A Petrol Scented Spring

A Petrol Scented Spring When Donella Atkins meets ambitious doctor Hugh Ferguson Watson it is love at first sight but the marriage is not happy Donella thinks she knows why Before she met him Hugh force fed several hunger

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  • Title: A Petrol Scented Spring
  • Author: Ajay Close
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Donella Atkins meets ambitious doctor Hugh Ferguson Watson it is love at first sight, but the marriage is not happy Donella thinks she knows why Before she met him, Hugh force fed several hunger striking suffragettes The redoubtable Arabella Scott he kept in isolation for five weeks, meeting her every day, talking together, touching What really happened between When Donella Atkins meets ambitious doctor Hugh Ferguson Watson it is love at first sight, but the marriage is not happy Donella thinks she knows why Before she met him, Hugh force fed several hunger striking suffragettes The redoubtable Arabella Scott he kept in isolation for five weeks, meeting her every day, talking together, touching What really happened between Hugh and his prisoner patient Did he fall for her idealism, or her looks Was the battle of wills intoxicating and did she return his love Cupid s itch takes many forms The one thing Donella knows for certain is it cannot be ignored Based on real people and events, Cupid s Itch is a riveting portrait of the women who dared to claim equality with men, and a fascinating exploration of passion, repression, jealousy and love.

    One thought on “A Petrol Scented Spring”

    1. Very much enjoyed this book, but would have been improved by having dates on chapter headings. Sometimes was unclear who was narrating and when it was. Hilda's chapters were always headed as such.

    2. I've listed this as historical fiction but the historical part is rather loose. It's about the suffragettes, their campaign, being imprisoned in Perth and their force feeding. The book is focussed on a few specific ladies and the doctor who was force feeding them whilst incarcerated. The main facts are, apparently, historically correct but the relationship between the suffragettes and the doctor (one in particular) is created. It was uncomfortably written. I think I mean that it was enjoyable bu [...]

    3. I read this book for the Read Harder challenge, the micropress category. I was on a trip to Edinburgh so I got a recommendation from the Lighthouse bookstore, which was a great place to visit. I liked that I got a souvenir book that told the story of some Scottish suffragettes, and the historical context for the characters was definitely interesting. The book tells the story of several characters and jumps around in the timelines a lot. The narrator can also change. For me it didn't come togethe [...]

    4. It listened to rather than read this book, and that may have been fortunate. If I had been reading it I may have become a little discouraged as it was not always easy to work out who was narrating and from what period in time. That said, and putting aside some of the more gruesome paragraphs, I enjoyed the story, looked forward my sessions in the car listening to it, and am now on the lookout for more suffragette themed novels.

    5. The force-feeding details were too much. Add in the suggested romantic feelings between the prison doctor and the suffragette prisoner was enough for me to put it down.

    6. 2015 has seen a revival of interest in the British Suffragists, with the publication of The Hourglass Factory by Lucy Ribchester and A Petrol Scented Spring by Ajay Close, and most recently, the release of the film 'Suffragette'. The two novels are both wonderful, and they are also very different; while The Hourglass Factory takes the fight for women's suffrage as background to an adventurous and evocative mystery, A Petrol Scented Spring plays it straight, bringing the nitty and (at times very [...]

    7. Trigger warning: rapeI expected this to be much more about the suffragette movement, and therefore feminism, than it is. It really is just background to the main story - the relationship between the narrator, her husband and another woman - and is used to accentuate the power relations theme. (view spoiler)[Other reviewers have mentioned it's an unpleasant read and I agree. For me it was mostly due to the frequent details of lust between characters that hate each other and have, imo, no redeemin [...]

    8. I found this a disturbing read, much of it gruesome and indeed powerfully unpleasant, which is testament to the quality of writing which is very fine in places. I took little pleasure in the reading however. Such graphic descriptions of this violation were upsetting. I was truly shocked at such vileness. All about control which was then again exercised in that ghastly marriage.At times, I was confused as to who was narrating. The changes of tense irritated me. The characters were well drawn, but [...]

    9. I though this book was an admirable venture, especially because from both the non-fiction and historical fiction available, it would be easy to assume that suffragettes only existed in London. Many of the scenes in the prison were skillfully written, and harrowing to read. However, I felt the plot was stretched out too thinly, especially in the last third of the book, and many things that I was interested in were skimped over. My other issue is that, because the (male) prison doctor is the chara [...]

    10. It was a shock to discover that one of my very favourite writers had published a book in 2015 and I'd not heard of it until last month. Only did so, in fact, as her succeeding one was beginning to be touted.It was much less of a shock to learn, at the end of Petrol Scented Spring, how much of it was based on real people. A novelised version, but one, with its mix of stiff-necked attitudes and misunderstandings, of ignorance and defiance, that made compelling, sometimes throat-aching reading.

    11. An insight into the suffragette movement and what happened to the women in prison. Arabella Scott ends up in Perth Prison and is being force fed because she is on hunger strike. The story is narrated by Dodo who marries the doctor, Doctor Hugh Ferguson Watson force feeding Arabella and other political prisoners. Set in Perth so description of the surrounding areas are good. An interesting story but one which requires concentration.

    12. A great story, about, until recently, much neglected subjects: the suffragettes, asylums in the early 20th century and GPI (general paralysis of the insane or tertiary syphilis). The central character, Hugh Ferguson Watson, emotionally repressed, thrust, by his intellect and education into an alien social milieu becomes at times torturer, at times tragic antihero. Close weaves a captivating story told through his (emotionally replete) women.

    13. Interesting, but not entirely sure about this one I would like to have been more 'moved' suddenly we were in Australia towards the end found that too much.

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