads.

    19. First of all I hate the cover. Ugh. The man on the cover is so uSecondly the rape Rape is not a turn on. Nowadays in every book I read where the H is forcefully taking the h, he tells the h that you are wet for me and your nips are hard???? Excuse me. it doesn't mean that it is because she is turned on by him. It's a natural thing. It's really getting repetitive. And I'm bored by this.Other than that the book is Okay. I liked the h. She had some real guts. She fought him, resisted him. Good. Tha [...]

    20. Shane: A Mafia Love Story is the story that I waited for so damn long. I couldnt find any website to read and that frustrated me. But all that wait was worth it! Damn worth it! I loved it! Truly. Mia was a character that I absolutely loved and all her actions were not annoying, like some characters usually get. Mia was deffo a character that I could relate too. Her childhood was sad and terrifying. Knowing you just have one ally but she was dying wasn't the best news, but somehow she saved her. [...]

    21. I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.I liked Shane and Mia together. They had chemistry. However, the story has a few dark elements. Shane originally spots Mia in a restaurant where he is having dinner, and she is serving. Becomes obsessed with her, and kidnaps her. In the beginning his desire to possess her is very rough. He takes what he wants without thinking about her. It takes several days and a confrontation with her psychotic stepbrother, who is also obsessed with her. [...]

    22. Dark romanceShane is in love with Mia who is the daughter of the head of the Italian mob. Shane is in the Irish mob. Basically he gets her and she falls in love with him. In between are kidnapping, drug running, illegal guns, prostitution (all typical mob activities). There's a father who sells his only daughter to settle a debta rapist, pedophile step brother, more violence than in Chicago on a busy day. But, there's love of a brother for his of a friend for said sister and the love [...]

    23. Mia Kasilli is the daughter of a Russian mobster. Shane O'Mara is a captain in the Irish mob. The first time he sees Mia, she is serving him dinner at the restuarant where she works. Shane becomes obsessed with making her his, so when Mia ignores her father's summons, he kidnaps her. Mia wants nothing to do with the mob, or Shane, but he gives her no choice and takes what he wants. Super hot, sexy, some suspenseful momments, and lots of violence. If this isn't something you like to read about, t [...]

    24. This is the first book I've read by this writer.The story is extremely dark with gritty, rough sexual scene and violence. It's probably one of the saddest books I’ve read lately.The writing is good with great supporting characters to truly bring out the personalities in the main characters. It all surround the debt owed to Shane, who is extremely obsessed with Mia, daughter of another mafia clan captain. As predictable Mia is the payment for said debt. Mia had a great deal of horrific and terr [...]

    25. ***Contains Spoilers***I am so on the fence with this one. Not sure this one can be called a love story. I am all for a darkly disturbed hero, but this story just made me cringe not a little but alot. I could not get pass the fact that the H in the story raped the h. There was no gray area it was plain and simple rape. Not only that, bu the heroine in the story suffered sexual and physical abuse at the hands of others. The whole story was just really messed up. That aside, the author's style (ch [...]

    26. Dark and hotDefinitely a dark mafia read but it was good. A very hot read. Watching shanes obsessive behave transform into love was fantastic, for a dark read it has an hea. It's not for everyone. Shane was completely obsessed, extremely possessive, at times rough but it had a nice flow I couldn't put it down I had to know what was going to happen next. This is a dark read so if violence, stalking, rough sex bothers you I wouldn't recommend. This book also deals with rape and the after math. For [...]

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