Invincible: Compendium One

Invincible Compendium One Introducing the first nine volumes of the greatest superhero comic in the universe collected into one massive edition Includes Invincible issues

  • Title: Invincible: Compendium One
  • Author: Robert Kirkman Cory Walker
  • ISBN: 9781632151537
  • Page: 241
  • Format: ebook
  • Introducing the first nine volumes of the greatest superhero comic in the universe, collected into one massive edition Includes Invincible issues 0 47.

    One thought on “Invincible: Compendium One”

    1. I really enjoyed this take on superhero by Kirkman. The artwork is fantastic! The stories are fun and poke a lot of fun at the classic DC and Marvel universes. The storyline and the characters are all a pleasure to read - particularly in this first volume. But, like for the 2nd one, you should reinforce your bookshelves because these f*ckers are heavy! But, oh so worth it.

    2. Arguably the best Superhero title you're not reading.This is the beginning of the Invincible saga, and I guarantee once you start reading, you won't stop. (Though fair warning, it's a hefty bit of reading; as I write this, they're at 130+ single issues, or 21 standard-sized trades.)BUT, this is a title full of memorable characters, rife with twists and turns, and a smart nuance that builds on itself right from the beginning of the first issue.(A big part of the charm of the title is watching Mar [...]

    3. This is a ridiculously huge book. If you held it up to shoulder height and dropped it, it would probably trigger seismometers on the other side of the globe. Probably destroy any furniture between it and the floor, too. The floor as well. What I'm saying is, an ereader won't give you the full experience for this one.Mark Grayson seems a typical teen at first. He's a high school senior, works at a fast food joint and his father is a superhero, Omniman. When Mark begins to manifest powers, his da [...]

    4. Ahh, qué decir de Invencible después de digerir 47 números seguidos ¿me darán las neuronas para algo más que leerme los 47 siguientes?, ¿me será posible encontrar un paralelismo entre esta magna obra y algún texto de Shakespeare, Orwell o Milton?, ¿seré capaz de encontrar oscuras referencias bíblicas, mitológicas o filosóficas en el trascurso de las aventuras de mark grayson?Las respuestas respectivamente son no, no y seguramente podría pero a quién le importa.Y es que invencible [...]

    5. While speaking to someone at work, I came up with the most succinct way to describe Invincible. Invincible is to Superhero comics as Scream is to Teen Horror Movies. Both are self-aware of tropes and do a combination of deconstruction and reconstruction of those tropes. If you don't know what that is, deconstruction is to point out what's ridiculous about a trope. Usually this is done in parodies. Reconstruction is to take a trope, point out what's ridiculous, and then show it could be fixed. An [...]

    6. My partner bought this while I was away for work and showed me pictures of how big it is. It took him several nights to finish it and it's taken me a few solid days of reading for a few hours to finish it too. But omg what an utter page-turner. It's really well written and drawn (most likely because it's part of the Image Comics pantheon) and the characters are relatable. The best thing is that some storylines don't come to fruition for a few issues but there aren't many loose ends at all - I li [...]

    7. This book is the best thing I have EVER seen and read. It is so good. For anyone looking to get into this amazing series, pick the compendium up. It is possibly the cheapest, most fluent and best way to read the series. You can just breeze through the book and enjoy the story arcs one after the other.Speaking of story arcs, one thing that Invincible does well is taking stories from before, keeping certain aspects, and then putting them into another story arc. This could just be with certain char [...]

    8. I picked up this book, because I liked "The Walking Dead," and this is referenced in a side story printed at the end of TWD Compendium 1. I figured I could trust Robert Kirkman and man he does not disappoint. He creates an entire superhero universe here (not leaning on history like Marvel and DC titles). The stories are interesting and take unexpected turns. The plot extremely consistent and there is even a fair amount of foreshadowing. You can tell that Kirkman has executed big ideas here. The [...]

    9. The first half of this compendium--and that's a good 500 pages, or 20 issues--goes out of its way to reference other superheroes, famous storylines, and cliched superhero tropes like it's the setup to a joke, but the punchline never comes. Hey, authors, "superhero with a twist" only works if there's actually a twist. I'm not sure if the book actually improved in the second half or if Stockholm Syndrome set in, but it certainly felt less grating.On the plus side, it's large enough to kill spiders [...]

    10. I haven't been this absorbed in a book in a long time. Every time I sat down to read, I would just blow through at least 5 issues.The most interesting thing about Compendium One is seeing the series really come into its own. It starts quite slow, and neither the art nor the writing held my attention. By Issue 10, the story really picks up and starts to show its originality. The art improves shortly thereafter and by the end of the book, I was in awe every single time I turned the page. Really gr [...]

    11. A great and entertaining introduction to Invincible, a regular teen whose adventures remind me of why I always liked Peter Parker. I enjoyed the inclusion of a superhero father, which added a lovely twist to the family dynamic. I liked the drawing style, especially the fact that it seems to all be by the same artist, or at least in the same style, rather than the larger Marvel and DC titles alternate. Will definitely be reading more of this series!

    12. For all its effort to the contrary, Invincible is a typical superhero story that catches itself on more tropes than it subverts. Kirkman attempts to set up far too many subplots at once, often muddling exactly which part of the story is supposed to have payoff at any given moment. By the end of the volume, the story has enough momentum to be enjoyable, but it still feels cheap.

    13. I had never read any Kirkman, but this book was available as a free download from my library. I liked story. Some of it was standard hero fare. There was a lot of bloody violence which I thought was unnecessary, considering that the story was mostly wholesome otherwise. I don’t think I need to read any more Invincible, but I am looking forward to reading some Walking Dead.

    14. Wow, this is what I call a Compendium!I came from Outcast and The Walking Dead to Invinsibile and this is huge. I was never a fan of all this Marvel and DC superhero stuff, because there are all so exchangeable. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a lot of action and a good story.

    15. Starts off slow and clunky but ends up getting very entertaining. Looking forward to the next compendium.

    16. So, I had no idea that Robert Kirkman wrote anything other than The Walking Dead, so I was surprised when I read that this series would be coming to an end. As much as I like The Walking Dead, I wanted to check out Invincible, too, and I figured why not go whole hog into it? So I splurged for the first compendium so I could get "introduced" to the character.To say that a lot happens here is no surprise; this collection is 1,092 pages long. We learn Invincible's secret identity, origin, trials, s [...]

    17. My first Invincible experience was #118, which I got for free after buying Robert Kirkman's Outcast at WonderCon. I even got them signed by Kirkman there. A year later, I finally started the series from the beginning. I'm glad that I forgot the details of the recap in the issue I read, because there was a revelation that, as cliche as it may be, I am glad took me by surprise. This starts off more light-hearted but then gets heavier within a couple of volumes. It's really impressive! And the homa [...]

    18. So this is what I will give props to Kirkman for writing - I will never understand the obsession and love that The Walking Dead receives; I could barely finish the first HC. Invincible on the other hand this was consistently good and an interesting take on the Superman character-type. The parallels to DC's Justice League is obvious, but that is part of what makes it work - finally you are getting not only Superman, but an entire cast of superheroes that are under the control of a single creative [...]

    19. I was a little skeptical buying this title (and what a massive title it is) because it sounded a bit YA. However, the mix of brand new superhero universe with some teen angst throw in for good measure works surprisingly well.Imagine if someone like Superman (but a bit less overpowered) married a woman from Earth and had a child. As he approached his late teens, the son also manifests the same powers as the father and wants to be a superhero like his dad.This works well as a story about a father [...]

    20. In all fairness, this book is for kidz. Its supereheroes meets Glee, or some similarly high school show The superhero part is fairly unimaginative, and the running joke is that most villains are flung into space. Invincible's relationship with his father is the coolest and most surprising part of the first thirty or so issues, and dips into some awesome gore, which i never saw coming. There's a thinly veiled homosexual theme among side characters in this analogous narrative that was mildly inter [...]

    21. Bought for no other reason than I had really enjoyed some of Kirkman's other work (The Walking Dead), I knew I was taking a gamble with this one. Little did I know that I was onto a dead certain winner!!!It should have come as no surprise that this superhero tale, whilst appearing straight laced and formulaic, is a fresh look at the position of being a superhero. It is far from being as gritty as some other takes on this subject matter, however, it is also far from the pure Saturday morning blac [...]

    22. This is how I should always read comics! I had previously read the first four issues of Invincible. They were fun, I didn't feel compelled to come back for me. The 4-6 issues in a standard trade paperback isn't always enough to get me hooked, and it's almost always too short to feel like a coherent story.The 47 some issues in this behemoth, however, gave me plenty of time to grow attached to the wonderful, madcap world that Mark Grayson calls home. Around issue 10 a major plot development change [...]

    23. Grabbed this in a Humble Bundle sale, and of course I wanted to read it because of enjoying The Walking Dead from Kirkman. It was cute/entertaining, but not really that much "new" to make it stand out from the crowd. (Other than the size of the compendium which was 1140 pages long!) Mark's father is a superhero from another planet and his mother is a regular Earth human, so he's known for a good deal of his life about his father's secret identity. Partly because he might develop super powers of [...]

    24. An excellent story with engaging characters and story arcs. The art is top notch, as well. Kirkman plays to a lot of the superhero stereotypes, yet in a way that keeps the reader interested in what's coming next. He's able to throw a new spin, his own perspective, on ideas that might make you otherwise groan "really, you're going there?"My only gripe is that the compendiums are bulky and heavy. Whether you're reading on bed or on the bus, the form factor isn't the easiest to deal with. Of course [...]

    25. This is exactly what I am looking for in a super hero story! Invincible is starting to discover his powers. He is also trying deal with the woes if being a high school senior/college freshman. While the story can be very lighthearted at times, it does touch on some very deep issues. Character development plays a large role (as it seems to in all of Kirkman's stories). There can be quite a bit of dialog. So if you are a sucker for action panels with little or no text, this probably isn't for you. [...]

    26. I love Invincible. I've read all this before, but this edition is new to me.This is the softcover, color, edition of Invincible, running through issue 47, with some bits and pieces. It's an enormous book - 1000 pages and sized like a softcover graphic novel.Reading this much in one go reminds me how this series really isn't plotted the same way as a lot of contemporary series - there's less of a fixed arc length.

    27. Terminado. 47 números y especiales. Vale su peso en oro. Es uno de los mejores cómics de superhéroes del mercado, sino el mejor. Tiene un gran ritmo, a cada momento introducen tramas que se desarrollan a futuro, un dibujo claro, gore, comedia, romance, buenos secundarios, drama, todo lo que se espera de un cómic superheróico y mucho más. Una maravilla. Y la madre de Invencible es una MILF. ¿Qué más se puede pedir?

    28. ONE OF THE GREATEST IF NOT GREATEST SUPERHERO COMICS OF ALL TIME!!!!Seriously, if you even just "kinda" like comics, pick this up, read it & I promise you will fall madly in love and it WILL BE REAL love. Not that cheesy mediocre junior high crap, the romeo + juliet & bonnie + clyde kind

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