The Prince & The Art of War

The Prince The Art of War The Prince written in and published in is one of the most famous pieces of political writing of all time Drawing on the examples of the Ancients and Machiavelli s contemporaries it offers

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  • Title: The Prince & The Art of War
  • Author: Oliver Francis Niccolò Machiavelli
  • ISBN: 9781904633815
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Prince, written in 1513 and published in 1532, is one of the most famous pieces of political writing of all time Drawing on the examples of the Ancients and Machiavelli s contemporaries, it offers some believe with satirical intent advice on how a ruler should best preserve his power, conduct warfare and maintain his reputation Machiavelli not only influenced many ofThe Prince, written in 1513 and published in 1532, is one of the most famous pieces of political writing of all time Drawing on the examples of the Ancients and Machiavelli s contemporaries, it offers some believe with satirical intent advice on how a ruler should best preserve his power, conduct warfare and maintain his reputation Machiavelli not only influenced many of the great statesmen of his age, but was also one of the founding fathers of modern political thought Machiavelli s The Art of War draws on the wisdom of the Ancients and Machiavelli s own experience to provide a practical handbook for the conduct of Renaissance warfare covering every military contingency that affects the state.

    One thought on “The Prince & The Art of War”

    1. Pratica e teoria per un signore del 1500Citando esempi (con lo stesso scopo e metodo delle note bibliografiche in un articolo scientifico moderno) dalla Storia antica, dalla mitologia, dalla Bibbia, ma anche da eventi a lui contemporanei l’autore compone un dittico senza tempo. Se nel Principe Machiavelli ci racconta la filosofia che sta dietro alla sua idea di governante, ne L’arte della guerra l’argomento si sposta su aspetti logistici e funzionali. Ad una lettura consecutiva (e doverosa [...]

    2. Both books contain interesting information about human nature and motivations.Both are books that I've been meaning to read for years and I wasn't disappointed. I did find it a bit overwhelming to listen to both at once. In retrospect I shouldn't have listened to the whole thing in one sitting and yet I can't think of where I would have stopped.There is a lot of information in these books, I'll definitely need to listen to them again to absorb more.Well narrated with a good pace and a natural de [...]

    3. It took me a long time to finish reading this; indeed it was sat on my shelf or bedside table for over a year until I forced myself to concentrate on it over other more easily read & understood books. But while I admit I found it difficult at times to fully understand many of Machiavelli’s ideas without re-reading sections several times over there are so many lessons taught that are as relevant today as they were 500 years ago. Numerous passages throughout ‘The Prince’ could relate dir [...]

    4. The Prince is the consummate guide to assuming and maintaining power in Renaissance Italy: a defining work in political philosophy and the establishment of 'realpolitik' ideology. There were many parts I found somewhat hard to follow - Niccolo being a historian likes to 'drop names' of historical figures throughout the book some I had knowledge of - many I did not. This made it a little bit hard to comprehend in certain places. I did find it an entertaining read that still very much rings throug [...]

    5. "The Prince" is an excellent look into history, politics, and those who are at the top of successful powerful businesses. "The Art of War," however, took me almost 3 years to read only because it was the type of book I'd pick up when I couldn't decide what to read or couldn't sleep. Personally, I found it boring, overly detailed, but learned plenty about the military styles, defenses, training, and such of many countries during the 1400s. I love history, but I can find hundreds of other ways to [...]

    6. When you get into Management classes at the university level, you'll often read some book like "You're the Best Around!! How to Win While Getting to Yes AND Use Your Strengths that You've Recently Discovered!!!"Compared to Machiavelli, all modern business books blow. They blow hard. Basically, Machiavelli wrote down the original version of business management, based on what he saw during the time of the Medici's in Italy. Any dude or lady that writes a book is simply saying what Machiavelli said [...]

    7. I used to be highly biased against Machiavelli, what with his reputation of being an evil thinker, then out of pure curiosity, I happened to read the Prince, a book that looks at how politics and state craft is, rather than how we wish it to be, ever since I have nothing but deep respect for him, and love for his magnificent work, it is scary how his character types for failing politicians match today's politicians.

    8. I did not glean as much from these essays as I had hoped. But the book was extremely interesting and educational. At some point in "The Prince" I began to wonder if the entire work was not intended to be ironic. Certain assertions were so ridiculous and yet so seriously put forth, that I had to wonder.

    9. The Prince is a good read, but the Art of War was a little too dry with too many prescriptive details on battle tactics and strategy. But overall, much could be learned from both, but more to be skimmed away. The Prince was still a gem, offering insights into statesmanship and a must read.

    10. I'd never read "The Prince," but its lessons are so ingrained I felt like I was rereading it. I will say that Machiavelli gets a bad rap when his name is made an adjective. So it is better to be feared than loved: if you want to get stuff done, you have to break a few eggheads.

    11. Machiavelli was the sort of man I would not like to cross. He had an amazing gift for perceiving people and their ambitions. A must read for all social climbers.

    12. I read this before studying abroad in Italy. It was a great supplement to my time in Florence and helped me better understand the art and culture.

    13. Not my usual choice of books I did find it amazing that although written in the 16th century his thoughts are just as current today.

    14. As an edition, this is pretty basic. It includes virtually nothing for introductory or contextual material, and no notes whatsoever.

    15. If I could break down the star review it would be 5 for The Prince and 3 for The Art of War. Sun Tzu does a far superior Art of War and this one drags a lot.

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