Patrick Patrick Murphy leads the Irish mafia in his city He could have any woman he wants except the one he s forbidden himself to take his ward Lauren He longs for her and craves her Until now he s manage

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  • Title: Patrick
  • Author: R.E. Saxton Kit Tunstall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Patrick Murphy leads the Irish mafia in his city He could have any woman he wants, except the one he s forbidden himself to take his ward, Lauren He longs for her and craves her Until now, he s managed to keep her out of his arms by sending her out of the country Now that she s finished with college and back home, his resolve is crumbling She s determined to have him,Patrick Murphy leads the Irish mafia in his city He could have any woman he wants, except the one he s forbidden himself to take his ward, Lauren He longs for her and craves her Until now, he s managed to keep her out of his arms by sending her out of the country Now that she s finished with college and back home, his resolve is crumbling She s determined to have him, and it s impossible to fight her and himself If when he surrenders, he knows she ll hate him for doing so once she learns his darkest secret He killed her father This story contains situations that might offend some readers If you don t enjoy dark romances, this might not be the book for you However, if you enjoy a possessive Alpha mafia man torn between conscience and desire, prepare to meet Patrick.

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    1. Really liked it! Heroine was hilarious and knew what she wanted, and hero was gone for her. I was very sad about her father and his story, especially when the love he had for his woman came to light. Although I was't bothered by what happened in the book, it might be considered unsafe.Safety gang:(view spoiler)[So no OW ever shows up, hero never thinks about his past life so I even have no clue was he man-whore or not. Heroine mentions seeing lot's of women in his house when she moved in with hi [...]

    2. 3.5 HOW CAN I FORGIVE YOU STARSThis the story of an Irish mafia boss named Patrick whom after killing the heroine's father, becomes the guardian to the heroine Lauren. He is your typical badass mafia Lord killing and torturing random people who owe him or the family money. He thinks he is keeping all this from the heroine by sending her away to school but she already knows. "I figured out a long time ago you and my dad were in to shady things, and since you’re in charge, it stands to reason it [...]

    3. This is the third book in the Mafia Love Story series. I loved Patrick Murphy in Shane's book so I was very excited to read his story. Patrick is the head of the Irish Mafia he is Shane & Cormac's boss. When Lauren was seventeen her Father was killed leaving her with no one. Patrick made her father a promise that he would always take care of her & be there for her. Lauren is finally back home after being in Ireland for four years for college. Lauren is in love with Patrick & is very [...]

    4. What a great book! Patrick is the head of the Irish mafia, who would have thought such a tuff guy could be so sweet, but only to Lauren that is. Even though he loves Lauren he tries his best to keep at arm’s length. The attraction is mutual between the two; Lauren has been in love with Patrick from day one. Patrick's been hiding a secret; this secret could be the end to the relationship as secrets often do. Will the love they have for each other survive? Or will other forces tear them apart?I [...]

    5. I can resist all but temptation. I liked more than I expected. It was short enough and the story kept true to the point. Sometimes I feel like authors add boring stuff just to fill more pages. To me this was not the case. It was entertaining enough to make me go for my kindle at every available moment.

    6. I cant say I fell in love with the characters, I cant even say I fell 'into like' with them either. maybe it was because the book didn't spend a lot of time developing them or anything? They just jumped into being madly in love with each other and getting married. I don't like when the main character seems so needy. Lying and saying she was pregnant to get him to marry her seemed so dishonest and I didn't feel anything for Lauren. Maybe it just wasn't the book for me. I like a heroine who fights [...]

    7. Liked not lovedGood book but I just liked it not loved it and here's my reasonsLauren was acted like a high school girl in the beginning always playing games and trying to manipulating Patrick, I felt her attraction but not a deep love til about 60% into the book then finally she started to grow up Patrick of course is the hot older guy that I actually felt loved Lauren and just trying to protect her from himself and the dark world around her

    8. I thought this one was better than Shane. I loved that Lauren was a go-getter right from the beginning when it came to getting Patrick. And Patrick was an alpha male who tried to resist Lauren's seduction but failed when she went all out to seduce him. My only complaint was that the ending was rather rushed. I would have liked it to be longer. I guess the next story would be Gio's. Looking forward to it.

    9. Patrick:A Mafia Love Story by R.E. Paxton,Kit TurnstallThese are good mafia books I've really enjoyed them Patrick's keeps sending Lauren away he is in love with her but want admit it she comes from college determined to get Patrick to fall in love with her he is afraid things happen a lot you need to read the book there is so much to it you will love it I did so read it Margie Moran

    10. This is a terrific book! Patrick is the head of the Irish mafia. He loves Lauren but tries to stay away from her.Lauren however has other ideas. She has loved Patrick since he was her guardian.They are great characters. This story is hot and packed with action. I definitely recommend this story. I received this as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    11. Loved it! I loved Patrick and Lauren's story. It was one of the best mafia stories I've read. It was exciting and had lots action. The characters were amazing and very likable. I love this whole mafia world, can't wait to read the next book in this series!

    12. Okay. I officially give up reading these mobster series. I just can't get into them. I really don't care to read the background on a bunch of other characters, the dynamics of the mobster family and the politics involved with the mobster hierarchy.

    13. Great book. Love this series and can't wait for more!! This was not as dark of a read as Shane, but still had the mafia vibe. Can be read as a stand alone, but would make more sense after reading Shane and Cormac.

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