Beyond the Barrier

Beyond the Barrier Sci fi novel of a physics professor grappling to resolve a problem from years in the future triggering a series of violent events Serialized originally in parts Dec Jan April

  • Title: Beyond the Barrier
  • Author: Damon Knight
  • ISBN: 9780600314608
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Sci fi novel of a physics professor grappling to resolve a problem from 10,000 years in the future, triggering a series of violent events.Serialized originally in 3 parts Dec 1963, Jan 1964, April 1964 editions of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

    One thought on “Beyond the Barrier”

    1. I really enjoyed this one Prof. Gordon Naismith is multi-teaching his physics class when someone asks him what a Zug is. This leads him to remember he is really from the distant future, and two rival groups are trying to convince him to help him get rid of the other. While the near future (1980), is not very exciting, the only sign of 'future tech' is the ability to have a teach be in multiple classrooms at once, and still retain the memories of each, that, and video phones (of course). I'd thin [...]

    2. I remember this book fondly because it was the first ever science fiction novel that I read and it piqued my interest enough that I read hundreds more over the next decades. I must have read this one in about 1964. It won't have had the cover shown here, because I used to get all my books from the library and most of them were Gollancz SF, hardbacks with bright yellow covers. I probably read most of the ones in my small local library. It isn't one of the recognised SF greats, but it made a huge [...]

    3. What is a Zug?This was my coming-of-age novel, my first slick and jacketed selection from the adult SciFi shelf of the Carnegie Public Library. It opened my eyes to how exciting adult fiction could be. Within the year I had read everything else on that shelf. I remember thinking that it was a bit sexualized for a pre-teen, but what the hey.I doubt that I would find Damon Knight's book such a great read today. But there's no denying that it was imaginative SciFi. Beyond the Barrier extends the ex [...]

    4. I purchased this at used library book sale in my youth, circa 1975. I’ve held onto it ever since for sentimental reasons. I recently came across it again when re-shelving my books after Hurricane Irma prep. After decades I still remembered the basic premise of the story but decided to read it again. I had the feeling of reading a brand new book from an adult perspective while having flashbacks of the boy I was reading it in his room.

    5. This book was such a light and easy read that I almost did not read it. However, I found myself being pulled into the story despite myself and I am glad that I was. This book turned out to be better than it appears at first, and I find the concluding concept quite intriguing. This is worth reading if you are a science fiction fan, but others probably wouldn't enjoy it.

    6. I have read a copious amount of sci-fi, yet still found this story to be innovative. I both appreciated its pulpiness and wished for more character development. I harkened often to Heinlein in the content, but also noticed subsequent topics from other authors. Enjoyable.

    7. Absolutely brilliant, from another of those authors who I've known about for years but only just got around to reading. Will definitely be reading more.

    8. Based on the story entitled "Tree of Time" which originally appeared in Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine, I recall nothing of this novel.

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