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Home Truths Adrian Ludlow a novelist with a distinguished but slightly faded reputation is living in semi retirement with his wife Eleanor in an isolated cottage beneath the flight path of London s Gatwick ai

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  • Title: Home Truths
  • Author: David Lodge
  • ISBN: 9780140290134
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adrian Ludlow, a novelist with a distinguished but slightly faded reputation, is living in semi retirement with his wife, Eleanor, in an isolated cottage beneath the flight path of London s Gatwick airport Their old friend from college days, Sam Sharp, who has since become a successful screenplay writer, drops by unexpectedly on the way to Los Angeles Sam is fuming overAdrian Ludlow, a novelist with a distinguished but slightly faded reputation, is living in semi retirement with his wife, Eleanor, in an isolated cottage beneath the flight path of London s Gatwick airport Their old friend from college days, Sam Sharp, who has since become a successful screenplay writer, drops by unexpectedly on the way to Los Angeles Sam is fuming over a scathing profile of himself by Fanny Tarrant, one of the new breed of pugnacious interviewers, in that day s newspaper Together, Sam and Adrian plan to take revenge on the journalist, though Adrian is risking what he values most his privacy What follows is unexpected and upsetting for all of them, including Fanny.David Lodge s delicious novella examines with characteristic wit and insight the tensions between private life and public interest in contemporary culture.

    One thought on “Home Truths”

    1. (review in English below)Não me lembrava (e ainda não me lembro) de ter lido este livro anteriormente, pelo que decidi levá-lo para uma viagem de autocarro, porque os que tinha "em mãos" eram inconvenientemente grandes. De leitura fácil, com bastantes diálogos e um ritmo rápido, com um humor tipicamente britânico e tipicamente "lodgiano", foi uma opção excelente. Por vezes nota-se demasiado que se trata duma adaptação duma peça do próprio autor, tal como explicado no prefácio, mas [...]

    2. I have occasionally toyed with turning both of my less-than-successful attempts at one-act plays into novellas. David Lodge's Home Truths made me think twice about it. Lodge's novella is a prose rendering of his play of the same title. His short note at the beginning tells you so, and also tells you that he put back in dialogue cut from various productions of the play. The problem is, the novella doesn't feel like a novella -- it feels like a playscript with very very explicit stage directions a [...]

    3. This book was just ok. The story is interesting, but I didn't like where it went at the end. Basically, these two writers are trying to get back at an interviewer who has written some nasty things about them. However, the wife of one of the writers unwittingly releases some personal information that she shouldn't have and it gets published. However, the article is published on the same day that Princess Diana dies, so no one reads it anyway. Wuah wuah.

    4. Uma peça de teatro transformada em livro, que se lê depressa mas com um enorme prazer. David Lodge escreveu diálogos deliciosos nesta crítica ao mundo dos media e das celebridades. Funciona exactamente por, ao menos, conseguir ser exactamente aquilo que pretende dar ao leitor. Um livro muito divertido.

    5. Novelita muy breve al más puro estilo de David Lodge, con un final más cómodo que otras suyas. Es interesante y me gustó bastante. Se nota su origen teatral, pero eso no lo resta interés.Very brief novel with Lodge style, but with a more confortable ending than in other of his works. It is interesting and I quite liked it. You can see the theatrical origin, but that does not lose interest.

    6. What fun. Lodge manages to skewer self-absorbed writers and the journalists who unmask their weaknesses at the same time. When I started the book, as usual, I checked when it was written and noted the time when it was set and guessed at the deus ex machina that would resolve the conflicts at the end. Although not a surprise, it was very satisfyingly handled. I think my next book will also be a Lodfge.

    7. So having always professed to not liking David Lodge's writing that much I quite enjoyed this short tale about the frailty of artists and the integrity of journalists. Worth a read if you have an evening to kill and I may even try another of his books if I too find a similar slot of free time.

    8. As a lecturer myself, I like anything by David Lodge and came across this one I had not read in a charity shop. It is adapted from a play and it was easy to see how it would have been staged.It was an amusing, short read.

    9. ¿Qué hacer cuando una periodista de chismes expone al mundo tus debilidades más íntimas, abusando de la confianza que le tuviste? Con un plan de venganza, destinado al fracaso, se desemboca una novela que se nota fue basada en una obra teatral, por la escasez de locaciones y el desarrollo a partir de díalogos. Novela muy interesante, sobre la vanidad y el miedo a exponer nuestras debilidades, así como el sensacionalismo que puede ser mortal, como en el caso de la princesa Diana. Las dudas [...]

    10. Estava eu, certo dia, no meio de uma sessão de zapping numa destas noites em que a programação televisiva parece estar contra a minha vontade pessoal de vegetar em frente ao televisor quando encontrei, num canal com o enigmático nome E! (descobri que significa Entertainment!) aquele que será, porventura, o programa mais nauseante e descabido que até agora encontrei. O seu nome "Streets of Hollywood" O conteúdo bem Na verdade é uma sequência infidável de flashes de luz enquanto acompanh [...]

    11. Lodge, David. HOME TRUTHS. (1999). ****. The author defines the title using the OED: “wounding mention of a person’s weakness(es).” This short novel manages to bring out many of the weaknesses of its characters through the introduction of a professional reporter, Fanny Tarant, who interviews the principal players of the story. First, there is Adrian Ludlow, a novelist with a distinguished but slightly used up reputation. He hasn’t written anything for years, and has retired to a cottage, [...]

    12. "Home Truths" is a novella by the English writer David Lodge. It is a slim work that has a distinctly theatrical note to it--the tone of an English drawing room comedy that Michael Frayn might write. After doing a bit of research I learned that Lodge wrote it initially for the stage and then adapted it as a novella.The topic of the book is celebrity slamming. It centers around four characters. Sam, a playwright and screenwiter, has just been profiled in a Sunday paper by Fanny, who is making a n [...]

    13. Ένα βιβλίο το οποίο διαβάστηκε σε λιγότερες από δυο ώρες, χωρίς κάποιο διάλειμμα. Όπως μαθαίνουμε στον επίλογο του Λοτζ, η νουβέλα αυτή είναι η διασκευή μιας επιτυχημένης θεατρικής παράστασης. Αυτό φάνηκε, μιας και ο χώρος ήταν περιορισμένος και τα πρόσωπα όλα κι όλα τέσσερ [...]

    14. I enjoy reading plays, and so the dialogue heaviness and stage direction-like description did not bother me here. Lodge is pretty good at suggesting at character, relationships, and undiscussed history through dialogue alone. The verbal battle between Tarrant and Ludlow at the core of this story kept me flipping pages. The whole book goes very fast as there are few novel-like elements that invite you to sink in.Nor did I feel tempted to slow down and think, which is why this book is a three star [...]

    15. Incepe ca o poveste amuzanta si, pe masura ce aflam tot mai multe despre trecutul personajelor, povestea capata un ton ceva mai serios. Lectura merge repede din cauza dialogului abundent si a personajelor familiare, tipologice. Ceea ce mi s-a parut putin fortata a fost usurinta cu care Adrian sare in ajutorul prietenului sau, fiind de acord sa scrie un articol defaimator despre jurnalista care ii luase un interviu celui din urma si care avusese ca rezultat un articol foarte critic la adresa aces [...]

    16. David Lodge packs a good story into this novella. The plot: Formerly famous author Adrian Ludlow lives with his wife Eleanor in a cottage near Gatwick Airport. Their old college friend, Sam Sharp, appears for an unannounced visit. Sam, a successful TV writer, was the subject of a negative newspaper interview that has just been published, and Sam now convinces Adrian to be interviewed by the same columnist with the goal of taking revenge. Although the interview does take place, things do not go e [...]

    17. David Lodge's novel(la)isation of his own play is eminently and swiftly readable but reads as just that: a series of set pieces around the idea of a pair of writers trying to get their own back on a young interviewer who may have it in for them. The conclusion may suit the theme but just seems ridiculously tagged on and, while this may have been the disorientating effect of the surprising events in question for many people, no doubt it did not render everything that was going on in their lives i [...]

    18. This novella is capable of being read in a single sitting – it took me no more than a few hours to whizz though it. Adapted from a screenplay, it retains the original’s reliance on dialogue and a limited number of scenes, as well as other style-related factors mentioned in the author’s afterword which made interesting reading. All in all it’s a mildly amusing (not laugh-out-loud) take on the hostile celebrity interview, and the ins and outs of being a writer. Despite its brevity it still [...]

    19. WhileHome Truthsis not life changing it casts serious light on the perpetual conflict of individual vs. society. Sometimes what seems incredibly important is but a blip on the world scale. This is my first David Lodge work and it made me want to read all of his stuff. This little novella was distracting and thought provoking, I love it. I especially love the moments of metafiction, and it makes me wonder if this is David Lodge speaking through Adrian. I could see myself analyzing it, and when a [...]

    20. Gostei. Mas não gostei tanto quanto o Duras Verdades ou o Morte em Surdina. Está muito bem escrito, como se espera do David Lodge, e o equilíbrio entre drama e humor é formidável. Porém, faltou impulso à história. Li este livro porque a escrita e os personagens instavam-me a querer saber mais sobre o que lhes iria acontecer. Não perdurará na memória como os outros do autor ainda perduram. E é pena.

    21. Another fantastic, funny Lodge book, this one about two old friends' attempt to take revenge on a journalist who wrote a nasty piece about the more famous of the two. This is based on Lodge's own play, and possibly the only criticism I could level at it is that it on occasion seems too play-y, with scene breaks and patches of prose that read like stage directions. Still, it's incredibly enjoyable; I'm loving Lodge a lot of late.

    22. This is my second book by David Lodge (the other one being Deaf Sentebpnce). Both got a three star rating from me. I enjoyed both books but I'm not sure why i couldn't rate the books higher. Home Truths is an interesting read; for some reason, I find Adrain strangely appealing, and I really like the reverse interview thingy that he did with Fanny. David's writing is persuasive, compelling the reader to keep on reading.

    23. Adapted from a stage play, and it really shows. The descriptions are little more than stage directions, then there's the dialogue, and that's it. I don't think it would have been a very interesting play: it's about a journalist who publishes bitchy interviews of writers, but the 'plot' fizzles out to be overtaken by national news.

    24. Middle class, middle aged people living in middle England have mid-life crises. If that's not dull enough, the cast is made up, of course, of a writer, a screenwriter, a journalist and a wife. Write what you know I suppose. This possibly worked better as a play, where you can rely on staging, direction and actors to add nuance and subtlety, but it is a disaster of a novella.

    25. this is the novella version of a play, both written by david lodge. like almost everything i've read by him, the characters are sympathetic and funny. i was particularly impressed, in this one, by how entertaining he was able to be in what amounts to a set piece. definitely not the first thing i'd read by david lodge, but if you're a fan (and i am), it's worth devoting a couple subway trips to.

    26. A novella adapted by the author from his stage play. As always with this author, this was never less than enjoyable, but understandably much more contained and played on a smaller stage than usual. The author's afterword about the issues he faced in adapting a play into a prose piece is fascinating in itself. C

    27. Read this in about 20 minutes. Princess Diana's death sure did traumatize those Brits. Never read a novella by Lodge before there's some nice scenes in here, but all in all I would definitely consider this one of his lesser works.

    28. a great little book, really cinematic, really easy read. the first part of the interview fanny took with adrian (or the other way around) was amazing. I have to admit the ending took me by surprise. All in all, a great book - I strongly recommend it :-)

    29. The wit & sarcasm is vicious. The prose is snappy & delicious. The tone, the characters, and the ambiance are all inimitably British. This is a concise and razor-sharp modern fable that delivers genuine human emotion in spades.

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