Santa's Moose

Santa s Moose Milton the big clumsy moose helps Santa one Christmas when his load is too heavy for the reindeer to pull

  • Title: Santa's Moose
  • Author: Syd Hoff
  • ISBN: 9780060225056
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Milton, the big clumsy moose, helps Santa one Christmas when his load is too heavy for the reindeer to pull.

    One thought on “Santa's Moose”

    1. Another wonderful Syd Hoff story for beginning readers with a positive message. Milton the moose helps Santa and the reindeer delivery presents. At first, it's not easy to land softly on rooftops or contain Christmas curiosity, but with the support of his new friends, Milton discovers that nothing is impossible.

    2. Hoff, Syd Santa’s Moose EARLY READER Harper, 1979. $3.99 Content: G. All of the forest animals are preparing for Christmas when Milton the Moose sees eight reindeer going to help Santa. Milton offers his help to pull the big sleigh and Santa and the reindeer are happy to have him because of his strength. Milton has to learn a few skills along the way, but by the end of the night when the reindeer are tired, they are glad to have his help. Milton promises to help Santa the next Christmas as wel [...]

    3. From the mind who brought you Danny and the Dinosaur (whom we'll be visiting with momentarily), comes a story of Santa's reindeer that wasn't.a reindeer, that is. Yes, my friends, here we have a story about Milton the Moose who just wanted to help Santa with his sleigh and experience the holiday in a way he never had before. Did he get the chance or was he shunned like a certain well known "red-nosed" flying dynamo? Let's just say that the big S.C. is all about giving people (and animals!) a cha [...]

    4. Milton The Moose loves Christmas. He loves it so much that the helps Santa and the reindeer deliver presents around the world on Christmas Eve. Just hen he starts to feel like he's not good enough to help, Milton gets a lot of encouragement from Santa and the reindeer. We loved how they all rallied around Milton. Cute, beginner reading book. The illustrations where just as I remembered Syd Hoff's from when I grew up reading his books as a kid. REVIWED mundiekids/2017/1

    5. When Milton the Moose encounters eight little reindeer heading off to help Santa, he decides to tag along. Santa agrees to let him join his sleigh team, but pulling Santa’s sleigh has a steep learning curve.This book illustrates the importance of perseverance especially when others are depending upon you.

    6. I love Syd Hoff's illustrations and you can't really go wrong with his stories either. This one's fun!Reading Level: K - 3rd gradesCleanliness: it's a story with Santa Claus.#christmas

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