The Secrets of Married Women

The Secrets of Married Women Falling in love is easy Staying in love is harder Jill and Rob are happily married and still very much in love Then everything changes when they discover that Rob is infertile Having children has neve

  • Title: The Secrets of Married Women
  • Author: Carol Mason
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Falling in love is easy Staying in love is harder Jill and Rob are happily married and still very much in love Then everything changes when they discover that Rob is infertile Having children has never been the be all and end all for Jill Yet, admittedly, a tiny part of her now wants what she can t have But than craving the impossible, Jill just wants her marriaFalling in love is easy Staying in love is harder Jill and Rob are happily married and still very much in love Then everything changes when they discover that Rob is infertile Having children has never been the be all and end all for Jill Yet, admittedly, a tiny part of her now wants what she can t have But than craving the impossible, Jill just wants her marriage back to the way it was But Rob has taken the news badly He won t touch her They never have sex any And worse still, he won t talk about it Frustrated and unsure what to do, Jill is drawn into being an unwitting ear for her best friend Leigh who is having a steamy extra marital affair Married to a man who is eager to please but fails to satisfy, Leigh has decided that life is too short to put her own happiness last She has given her affair an expiry date six weeks and then she will end it Then there is Wendy, who is married to handsome Neil, a top policeman Wendy is one of those friends who never lets her guard drop a content mother and a wife whose trust and faith in her husband seems to know no limits.But are things ever what they seem Does life ever go according to plan How well do we ever know our husbands, our best friends, or even ourselves Jill is about to find out when she faces infidelity and the truth head on

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    1. If you're interested in this one, I wouldn't read too many reviews. I saw a few that included some pretty major spoilers. I'll be careful not to include any. While this book isn't a thriller or mystery, I still prefer not to know the twists and turns before going into any kind of fiction. I found this book to be engrossing but a bit ridiculous at times, with an unbelievable ending. I'm glad I read it, but a little less of the drama would have led to a higher rating from me. If you're in the mood [...]

    2. Is it possible to have a favorite author after only reading two books? I fell in love with Jill,her sensitive personality appealed to me in more ways than one. While I did think that her husband Rob treated her more like a roommate,ultimately he loved her through the end. Leigh was a nutcase,but I sympathized with her flaws. Wendy was a goody two shoes with a heart of gold.Not your typical review,but if I said too much,I will spoil it! Just know this book is full of drama,suspense and sexual und [...]

    3. Not sure where I came across this title, but it was a cheap or possibly even free from the Kindle Store. I will start by saying its not normally the kind of story I read so take that into consideration when you see my review of 2 stars. 2 stars seems a little harsh but 2 stars states the story "is okay" and for me that is what it was. I did read it all the way to the end but will admit to skimming over parts because I just wanted to know how everyone ended up.When I was reading this story I cou [...]

    4. I truly enjoyed immersing myself into this great piece of women's fiction set in my own area of the North East of England. 4.5 stars and full review on way.

    5. More like 3.5 stars. Call me weird, but I like reading stories about women in close friendships who deal with infidelity. But the stories that interest me are the ones where the women are the unfaithful ones. Part of this is because I wrote a book on the same subject and I'm curious to see how similar their reactions are and their motivations, etc. as the character in my novel. In this case I found the characterization very believable. Unfortunately, I've known a number of people in situations l [...]

    6. I was lucky enough to win a Kindle edition of The Screts of Married Women from , and boy did I love this. I'm normally more of a historical fiction reader, I'm glad I gave this a chance. So much of what Jill went through, I could relate to. I imagine many could. Especially when it came to her friendships with Leigh and Wendy, the baby drama (to a point), and her ailing parents. I've been in that friendship dilemma, I've been in that family dilemma, those parts of the story I was so engaged in. W [...]

    7. This is the story of three friends Jill, Leigh and Wendy, who seem to there for each other, supporting each other during the trials and tribulations of married life. Jill, the sensible of the three, is married to Rob and they are happily coursing through life, till they find out Rob is infertile. This affects their married life, their intimacy, especially, when Rob, refuses to talk about it and Jill wants to communicate and find an alternative. Rob is unable to reconcile to the idea of adoption [...]

    8. Wow!I'm not a married woman, I've never been married but of course it's natural (at least I think so) to think about marriage. At least when the topic comes up, even if it's not for you. There are often the questions about age and whether you are ready. What you rarely get asked is the commitment. Not many dare to ask whether you plan to stick by your partner through it all- as companions for life. That's the dangerous territory, not appropriate small talk. But that's what this book subtly explo [...]

    9. A book full of twists and turns in three very ordinary marriages and the cliche is very right. No one actually knows what goes on in a marriage.Three friends Wendy, Jill and Leigh. Friends for a long while. All married with families except Jill who has no children. Each one with a career (of sorts) and life seems to be fine. Cracks appear with one - infidelity but Leigh is determined to keep it to a fling and nothing else. Six weeks, and then it becomes the length of summer and then she is out a [...]

    10. The Secrets of Married Women would probably be more aptly titled if it were called "Do I Have the Affair?" While it starts off fun, it gets a little sexy, and somewhere it gets deepbut not in a fun way. I was hoping this would be a fun or quick read, the hook seems simple enough, but the endless hours of thinking that followed it makes it more than a beach read for me. The plot is easy to follow, the characters will take you on a bit of a roller coaster ride, and there are a couple that I felt c [...]

    11. I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I didn't enjoy this book and almost gave it up at the 40% mark, but I thought I should continue it to the bitter end.Three married women, three stories. None of which were good. I found it difficult to relate to any of them as I didn’t really like the characters well enough. Only Jill, the main character, seemed to be developed enough to form an attachment too, and even she was hot and cold for me. Her friends, [...]

    12. I read this because I read Carol Mason's After You Left and it was one of my top favorites of all time. This book is different - less romantic probably - but a very gripping story I could not put down, about what happens when a secret blows three friendships apart. Like her other novel, there was a lot of wisdom in this one about life and who we love and who we trust and how we can be betrayed. From about 20 pages in, it was such a fast read for me because I needed to know the outcome so badly. [...]

    13. I was expecting a light, fluffy read - got considerably more than I bargained for. Unexpectedly painful, sad, and a startling ending. I was particularly affected by the description of the devastating loss of trust and security following the main character's (ill-considered but understandable) affair, and the feelings of desperately wishing a destructive action undone.

    14. I really don’t understand the low ratings. There was not one thing I didn’t like about this book. From the first page I felt as if I was reading a story about my close friends. This book has everything you could ask for: humor, drama, romance, heartache, happy endings (sort of)… you name it. Don’t go by the bad reviews and give this book a chance. You won’t regret it.

    15. Definitely a good read about the dynamics of friendships and marriages. Not sure I like all the characters but they certainly are intriguing as they navigate through all the temptations and struggles that come their way.

    16. This started of as a bit chick lit but then got much heavier. Flew through it. A story of 3 friends and their marriages. Well worth a read.

    17. The writing was so good. So, so good. It really was an excellent read in that regards.And then there's the plot--or, rather, the complete lack of one. Wife feels neglected by her husband who is, legitimately, distant but for some very real reasons, of which she is quite aware. She initiates possibly the worst affair ever with a 40 year old Russian lifeguard. Hubby finds out, leaves her. She finds out about a friend of her's affair, her husband leaves her. After all that we end up, more or less w [...]

    18. Even those close to us have secrets. Ms. Mason explores this a bit in the novel where a group of friends find that there are secrets among them, even when transparency seemed to be key. Not only do they not really know everything about each other, they soon discover their husbands hide secrets of their own.Overall, an interesting read that also entertains. Topics such as adultery and illness arise in the story and you are along for the ride to see how the characters each approach them.Note ~ I d [...]

    19. This is my second book by Carol, her stories are a little lighter than some books I read so its nice change. Romantic without predictability and gushy sappiness. The characters are believable and feel like a friends, its like accidentally looking into a young British woman's window of her life. I also like the way Carol brings romance but at the same times examines other important relations. In "SEND ME A LOVER" it was the mother and daughter. This is about 3 girlfriends and what it means to be [...]

    20. Enjoyable, easy read, well paced. Likeable characters, and kind of believable. Author must be from the North East, as the love for Newcastle shines through. Only thing I didn't like was a few unkind comments about overweight people, no need for it really.

    21. FriendshipI love how these women test their friendships with each other as well as their relationship with their husband. You can't judge as marriage from the outside.

    22. It's complicatedd well-crafted, capturing the impact of infertility and infidelity on a woman's marriage with what seems to me a fairy stark reality. I rather liked it, and it reads rather well.

    23. Honest and believableCould relate to the truth of the women in the stories. Didn't enjoy the characterized Leigh. People are complicated. She was shallowly depictef

    24. Great storyA tale of friendship love and unfaithfulness. The dynamics of friends being involved in each others lives and friends not being who u thought they were. Thought provoking

    25. Wow! Leigh, Wendy, and Jill are very entertaining characters. I have to say Wendy and Jill were my favorite. I guess Leigh would be the favorite character to hate. I don't like to read spoilers, so I won't go into any details. It is a great dramatic read with a couple of plot twists I was not expecting.

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