Fall HER When my best friend fell in love with a mobster I thought she d lost her mind Until I met his brother HIM Love is a lie a fairy tale In my world all that matters is staying alive protecting my

  • Title: Fall
  • Author: Kaye Blue
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • HER When my best friend fell in love with a mobster, I thought she d lost her mind Until I met his brother HIM Love is a lie, a fairy tale In my world, all that matters is staying alive, protecting my clan There s no room for normal people No room for people like her Especially people like her She s pushy, nosy, talks way too much, but I can t make myself stay awaHER When my best friend fell in love with a mobster, I thought she d lost her mind Until I met his brother HIM Love is a lie, a fairy tale In my world, all that matters is staying alive, protecting my clan There s no room for normal people No room for people like her Especially people like her She s pushy, nosy, talks way too much, but I can t make myself stay away But I have to Because if I don t, it might kill both of us.

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    1. UNEXPECTED LOVEThis is the love journey of Esther and Sorin. If this was Facebook their relationship status would be labeled complicated. Soren is the second born son sonin a Russian crime family so yes he is the spare but he is also the muscle and he kills without prejudice. He is resigned to this fact and frankly he's OK with it. That all changes once he meets Esther. She is the best friend of his oldest brother's girlfriend. now Esther is loud proud and she don't give a f*ck. But she is still [...]

    2. 3.75 stars. This was another great quick read for me! But I feel like this book was just missing a little something. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it but I feel like I'm missing something in the end. It probably is because I didn't feel as deep of a connection between Esther and Sorin as I did with Vasille and Fawn. I think because Vasille saved Fawn from the beginning they bonded right away, but it took some time for Esther and Sorin to even admit they wanted to be with each other much l [...]

    3. Sorin's fall was memorable in this series. He even matured a bit from "Keep." Esther was a friend thru and thru to Fawn and you know I think that's what Sorin admired about her along with her sassiness toward him. The story ended as it started - Esther and Sorin fighting over Maria (Vasile and Fawn's baby girl) as kids who secretly attracted to each other- too cute!!!Looking forward to "Avenge" just as long as it's not psycho and bat-crazy Natasha doing the avenging lol

    4. This is book 2 in the series Esther and Sorin's story.Esther is a very sassy lady and Sorin has a temper, so you know there is going to be sparks. I thought there was lots of chemistry between the couple and I enjoyed their interaction. However, I do feel that the book narrated how they felt instead of letting them dialogue more with each other about their feelings for each other and where their relationship was going. That is the only thing I would have liked to have seen a lot more of.Other th [...]

    5. ARC provided in exchange for an honest reviewI loved Sorin in the first book and when he and Esther met, it was insta-hate for both of them.But then again there is a thin line between love and hate. And the chemistry between Sorin and Esther was so HOT!!So what started out as a one-time hook-up just seemed to keep going on and keep getting hotter, until they both started to see something more and feel something more.But Esther still doesn't know if she wants to be with a mobster and she's doesn' [...]

    6. I received this book for an honest review. I had the privilege of reading book one and I have to say thought book one was good I enjoyed this book more. I loved the story of Sorin Petran and Esther Jordan.Sorin had feelings for Esther that he did not want to admit to but on the same hand Esther was in denial of he feelings as well. They knew how to push each others buttons. One thing Sorin loved about Esther was that she spoke her mind.Esther will be faced with what it is like to be with someone [...]

    7. In 'Keep' Sorin was the lighter of the two brothers, I suppose being the second son takes off some of the pressure and so I was looking forward to this book.Parts of it I liked but something was missing from the whole, it wasn't Sorin because I liked him the problem was with Esther, she was portrayed as a kind of larger than life figure, loud-mouthed and fearless but when you looked closer she just seemed very immature and young and something was missing.Despite this I liked the rest of the book [...]

    8. I received an ARC for a review. Keep was the first book I read by Kaye Blue and I enjoyed it and Fall did not disappoint. I loved the chemistry between Sorin and Esther and the fact that they both had a sense of humor.The way Sorin struggled with his feelings for Esther and not wanting her to see him as a monster and maintaining his role in the family kept my attention and made me want more. I would have loved to see a bit more of Sorin and Vasile's dangerous sides. There is a nice twist towards [...]

    9. Better than the First! Wow! What a good book. Esther and Sorin where so hot! You will need a bucket of ice to cool off! I love them the banter between these two had me laughing out loud,literally. This book was so good,I could not put it down. the brother and the best friend hated each other from the start,or did they. The sexual tension was so thick between these,you just knew in book one they would hook up and boy what a book up. They when perfect together. I am loving the men of Clan Petran.

    10. Sorin and Esther love affair was totally unexpected but was really hot. I loved her "I won't back down attitude." And Sorin was loving but a true bad ass. Really good book as was the first can't wait to start the third one.

    11. Awesome sexy read! I really loved Sorin sexiness; but more importantly his humor was endearing. This is the 2nd book in this series. Bring on more Romanian Hot Guys please. ;-)

    12. While I enjoyed the first book in this series better, Fall was also entertaining and I enjoyed it a lot. Ester is the fiery best friend of Fawn from the first book and she starts hooking up with Sorin, the mob boss's brother. Eventually he makes her "his girl" and has to deal with the pressure of protecting her and guilt when he cannot. Once again, I enjoy how this series is really about mobsters. These are guys who sell guns and hire body guards. No. These are murderers, torturers, and they hav [...]

    13. Sorin, second in command in the powerful Romanian Mob clan Petran, has a reputation that is well earned. Some argue his soul is as black as his heart but none question his loyalty to clan and family. That may be true as Sorin is hard pressed to tolerate Esther, best friend to his elder brother's mate, who repeatedly challenges his manhood little realizing what he does for a living. Anyone else treating him that way would be dead. Unfortunately killing Esther is not an option as it would upset hi [...]

    14. bad boy, bad boy, . you know how the song goes?we meet up with the petran mob family. only this time we get to know Sorin a bit better his brother has fallen hard for Fawn, he's more then pissed when Fawns friends keeps popping left right and center. he doesn't trust people outside of the family and he can't quite put his finger on it but this woman just rubs him the wrong way. she doesn't listen to him, she talks back to him, she doesn't shiver with fear when he tries to stare her down. he coul [...]

    15. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS: Sorin EstherSECONDARY CHARACTERS: Vasile Fawn NatashaSYNOPSIS: She never understood the life of her best friend and she was sure she could never fall for someone like him. He was sure he would never fall for anyone, much less for someone like her; someone who was not scared of him and didn’t care one bit about impressing him. But things are not always how we plan them and they will soon find out; the question is: Will she be able to live in his world? REVIEW: This is the [...]

    16. In Fall, book 2 of Kaye Blue's series (Romanian Mob Chronicles) we find Esther and Sorin at odds. Sorin is the younger brother of Vasile Petran and the muscle of Clan Petran. Esther is a friend of Fawn's from book 1 (Keep). Having met at the end of Keep, these two are simmering. On the surface they seem to hate each other, but in reality they are simply unhappy about being attracted to each other. Kaye has written another short but sweet? story two people seemingly unsuited for each other who ca [...]

    17. This is a story about Sorin and Ether sexual encounter and to be honest this was a story not really a romance if you get where I am coming from!!  I think this story was written for those of us that read Keep and  wanted to know why Sorin was having issues with the Clan and losing his temple persistently. I felt there was not enough romantic development between him and Esther. Do not get me wrong there where some cute moments. But not the development I am use to from this author. I understand [...]

    18. In this book we are given Esther and Sorin's story. I like that it provided the perspectives of characters Esther and Sorin. I wish it would have provided Natasha's perspectives has the book Keep provided David's. From the book Keep, you almost wished from the antagonistic relationship that Esther and Sorin developed would grown into something more. "A thin line between love and hate," is a good way to describe these two. I felt bad for Natasha, who loved Sorin and knew that he would never love [...]

    19. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Kaye Blue. This is book 2 of the Romanian Mob Chronicles by the author.Ester is back in Fawn's life and she thinks Fawn is crazy for living with a mobster. But she never thought she would be attracted to his brother, Sorin who is all kinds of sexy. Sorin is not please the mouthy female is around his family but he can't seem to get her off of his mind. When they get together they both agree it is just sex until things happen to chang [...]

    20. To be honest, "Keep" is my favorite, but I really enjoyed this book. Sorin is hot and I think that Esther was the perfect heroine for him. I loved that he was so protective of her. I don't think what they had was really a romance, but more of a sex-mance, because that is basically what they did throughout the book. That little situation where Ester was kidnapped and Petey and Natasha were involved had me confused. Anton was there as well which made me even more confused. Nevertheless, the book w [...]

    21. this was a good book, well basically i'll get straight to the point.I liked the beginning of the boo because both characters were opposite and that stood out for themBut then i got a bit repetitive and I thought that both characters would argue a lot more and have that love hate relationship but it got a bit weird the end of it I was just like but it was a happy ending and that was the good part :)

    22. A steamy and suspenseful read :)I received a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.Once again another great story from Kaye Blue. The characters we were introduced to in the first book as secondary characters, getting their own story and making us love them even more. I loved the dynamic between the characters and the twists and turns keeping me wondering where the story was heading next. This is shaping up to be one of my top series and I can't wait to find out what happens next : [...]

    23. This review is from: Fall (Romanian Mob Chronicles Book 2) (Kindle Edition)**i was gifted a copy of this book in return for an honest review**Wow, she did it again! I loved this book. I was so happy to see Esther as the heroine. And there was a bit of a shock involved with another character that I never saw coming. I won't spoil it though. This could be read as a stand alone but would be better read after Keep. I cannot wait until the next book in the series. Pick them both up if you haven't. Yo [...]

    24. Another great quick read. In this book we see the relationship between Esther and Sorien. Sorien is all alpha and when he finially see's his feelings for Esther as what they truly are, he does everything he can to protect her even if it means walking away from her. Esther is a fiesty girl who tells it like it is. The dialogue between these to was very entertaining. Not a lot of action but this is a short book so taking the page count into consideration I think it still works. The third book come [...]

    25. I like this book because the hot chick was not small and soft and weakShe was tall and strong and I really appreciated that. I also liked that she struggled and had really conversation with her self and friend about the life she was entering.This book was a typical hot guy mafia book but i enjoyed it! It was a fun light readSo if you want a hot smoking hot beta guy and a real woman, some fun flirty romance, this is a the book for your

    26. We Fall DownBut We Get Up!!!This was everything you wanted in a story,I mean you have sassy sexy heroine who's not afraid to speak her mind and then you have a bad-azz sexy alpha mobster who's just a take charge kinda guy.This is a sexy funny story with a little mayhem thrown in to keep it interesting.This is a story where like the main characters and you can cheer for them to make it.This is so worth your reading time.

    27. I loved this storySorin and Esther were brilliant and witty and funny as hell, the chemistry between them was palpable and lifted off the pages. The story flowed and developed organically which was lovely to see unfold. I'd like to read more about the two couples as I think the stories can be developed more. Well worth reading!

    28. O enjoyed Fall as much as I did Keep. Sorin and Esther were a riot. Two people who acted like they were in grammar school with their antics before really understanding their feelings for each other. Two worlds intertwined one normal one not so normalrfect.***Review for Sweet & Spicy Reads - ARC provided in return for an honest review***

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