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  1. I have always had a hard time getting into the structure of an e. e. Cummings poem, but when it clicks I love the imagery. The pairing of artwork and poem really helped expand the experience for me and gave me a lot to contemplate with each poem.

  2. The artwork wasn't great and I didn't like the poem choices either. I have decided that cummings is one of my least favorite poets. I feel like a lot of his poems are the written equivalent of smearing dog crap on a canvas and calling it art. (That being said, I still really love i carry your heart with me.)

  3. I dont really understand poetry, although I write it. I gave this book 3 stars because it was about love and I don’t like love and I couldn’t connect with majority of these poems.

  4. Name: Gail RoshongAPA Citation: Cummings, E. E. & Meyers, C. (Ed.). (2005). Love: Selected poems by E. E. Cummings. Hyperion Books: New York.Genre: poetryAward: As of yet, this book has not been honored.Format: printSelection process: Academic Search Complete forwarded several reviews for this selection. Many reviewers felt that Meyers’ visual interpretations did not harmonize with Cummings edgy poetry.Review:Christopher Meyers has selected 19 love poems that mirror Cummings at his most pl [...]

  5. He writes so beautifully. I had to read his Collected Poems 1909 - 1962 when I was a junior in high school. Sadly I faked the whole assignment and really missed out on something. In this book, my favorite poem (which got me hooked and I fell in love with) is "Up Into the Silence the Green"up into the silence the greensilence with a white earth in ityou will(kiss me)goout into the morning the youngmorning with a warm world in it(kiss me)you will goon into the sunlight the finesunlight with a firm [...]

  6. I do love Cummings (excuse me, cummings), but this one left me just a bit cold. Sometimes I find him incredible, as in "Somewhere I Have Never Traveled", "Will Bill's", or "May I Feel Said She", but sometimes he's entirely unintelligible to me, as when he overuses parentheses. I guess sometimes he's just a bit more trickery and a bit less earnestness, and there wasn't enough of the latter for me in this collection. What's more, there was a lack of variation of subjects here, but, heh, I should'v [...]

  7. since feeling is firstwho pays any attentionto the syntax of thingswill never wholly kiss you;wholly to be a foolwhile Spring is in the worldmy blood approves,and kisses are a far better fatethan wisdomlady i swear by all flowers. Don’t cry—the best gesture of my brain is less thanyour eyelids’ flutter which sayswe are for eachother: thenlaugh, leaning back in my armsfor life’s not a paragraphAnd death i think is no parenthesis

  8. Brief collection of poems by e.e. cummings with appropriate art work by Christopher Myers. This is a nice way to introduce Cummings' work to young people. I showed my grandson a couple poems in here. He doesn't like poetry but they kept his interest for a few minutes. Hopefully his curiosity will be stimulated and he'll pay closer attention to poetry in the future. Of course Cummings is not a poet you would normally see as appealing to children.

  9. This is a great compilation of postmodern art and 20th century poetry. I love e.emmings and I greatly admire the work of Christopher Myers. My only critique is that the color of the typeface of the lettering on some of the pages is too light for my preference. Otherwise, it's an amazing book.

  10. I have never had much patience or aptitude for understanding poetry, so don't give much heed to my stars. When it comes to poets I have always rather shared Mrs. Lovett's opinion, save for a brief period of delusion in college. I like the illustrations, though.

  11. The poems of e. e. cummings are as complex as they are beautiful, and this 40-pager shows the best of this fascinating writer with photos and artwork from international artists and models. A fascinating portrait.

  12. Love poems, ee cummings how could this be bad? I was looking for some of cummings's work at the library, and this was the only book checked in. I definitely found some new favorites. All that said, I thought the illustrations ill-fitting and poorly executed.

  13. It was the cheapest collection of ee cummings love poems I could find on amazon. The artwork is a little weird, but the poems are awesome.

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