Inside the Magic Kingdom

Inside the Magic Kingdom Through interviews with past and present Disney employees some of the business secrets and practices of this vastly successful empire are revealed

  • Title: Inside the Magic Kingdom
  • Author: Thomas K. Connellan
  • ISBN: 9781885167231
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Through interviews with past and present Disney employees, some of the business secrets and practices of this vastly successful empire are revealed.

    One thought on “Inside the Magic Kingdom”

    1. This is an awesome book! It truly displays Disney's leadership, attention to detail, and extreme effort/success. I loved how this book takes you behind the scenes, showing you things Disney does to simply make people's visits better.This is a very easy read, but full of wisdom and fun secret "tid-bits" of information about the park that we all love, Walt Disney World. If you have not read this book, I definitely suggest it! Great job, Tom Connellan!

    2. The principles in this book are great and made me think. However, I dislike business books that try and put their principles in a fictional story. It feels like the author is just trying to make his book longer. This book is a good example of that. There is very little character development so it's hard to understand who is who. These principles could have been effectively taught in a blog post or at least a much shorter book.

    3. A MUST! If you're an employee/boss/manager anywhere this book will give you insight on business you've never seen. Student at a university? Athlete on a team? It can work for anyone! LOVE

    4. This was a headache of a book for me. I was really interested in the "7 Keys to Success" but it was buried in a strange fictional story. The first two chapters are dedicated to introducing the characters- "Alan looked younger than his thirty-eight years, something he hoped would turn into an advantage by the time he was fifty-eight."Thrilling. And of course they had to throw in a dude with a bad attitude, who by the end of the book, changes his tune. Sigh. Their "guide" through Disney, and the " [...]

    5. This is truly an amazing book, I would recommend it to anyone who can look past its cover and understand its true meaning. When I was about 9 years old my parents took me to Disney world; at that age it really did feel like a dream. Now, when I look back at it I can't remember anything bad about it. There was no gum stuck to the ground, no trash wherever you looked, it was all clean and shiny. Not a single employee strayed out of character. Why don't I feel the same when I go to San Antonio's Zo [...]

    6. I heard that there's going to be a new Disneyland coming out in China, so before I 'lose' my title, let me just state: I've been to all the Disneylands in the world. So obviously I have a great interest in Disney and how it works.And if you're looking for an easy-to-read introduction to the Disney business way (this book was written in 1996 so it may not be true of the company anymore), Inside the Magic Kingdom is a good book to read.The author uses real-life incidents and incoporates it into a [...]

    7. WOW! If I wasn't already impressed by Disney as a company, this book WoWed me!! Wish I could attend some of the Disney Institute Workshops! They go to incredible lengths in customer service and how they achieve such high standards is by treating their employees really really well! Especially fascinating to me that the Disney company goes to such great lengths to include EVERYONE as family, especially in the completion of EPCOT. They halted construction once a month and invited all contracted lab [...]

    8. Business book set in a fictional story. I picked this up because I'm willing to read *anything* that relates to Disney in some way, and I did find the seven keys to Disney customer service to be fascinating (although several of them had already crossed my radar). Some of the information is outdated since the book was first written in 1997. For example, in 2006 I learned from cast members that the Traditions training session and two weeks of specialized training had been decreased to a whirlwind [...]

    9. I was required to read this by the company I work for and I must say, it was a major disappointment. First of all, I hardly learned anything other than I have a desire to interview with the Disney company. Second, the book was poorly written and seemed choppy. The author felt it necessary to keep the pace going by introducing a storyline with six unrealistic business owners. I found them annoying and ridiculous. If I am reading a business book , I like to get right to the point. It was dull, lig [...]

    10. This is a great message told through a story to make it memorable. Some of my favorite insights: Pay is like water and you die without it quickly. Recognition is like food and you can't last long without it. We need passion for the total customer experience. Your competitor is anyone that raises the bar for customer expectations.

    11. Livro incrível. Uma história fictícia com situações reais para ensinar lições que toda empresa deveria absorver e passar para os seus colaboradores. Para uma criança "criada a base de Disney" como me considerado, chegou até a ser emocionante descobrir como funciona a fábrica de sonhos e aumentou mais ainda a vontade de visitar o lugar.

    12. So Mort and the Gang of Five were kind of cheesy, but the insider info into Disney's company policies was fascinating.

    13. El libro escrito por Tom Connellan reconoce y explica cuáles fueron los puntos claves para que Disney se convierta en el gigante empresarial en que se ha convertido, se distingue mucho por la capacidad de lograr que sus clientes estén completamente satisfechos de su estancia en el “Reino mágico”, se expresa que en promedio el 70% de los visitantes regresan, por lo menos una segunda vez. El libro presenta un caso específico donde 5 empresarios vistan Disney para ver ejemplos de maneras es [...]

    14. Este libro redacta de diferentes empresarios acuden a Disney, Orlando, a aprender cómo Disney ha logrado ganar la lealtad de sus clientes. Una de las ideas principales de Disney es que tu eres el que debe satisfacer de mejor manera, las necesidades del cliente sin importar nada ya que los clientes te van a juzgar de manera que abarque todos los elementos que conforman tu empresa. La cultura organizacional es un elemento clave ya que no solo es mantener el cliente a toda cosa, sino que tu person [...]

    15. A brief but good example of how to pay attention to the small details when dealing with customers. Curious facts about the Magic Kingdom and the Disney way of business making. Can be used as a powerful tool to create effective teamwork in organizations

    16. Fantastic take on what disney do so well, easy read and insightful. Great set of team exercises at the end to carry out.

    17. Las 7 claves del éxito escrito por Thomas Connellan relata a través de un viaje de capacitación para empresarios las claves que han llevado al éxito de una de las empresas de entretenimiento del mundo Disney. Los empresarios son llevados a lo largo del parque por un carismático anfitrión que les demuestra las claves a través de ejemplos que hay en el parque de diversiones. Los empresarios son de personalidades variadas y tienen aceptación diferente a lo enseñado.Disfrute el libro ya que [...]

    18. I have mixed thoughts on this book. In short, the lessons are good, but the writing and actual content leaves much to be desired. Let's dive in:The good:It truly has a lot of valuable lessons. This is the part I appreciate. The 7 insights are very much applicable to our daily lives and our work. I've seen too many people who don't walk the walk or pay attention to details, for example. Having reminders of these is from time to time is useful. Seeing them presented in different ways can also be b [...]

    19. Set in Orlando… Surprise Surprise, this book is quite good. Surprise Surprise. Who would have thought this book being but 182 pages could send out such a great message. I don’t have much space since there is Seven Keys to talk about so i will get right to it.1. The competition is anyone the customer compares with you. a. Internal customers look for the same things as external customers. In essence it is more about customer service than the product you sell. i. Mort compared the theme park to [...]

    20. Fuera de la narrativa y la ficción, creo que los principios que plantea el libro son bastante interesantes y pueden ayudar a las personas a comprender lo importante que es mantener a los consumidores cerca de las marcas, tomando en cuenta que todo es nuestra competencia.

    21. Great book and very easy read. I had always loved Disney and the way Disney treats customers and cast members. This book is full of ideas to make your company better.

    22. Tom Connellan nos enseña con una constructiva historia a través del parque utópico Magic Kingdom de Disney siete claves de éxito que han funcionado a Disney y seguramente a cualquiera que los ponga en práctica. Cinco personas de negocios viajan a Orlando para aprender sobre las estrategias de Disney para que posteriormente ellos las apliquen en sus negocios. El curso es dirigido por Mort Vandeleur, un antiguo empleado de Disney. Él, durante el transcurso de los tres día del curso les entr [...]

    23. This was a re-read for me; the book was recently unearthed from the depths of my car trunk!Frankly, this is one of the best business books you could ask for. It's less than 200 pages, but packed with great information. Author Tom Connellan takes the reader along with a fictional Disney Institute class to talk about what makes Disney tops in customer service, engagement, and employee satisfaction. The seven principles seem like they should be simple, common sense and yet, as I re-read this book [...]

    24. Very quick read. It's a book about business but is told like a little short story. A small group of professionals is brought together to learn about Disney's business principles and how to potentially apply them to their own business cultures. As someone who works for a very large company and isn't someone with influence over general corporate culture, I read the book from the perspective of ME, as an employee, being the brand, the company, the one providing customer service. Having just come fr [...]

    25. A partir de un recorrido de tres días con un grupo de personas que se dedican a diferentes industrias es que se explican 7 puntos claves para el éxito de Disney y su compromiso tanto para los externos: sus invitados, como para sus internos: integrantes del reparto. Con estos siete puntos, no solamente para el mejoramiento de las industrias, sino también se pueden llevar a cabo en las pequeñas acciones cotidianas es que todos podemos compartir un poco del "polvo mágico" de Peter Pan y tratar [...]

    26. Great business book but should be read by all who are interested in making the world a better place.I like the lessons. #1: The competition is anyone the customer compares you with. #2: Pay fantastic attention to detail. #3: Everyone walks the talk. #4: Everything walks the talk. $5: Customers are best heard through many ears. #6: Reward, recognize, and celebrate. #7: Xvxryonx makexs a diffxerxncx (Everyone makes a difference.) What is the message of this book? What insights have you gained from [...]

    27. This was an enjoyable read that was quick and easy to knock out in one day. Although the story/characters felt a bit forced that didn't block Connellan's points from being understood crystal clear. I would recommend Inside the Magic Kingdom to any lover of Disney, especially anyone looking to step-up their customer service and communication with those they serve on the regular. I read it as an assignment for my job at an elementary school and feel more confident in my approach to keep students a [...]

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