One thought on “Freed For Life”

  1. Interesting, often moving account of a young woman arrested for drug smuggling in Thailand, despite being innocent, having been set up by some known drug pushers. She starts by being resentful and angry, often rude to the warders; her case does not go well and she is sentenced to twenty years in a rather primitive and unpleasant jail. There she finds Jesus, and is eventually pardoned. I'd read this before, many years ago, but forgotten most of the detail. The writing is vivid and fast-paced, the [...]

  2. What a story of how God reaches people! Realistic and thrilling. Ground level training for a believer's life. Precious!

  3. Showing how a heart was changed,how the Love of God can reach into the darkest places of a this World and Treasure created in Darkness the Transforming Love of Jesus Christ.

  4. It helps me a lot in writing my own book.Being in same situation as her almost touched my life tooInspiring!

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