A Single Step

A Single Step The gun continued to be levelled at me Answer itbut don t tell him I m here or he ll get to listen to you die That concentrated my mind considerably and as I reached for my phone I came up with a pla

  • Title: A Single Step
  • Author: GeorgiaRose
  • ISBN: 9780993331800
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • The gun continued to be levelled at me Answer itbut don t tell him I m here or he ll get to listen to you die That concentrated my mind considerably, and as I reached for my phone I came up with a plan Emma Grayson was left devastated when her life was torn apart by tragedy and betrayal Now someone believes it s time for her to start again and puts an advert f The gun continued to be levelled at me Answer itbut don t tell him I m here or he ll get to listen to you die That concentrated my mind considerably, and as I reached for my phone I came up with a plan Emma Grayson was left devastated when her life was torn apart by tragedy and betrayal Now someone believes it s time for her to start again and puts an advert for a job through her door which leads her to the Melton Estate Despite her desire for a solitary existence she finds herself discovering a life she could never have imagined, challenging her independence, her fears and her resistance to love.

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    1. Emma Grayson desperately needs a fresh start after a devastating personal trauma compounded by a betrayal she couldn’t comprehend. She secures a job with Lord Cavendish of Melton Manor Estate, managing the stables and looking after the horses, after the advert for the job had been posted to her anonymously. Hurt beyond measure and disillusioned, she is wary of getting close to anyone again and just wants to get on with her job and be left alone. The community on the Estate is a tight knit one [...]

    2. A Single Step isn't the genre of book I usually buy but it was well written and a good easy holiday read; a romance and thriller/mystery combined that is soon engrossing. Told in the first person point of view, the characters are strongly portrayed, especially the protagonist, and the dialogue is equally strong. A special mention to the end and start hooks in most of the chapters; they ran effortlessly and kept me reading. However, the first chapter was slow and, at one point in the middle of th [...]

    3. Romance is not my cup of tea. Maybe it’s because I’m too busy to think of nice and strong arms to embrace me, or because I prefer to chase monsters down the streets. I’ve never been interested in horses, either. But at times, it’s nice to dip your toe into a new pool and see what happens! And sometimes, you have a good and uncomplicated time with a story you thought weren’t for you but turns out to be able to release the pressure in your body.I read A Single Step in two days, taking th [...]

    4. I was of two minds about this book. It's worth five stars. No doubt about it. The main character and her world are expertly evoked. The emotion brought me to tears at least THREE times. And, yet, I had some issues with the execution. The genre is hard to pin down. It's all well and good to say, "just go with the story." That's not how brains work. It's normal, as one reads, to make rapid-fire comparisons to everything else we've ever read. Part of us is with the story, another part is using cues [...]

    5. This book draws you in and hooks you tight. It isn’t the sort of novel I usually read, but I’m very glad I did. It’s a mystery and a romance that’s seamlessly literary and carries you along as the captivating plot unfolds. It’s a first person narrative, my personal favourite, and the heroine, Emma Grayson is a complex person. The story starts with her having an interview for a new job, a way of making a totally fresh start after a long period of personal troubles. The new situation she [...]

    6. Book received in exchange for an honest review.Emma Grayson has suffered far more than any woman should have to and I immediately liked and sympathized with the character. In actual fact, the author does such a good job of forging a connection with the character and the reader that I found myself in emotional turmoil at times. Emma is sweet woman, however due to her past, she is untrusting – and understandably so. Therefore, at times she comes across a bit short.To get to the crux of it, Emma [...]

    7. Romance and Mystery Emma Grayson finds a job advert mysteriously left in her letterbox, and after an interview is offered what seems to be the perfect job of looking after the stables of a manor house. However very soon the reader (and Emma) is wondering why the Estate Manager is so against her, and gradually begins to wonder if everything is quite as it appears.The first page throws the reader straight into the intrigue, and the story builds up gently and steadily, until mid-way through the [...]

    8. I have just finished reading A Single Step, by Georgia Rose, an unusual choice of book for me as I am not inclined to read romantic novels, (I think that is a man thing)!I was however intrigued from the start, Georgia has a wonderful way of slowly and gently pulling you into the story so that you have to keep reading, you have to know ‘what happens next’.Georgia has filled the book full of detail, maybe overly concise in a few instances, but then that may just be my view as this is, as I hav [...]

    9. A Single Step is a romantic suspense and book 1 of The Grayson trilogy. Emma Grayson is getting her life slowly back together after the tragic death of her child. She applies for a new job as a stable manager at Melton Manor for Lord Cavendish in a positive move forward with her life.Everyone is very helpful and the job and the facilities are very generous, all except the Estate Manager Trent who is cold and domineering. Emma wasn't his first choice of person for the job and he makes her feel li [...]

    10. A competent first novel.A Single Step will appeal to readers who like a straight romance novel, and interest is added with an element of mystery to the story too; unanswered questions arise quite early on.The novel is quite slow in parts but, for the most part, I think the author got away with that; what struck me in the first chapter was that nothing much was happening, and there was a fair bit of minute detail, but it WASN'T BORING!! - which is the mark of a good storyteller. The main characte [...]

    11. “Oh, no,” I thought when I saw the quote from Jane Eyre at the beginning of A Single Step, Georgia Rose’s first book of The Grayson Trilogy. Despite (or perhaps because of?) my appreciation for all things Austen, that particular Brontë oeuvre has always been my least favorite. I braced myself for yet another gothic— orphaned young heroine, gloomy mansion complete with turrets, sinister servants, family members who’ve met with untimely deaths, mysteriously significant piece of jewelry, [...]

    12. Can you ever get past the guilt? Grayson has just landed the perfect job, she gets to work with horses and even tow young children. Can she ever come to peace with her daughter's death, she is hoping that this will help for a while but all her peace is shattered when she meets Trent. He dislikes her from the moment they meet and she has no ide why but she won't back down ever again. Trent can't allow her to get under his skin no woman will ever do that again. But the more they fight their attrac [...]

    13. This book was entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards and was a RED RIBBON WINNER! This is what our readers thought:Title: A Single StepAuthor: Georgia RoseStar Rating: 4 starsNumber of Readers: 17(Note: This feedback is for the 1st ed)Readers’ Comments‘A very enjoyable read. Pacing is a problem in parts, particularly the opening chapter, but mostly it is a well written mystery/romance. The central character is interesting and the love-interest sufficiently charismatic. The mystery element [...]

    14. Romance novels have taken a bashing over the years. We all know about the popular books that give the genre a bad name (BDSM and sparkling vampires, check) but now and then, there's a book that redeems the genre and puts it on the map for the right reasons. Don't get me wrong, this isn't my preferred genre and I'm a little out of my depth when reviewing it, and no, I haven't read Twilight or Fifty Shades, but regardless of this, I know a good story when I read one.This story is good, damn good.I [...]

    15. A Single Step is a slow burner, in the very best sense of the word, as we follow Emma Grayson’s reluctant return to life after the devastating loss of her beloved daughter and the ensuing break up of her marriage. The first step back to the land of the living comes for Emma when she takes a job as stable manager on a large mysterious country estate. It’s through the friendships she makes here that she is able to reconnect with the world. For me, A Single Step operates on two levels. Primaril [...]

    16. “A Single Step” begins with the ideal setting for a romance. Emma Grayson is starting a new life at Melton Manor, a large well organised estate, where she will manage the stables and groom the family horses.She soon meets the large friendly estate staff and despite her reticence to become involved she makes several friends. The only drawback is Trent, the stern Estate Manager, who appears, to the independent Emma, to be controlling and overbearing.We gradually learn about Emma’s tragic pas [...]

    17. Review: A Single Step (Grayson Trilogy #1) by Georgia Rose I'd like to sincerely thank author Georgia Rose for the free download of this novel via . I must admit I didn't read the synopsis prior to download as I do like a surprise read every now and then. The front cover image of this novel didn't really give any clues as to the story within, such a simple yet effective image that, to me, conjured up countless possibilities.This novel was so easy to read, with each chapter flowing seamlessly int [...]

    18. I found this book through reviews on Twitter and am happy I did. I am a sucker for romance and mystery and I loved this book as it had both in equal measures. The characters and plot are believable and original. I felt myself warming to the main characters as their turbulent and complex (and often tear-jerking) back stories were explained. Unexpected romance unfolds throughout the story and the mystery and twists at every turn means this is certainly not a predicable, mushy, boy-meets-girl love [...]

    19. Full review can be read at booklovercircumspect4This is a story involving Emma Grayson who has started a new job and essentially a new life at the Melton Estate, where she is hired to tend the horses on the estate. Emma moves onto the estate with the only family she has left, her dog, Susie. Emma has not had the easiest life and has endured more loss in her life then any one person should ever have.While working on the estate, who is refereed to as Grayson, she meets the other employees and they [...]

    20. Emma has had a difficult time and is at her lowest ebb when she applies a the job at Melton Estate to look after the stables. As Emma tries to put the past behind her she finds herself making new friendships and surprising herself by enjoying the company of others on the estate’s close knit community. Emma fits in well and really enjoys her job except for the interference of Trent, the manager, who doesn’t seem to think a woman can cope on her own. Emma is determined to show him otherwise bu [...]

    21. A Single Step by Georgia Rose is a powerful story that I took an interest to right away. Poignant and filled with depth. I was moved and touched. Emotion filled me and I couldn't turn away. This book easy to get absorbed into, making me want to know more.This story opens with a job interview with the prospects of being offered the opportunity to look after the family horses for the Melton Manor estate. This is her very first job interview and she approaches it with apprehension.The main characte [...]

    22. When in a short space of time Emma Grayson's world is turned upside down, with the devastating loss of her daughter and the subsequent impact on her marriage, a unique job advertisement is put through her letterbox. Feeling the need for change, Emma goes forward and applies to manage the stables at a Manor Farm, but when she gets there the job surpasses her expectations in many ways and her co-workers scupper any plans of self-imposed isolation she may have had in mind. However, nothing prepares [...]

    23. A Single Step By Georgia Rose‘A Single Step’ would suit anyone looking for a relaxing summer read. The story line follows the romance trajectory and has all the elements fans of this genre expect: emotionally bruised and wary heroine, gruff, handsome hero with a history, grand estate, a mystery woman, horses, unexplained events like a fire, and secret business activities.The main character, Emma, is the narrator and the reader sees the world from her point of view. She grew up in foster care [...]

    24. Emma Grayson is looking for a new start and securing a post looking after the stables on a country estate suits her well. She looks forward to time on her own while tending to the horses but instead, is encouraged to be a team player on the estate and ask for help when needed. She becomes part of the team on the estate and surprises herself by enjoying it.It's a gentle read at the beginning, finding out why Emma is where she is in her life. I have no frame of reference re horses but I enjoyed th [...]

    25. I am so glad I picked up this book. It's a slow-burner but it's worth it! It follows Emma Grayson from the tentative beginning of her new life after suffering personal trauma through to a budding romance filled with mystery. I truly love how Georgia Rose develops her character-driven story and although I know nothing about horses she writes about them in a very accessible way. I particularly like the images Ms Rose evokes about the estate and I SO want to live in Emma's cottage! I did like Emma [...]

    26. I can't recall how I came across this book- I'm guessing Facebook- but what a wonderful surprise!I was quickly drawn into the story and the characters. Just when I thought things couldn't get much worse for the main character, I was surprised by another twist to the story that made me feel even more empathy for her. I've really enjoyed the plethora of indie e-books lately as it gives me access to a tremendous selection of works that I probably wouldn't have picked up otherwise. Unfortunately, a [...]

    27. A Single Step is the first book in The Grayson Trilogy, and follows the life of Emma Grayson. At the outset of the story, we meet Emma as she is setting out to change her life by changing her job. It becomes clear that she is a damaged young woman, having suffered the loss of her daughter and the breakdown of her marriage. She wants nothing more than to get away from her old life and live in solitude, but soon discovers that her new colleagues want to draw her into their close knit community. Th [...]

    28. The debut from this author was surprisingly pleasing, and I found the book to be an escape from real life. It bases on the heroine, Emma, who faces some severe blows to her seemingly ordered life quite early on in the novel, and tells the story of how she begins to recover. I felt Emma's pain and her successes and was throughly charmed by the setting and throughly realistic characters the author depicts. I read this very quickly as I didn't want to put it down, and am anticipating the next relea [...]

    29. This is a romance story with a bit of a twist. There are a few hidden treasures near the end of the book that delay you putting the book down "i'll just read this chapter" is what went through my head and before I knew it, I read the whole thing.I did feel it took a while to really get into the story, like I mentioned above the end few chapters is when it really starts to kick in but you will need tissues for the beginning of the book. At parts, I felt as though the author was giving me her real [...]

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