Relative Happiness

Relative Happiness Filled with heartache without being maudlin this contemporary novel about life and love in a small town debuts Lesley Crewe Cape Bretons most original new literary voice Lesleys writing is fresh and

  • Title: Relative Happiness
  • Author: Lesley Crewe
  • ISBN: 9781551095493
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Filled with heartache without being maudlin, this contemporary novel about life and love in a small town debuts Lesley Crewe, Cape Bretons most original new literary voice Lesleys writing is fresh and funny, and her portrayal of the Cape Breton spiritstrong and wry in the face of adversityis unwaveringly authentic As is Lexie not since Bridget Jones has a heroine been sFilled with heartache without being maudlin, this contemporary novel about life and love in a small town debuts Lesley Crewe, Cape Bretons most original new literary voice Lesleys writing is fresh and funny, and her portrayal of the Cape Breton spiritstrong and wry in the face of adversityis unwaveringly authentic As is Lexie not since Bridget Jones has a heroine been so well drawn and so totally lovablehang ups, insecurities, annoying mother and all In creating Lexie, her sprawling extended family, and their community, Lesley Crewe restores the humour that the best literature of the Island is missingthat teasing, biting, whip smart style that simultaneously stings and tickles With her charming combination of hometown warmth and savoir faire, Lesley is sure to entertain and inspire her audience, who will do well to sit up and pay attention to this rising star of mainstream womens fiction.

    One thought on “Relative Happiness”

    1. I seem to be in a bit of a reading slump lately. Despite this book's cute cover, I did not enjoy it. I found it to be really corny. The overall story read like a lifetime movie, and it really didn't help that the MC had the vocabulary of an 80 year old grannie. I didn't hate this book, but I was pretty indifferent, as is probably obvious by my lack of enthusiasm in writing this review.Note: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

    2. I'm temporarily erasing my long long review here, because I don't want to influence people's perception on a local indie book which could only be beneficial for Nova Scotia's literature scene. Especially so soon after the movie came out, and I'm sure people will be looking for it. I'll just say, I wasn't crazy about it, it had some great points than it really didn't, but yay NS books!

    3. I was originally drawn in as this was such a quick read and seemed like an all around feel good story. But I just couldn't feel happy for the characters eventual hookups. Adrian just seemed messed up and I didn't feel happy about him ending up with anyone. I've never liked the happy ending where the second love interest is removed from the picture by being in love with someone else all along. Too easy.

    4. I adored this book. I have to admit the beginning made me hesitant, but I quickly fell for this story. I felt a connection with Lexie that I don't get with a lot of books and I loved that.

    5. I enjoy a good chick-lit read from time to time, but this was not my thing. The best part was the family dynamic between the protagonist, her parents, and sisters in a small Cape Breton town, and I might have enjoyed it more if that had been the focus rather than the romance with a caught-between-two-2dimensional-lovers theme. I found all the whinging about weight and being 30 and single very wearing, and a lot of the supporting details were just off.

    6. I love the way Lesley Crewe can weave Cape Breton's magical, sea-salted air through her stories, how she can bring such real characters to life and take her readers on such intense journeys but until now I didn't realize she could write such sweet, sweet love stories. * feeling refreshed *

    7. A good quick read between the heavy books. It could have used far more editing and proofreading. If you like Nicholas Sparks then you'll like this book.

    8. Didn't love this book but it was fine. I wanted it to be more filled with romance than it was - the cover is pink and she is standing smack dab in the middle of two men so what was I supposed to think!? - and I was always hoping that the next chapter would satisfy my hopes but other than that it was a nice enough story.It's hard to say if I'd ever actually suggest that anyone read this one. Maybe if they just wanted to pass the time or felt like reading about sisters? Then I might suggest this b [...]

    9. A debut novel by a Cape Breton writer. I read her second novel first, which led me to seek out other books by this excellent author!Lexie Ivy loves her little house in Cape Breton, her big family, and the endless sea that surrounds her. She wouldn’t trade her life for anything, but at thirty she feels she is missing something. One day Adrian arrives at the small repertory theater where she works. A charming backpacker, who takes a wrong turn at the US border, and ends up at Lexie’s house as [...]

    10. I enjoyed the cute and quirky characters, and the mention of many familiar places! This is a light chick lit read- it was entertaining but not a book that will be really memorable. I'd recommend it for people who are looking for a book to read at the beach or on vacation. I didn't feel emotional about any of the characters or events in this book as everything seemed to be described only on the surface. I read Kin about a year ago and felt like it was a moving story with depth, so Relative Happin [...]

    11. I saw a film at the St. John's International Film Festival which was, I now realize, loosely based on this novel. I enjoyed the film and sought out the novel. As usual, the book is better than the movie.I found the characters engaging and felt for them in their troubles. For just one family, they encounter a lot of troubles!The particular edition I read needs some editing. I found it annoying to see "pouring" used in place of "poring" and "lead" instead of "led", to name a couple of errors.This [...]

    12. I was really excited to see this book in on the shelves of my local bookstore (Canadian author AND a novel set in Canada?!) needless to say I bought the book without a second thought.I found the novel a little bit slow to get through, granted, that may be because I've been loading myself up with contemporary novels currently. Saying that, really interesting plot. Definitely wasn't expecting it to go where it did and I was totally alright with it. I will definitely be seeing the movie (which look [...]

    13. 4.5/5 I saw the movie first. And loved it. I sped through the book. I also loved it. But they are two totally different things. I would love to ask the author why soooo much was left out of the movie. How did they decide which things to leave in and take out? I loved this book. I started off unsure how I would feel but quickly fell in love with the main character. This story made me laugh and it made me cry. I'll definitely be thinking of these characters for awhile after finishing. (this was al [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this and read it compulsively over a 24 hour period. I loved how the author captured the Cape Breton spirit in this book. I thought Lexje was a well developed character and found myself sympathizing with everything that happened to her. My only complaint is that the ending was too rushed and predictable for me. It was a bit disappointing. I think the big decision at the end deserved more development. Overall, though, a great, entertaining read.

    15. I couldn't give this book a 5 but it is a strong 4. The story is energetic and amazing. Lexie is easy to identify with and envy. Such a beautiful love story. Not only romantic love, that is easy, it is the family relationships and friendships that make this story so personable. Great read. Glad I grabbed it.

    16. Quick chick lit read from the Canadian author. Lexie is slightly annoying at times, but her men situation makes it guessing game for the readers to see what man she will end up staying with. I picked this book because I found out there is a movie adaptation in progress, will great to see Lexia's life transformation on the screen!

    17. I won this book from a New Brunswick contest and loved it.It's the story of Lexie Ivy - a 30 year old unhappy, overweight single woman and her family and the 2 men she loved. It was sad and heart breaking and funny. Definitely a light read, a chick-lit story with a happy ending. Delightful.

    18. It was lovely to read a fiction book set in Cape Breton. I really enjoyed the characters and family dynamics. And the love for the island and way of life was woven throughout. Was Dr. Chow named for the doctor in Baddeck? I just couldn't put the book down!

    19. I loved this novel and I am so happy to read somethong that takes place in my home country. This book had me at "Tim Horton's".

    20. Just had a discussion with my book clubI'm still laughing. An easy read yet predicable, family values and complicated relationships.

    21. Contemporary chick lit. Takes place in beautiful Cape Breton and is soon to be released as a movie, I think. I know just who to pass this on to.

    22. Honest to god, I could not put it down. One chapter more became another chapter more which came to 30 pages left and no reason to stop.The movie is amazing and funny but the book is so much more.

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