Jihad Academy

Jihad Academy For than a decade French journalist Nicolas H nin has reported from the front lines of conflict in the Middle East much of his time spent in Iraq and Syria He witnessed the events leading to the ris

  • Title: Jihad Academy
  • Author: Nicolas Hénin Martin Makinson
  • ISBN: 9789385436413
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • For than a decade, French journalist Nicolas H nin has reported from the front lines of conflict in the Middle East, much of his time spent in Iraq and Syria He witnessed the events leading to the rise of Islamic State, and in June 2013, he was himself captured by ISIS and spent ten months in captivity with James Foley and others who were beheaded soon after H nin waFor than a decade, French journalist Nicolas H nin has reported from the front lines of conflict in the Middle East, much of his time spent in Iraq and Syria He witnessed the events leading to the rise of Islamic State, and in June 2013, he was himself captured by ISIS and spent ten months in captivity with James Foley and others who were beheaded soon after H nin was released Those barbarities, and the first strikes against Islamic State, prompted H nin to present in Jihad Academy what he knows IS to be, in contrast to the misperceptions he sees perpetuated on an ongoing basis.H nin sees Islamic State as a political entity, having arisen out of a sense of injustice and lack of hope, and as the natural result of the Western inability to support Syrian democracy activists The West, however, sees IS only as a terrorist organization, ignoring its political message and goals by doing so, we act as a recruitment agent for Islamic State and largely overlook the greatest victims of IS violence civilians on the ground IS will only be ultimately defeated, he argues, by the people of the region, just as others have overthrown groups that practiced political violence on their people.Jihad Academy is a fresh and powerful assessment by a writer with the perspective of a historian, the passion of a journalist long committed to the region, and the credibility of someone who has witnessed terrorism first hand H nin s is an important new voice in the ongoing debate about our role in the Middle East.

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    1. This book was so amazing but am am not here to talk how amazing it waswell the Author was prisoner of ISIS and he was in the same cell with James foley and others who ISIS behead them so you would expect that Author would talk about the terrifying experience he had therebut no he barely talks about his life in the ISIS prison Cellalmost all the book talks about how Assad killing of Civilians and Western Impasse has lead to the creation of this groupwell as the Author shows that Assad regime has [...]

    2. A French journalist gets kidnapped by the ISIS. Unlike those with him, James Foley included, he comes out alive.And then proceeds to write a book about the ISIS. He could've written about his 10 months in captivity. He could have written about the heartbreak and helplessness of being in the ISIS version of Guantanamo. It would've been read in greater numbers. He could've become a Malala. Instead, he wrote about the geopolitics that led him, as well as his captors, there. Because understanding th [...]

    3. Images of tens of thousands of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan fleeing in search of safety bombard our senses these days and it is rather clear that it is not going to find resolution anytime soon. There are so many players involved in this human catastrophe - ISIS, al-Nusra, al-Qaeda, the Free Syria rebels, the Kurdish militia, the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Russia, France, the Assad government .Depending on who one follows, it is not even clear as to who the good guys and who t [...]

    4. FTC NOTICE: Purchased BookREVIEW: (Spoiler Alert) I admit it—I judged this book by its cover! Its title “Jihad Academy" in bold, all capital letters piqued my interest. The top section of the front cover read, “A former ISIS hostage and veteran Middle East journalist explores misperceptions of Islamic State and their consequences.” This work’s synopsis compelled me to want to read it, and my local library system did not have it at the time; but, I was hooked, so I purchased it. "Jihad [...]

    5. En tant que syrien, je trouve que ce livre représente une version très proche de la réalité. Un livre rempli des émotions humaines de l'auteur, ex-otage de Daech, qui a des connaissances du terrain acquises lors de ses missions en Syrie et en Irak. L'auteur prend sa responsabilité de décrire la situation sans déformation. Il montre les crimes du régime de Bachar Al-assad comme ceux de Daech. Une vrai solidarité avec le peuple syrien.

    6. French journalist Nicolas Hénin's career is centered in the Middle East, mainly Iraq and Syria. He was kidnapped in June 2013 and spent 10 months in captivity. This is his explanation of the circumstances that brought about the Islamic State. How the West's actions and mainly inaction has lead to the refugee crisis, the bloody civil war and the strength of terrorists. Why I started this book: It was the shortest audio book in my collection.Why I finished this book: I knew that I was lacking key [...]

    7. De part mes études (doctorante en littérature arabe), mes croyances (allons pour "musulmane freestyle de culture laïque"), ma vie (ayant vecu en Jordanie, Liban, etc), j'ai toujours suivi de près la généralement triste actualité du proche orient, et particulièrement ce phénomène de Daesh. Et de tous les articles, livres et interviews vus et lus jusqu'à maintenant, voilà l'un des meilleurs documents sur le sujet, sinon le meilleur. Clair, juste, précis et triste. Hautement recommand [...]

    8. (I finished this book concurrently with other books examining Al Qaeda and the rise of ISIS in the Middle East and this review should be read in the context of the other books. A list of many of the books is at the bottom of this post.)While the author was held captive by ISIS in Raqqa for 10 months and witnessed the murder of his friends/colleagues and is well-qualified to comment on the behavior of ISIS, he instead finds it more imperative to write about the larger tragedy in Syria that has ta [...]

    9. The author spent three years as a prisoner of ISIS. He writes of his captivity and the execution of of other Westerners by the group that held him. A history of ISIS and their political aims is also included as well as blame on the Western powers. This is a look at todaay's major terror group.

    10. Je donne 3 étoiles car je suis restée sur ma faim. Le titre annonce "Nos erreurs face à l'état islamique" or le texte est plutôt une étude de l'état islamique. L'auteur cite une ou deux erreurs puis il s'enfonce dans la genèse du conflit sunni-chiite. Il annonce l'hypocrisie et les contradictions de l'Occident puis il nous plonge dans un autre sujet sans apporter des réponses tangibles. Pour le moment devant l'Occident qui se désigne comme héros et sauveur du monde il n'y a que Nicola [...]

    11. Very good primer on current events as they relate to jihad and ISIL, desperation and war, and the inadequate mentality of the West in how we assess the people trapped in this morass and how we assess the choices they make. The author does a fine job demonstrating how masterfully Assad and ISIL have both manipulated the West, due to our oversimplified obsession with security and terrorism, and our blanket categorizations of them. The author well-establishes the Syrian disillusionment with the Wes [...]

    12. French reporter Henin was a captive of ISIS for ten months but this book is not about that. His topic is what the West should do about ISIS. This short book details Syrian political history pretty thoroughly. One thing is made clear nothing is going to change with Bashir al-Assad in power. Henin effectively shows how his rule feeds off ISIS. There is lots in here on the tenuous struggle for power in Iraq between Sunni and Shia, why ISIS is popular to the young and much else. As for his prescript [...]

    13. Going into this book, I knew absolutely nothing about Syria's history. Initially I was actually disappointed because I thought the book would be about Henin's time captured by IS (the book was wrapped in plastic when I purchased it). I am now so grateful that it wasn't, that he chose to write about a country that has been absolutely devastated by conflict, because some things are more pressing and devastating than our experiences as individuals. This was really well written and SO informative, b [...]

    14. the book contains fundamental information about Isis. however I must admit that I'm a bit dissapointed because the writer did not mention anything about isis leader Baghdadi. maybe he did intend to avoid any possible threat but still he could write more. the number of pages not enough to satisfy me.

    15. If you want to know a little more about Daesh, forget listening to politicians who will tell you what they want you to hear, instead, read Henin, a guy who has been there and done that. Thank you for sharing this Nicolas.

    16. Didn't really like this. He could have written a hundred pages more going more into the development of ISIL and their mentality and explaining their inner workings.Was disappointed with the book.

    17. "Instead of analyzing Islamic State's strengths and weaknesses factually, we fall for its propaganda by considering it evil incarnate. We surrender to easy anathema and provide it with propaganda points, rather than thinking about exposing and denouncing its contradictions." If you've ever wondered how ISIS got to where it did and how it can effectively be fought, this is the book for you. Hénin clearly explains the rise of ISIS and the situation in Syria, including pointing out how actions by [...]

    18. Though I am not a supporter of the Assad's regime in any way and surely I m not a supporter of ISIS, the author seems biased in many aspects of his story and he seems to even contradict himself in many subjects. There is a clear absence of the Gulf and Turkish involvement in the Syrian crisis as the author barely mentions about them. However, the book does state some actual facts at one side, but on the other side it clearly takes a biased standpoint which cannot reflect the actual reality.

    19. My relatively low rating is not to do with the information provided or really the writing itself. It simply wasn’t what I hoped. I thought Henin would reveal more about his own captivity — the things that led to it and that allowed for his eventual release. I also thought it would be a bit easier to follow. I’m not sure I understand the information better now, but it isn’t the book’s fault. “The radicalization of the Syrian revolution is the natural result of our inaction” (p. 39). [...]

    20. A great book that dove into a lot of the historic reasons of this conflict. Would certainly recommend this book for anyone wanting to understand more about the whole situation. The only hold back is that despite the great historical context, the writer doesn't seem to delve as much into the make up or the matriculation from just an average Joe to a Jihad. Perhaps a wrong book title?

    21. A good exploration of the conflict in Syria and a contextualisation of the rise of some of the extremist groups. Some typos and occassional referencing errors make it annoying to read at times BUT there are also some excellent sections with very well written paragraphs. Worth a read.

    22. Certains passages obscurs à cause de ma mauvaise connaissance de la situation en Syrie et des groupes impliqués dans le conflit, mais une lecture qui reste intéressante et instructive. La présentation facilite la compréhension : chaque titre de chapitre est suivi d'une synthèse en quelques lignes des idées qui y sont exposées.

    23. The author, French journalist Nicolas Henin, has a unique perspective on ISIS, having been held captive by them for approximately 10 months. In his book, "Jihad Academy", he makes the point that we in the West are playing into the hands of ISIS in Syria, basically because we don’t understand the players. There's the Assad forces, which we oppose, and the ISIS forces, which we oppose, and the various rebel groups who we struggle to support. To many Syrians, Assad's troops are as bad as or worse [...]

    24. This book really puts everything into perspective. It is quite full of details, at times I even felt overwhelmed and started to take notes.Now I understand that at the very base of Islamic State stands a totally defective political system, where equality is merely a term in the dictionary, not a right or a principle of living. I can understand how beaten down population, having no other option, turns to the less oppressive side - be it the Bashar regime for the Shia or the Islamic State for the [...]

    25. Dare I be the only reader who did not like this book ?It struck me as both superficial and narrow. I wanted to learn more about ISIS, but you will not do so here.The group is portrayed as working-class buffoons, but this is too simple. In other sources, you can read about ISIS' particular interpretation of the koran to understand their motives and goals. There is not a word about that here. I have read about the role of Iraqi ex-Batthists. They hardly get a mention here.Are ISIS the only salafis [...]

    26. On the gorgeous and exhilarating drive to Bakersfield today (sarcasm), I listened to "Jihad Academy", by Nicolas Hénin. I highly recommend it. As hard as it is to engage in the darker aspects of life sometimes, I encourage everyone to read Jihad Academy to get a deeper perspective on the multi-faceted situation in the middle east. The media is one source of information, but can often perpetuate wrong conclusions or support dangerous ideas. It is only through greater understanding, you individua [...]

    27. Remarquable travail de Nicolas Henin, journaliste français qui a été capturé en Syrie pendant presque 1 ans. Il démontre tout au long de l'ouvrage grâce à de nombreux témoignages, comment les états occidentaux ont contribué à l'apparition d’extrémistes religieux, une véritable "Jihad academy" dont Bashar Al assad à aussi très largement contribué. Moi qui me suis toujours posée la question à propos de daech "mais d'où est-ce qu'ils sortent ceux-là !?" J'ai eu la réponse en [...]

    28. Kudos to Hénin for not writing a look-at-me-I-was-stuck-in-ISIS-hell memoir but instead training his journalistic eye on the reasons why he ended up stuck in an ISIS holding cell in the first place. Just who are these ISIS guys, anyway? For that matter, who is Bashar al-Assad? Who makes up the forces trying to support him, and who marches among the forces trying to topple him? Hénin clears a lot of the fog here, for which he earns my thanks. But he is better at explaining the problem than he i [...]

    29. Excellent primer on ISIS from a reporter who has spent most of his career on this subject. He is also a former ISIS hostage. He doesn't go in to detail about his time in captivity but he answered a lot of questions for me about the terrorist group's history and funding. It's a complicated series of events but is written in understandable terms. Although, keep track of the names and groups. It gets confusing.

    30. Just finished reading this really nice work. I particularly liked the reasons cited by author about what fuels the survival of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. His insights into the probable course of action to abate the tide of 'Jihad' are worth considering at international level. Thank you very much Henin!

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