O Destino De Um Sheik

O Destino De Um Sheik A noiva iludidaEle havia encontrado seu destino Mas para reivindicar o trono de Azmahar Rashid Aal Munsoori precisava de Laylah Aal Shalaan Ele conseguiria derrotar seus rivais se fosse capaz de per

  • Title: O Destino De Um Sheik
  • Author: Olivia Gates
  • ISBN: 9788539806515
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
  • A noiva iludidaEle havia encontrado seu destino Mas, para reivindicar o trono de Azmahar, Rashid Aal Munsoori precisava de Laylah Aal Shalaan Ele conseguiria derrotar seus rivais se fosse capaz de persuadi la a ser sua esposa E se Laylah concebesse um herdeiro, ent o o poder de Rashid sobre sua p tria seria total Laylah sempre fora secretamente apaixonada por Rashid SA noiva iludidaEle havia encontrado seu destino Mas, para reivindicar o trono de Azmahar, Rashid Aal Munsoori precisava de Laylah Aal Shalaan Ele conseguiria derrotar seus rivais se fosse capaz de persuadi la a ser sua esposa E se Laylah concebesse um herdeiro, ent o o poder de Rashid sobre sua p tria seria total Laylah sempre fora secretamente apaixonada por Rashid Seu sheik sexy podia ter cicatrizes no corpo e na alma, mas isso s fazia com que o amasse ainda mais At ela descobrir suas reais motiva es Ainda que Laylah n o tivesse for as para confiar em seu amado novamente, como poderia abandonar o pai do filho que carregava em seu ventre, um beb destinado a unir dois reinos

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    1. There is such intensity in Olivia Gates books that I always have to psych myself up before reading them. This was no exception! Rashid is such a tortured hero, who falls so deeply in love despite himself, that he doesn't know quite how to deal with it. I wanted to wrap my arms around him and tell him it's all going to be alright. I loved the way Layla, the heroine, was totally honest about her feelings for Rashid. She never fought them even when she thought he had betrayed her to secure his crow [...]

    2. Rashid Aal Munsoori was destined to be king of Azmahar. But even if he was the right man for the job it won’t matter since he lacks Zohayd blood which was something his rivals had. He needed Laylah Aal Shalaan’s hand in marriage and produce an heir with both Azmahar and Zohayd blood flowing through its veins. Since Laylah has always secretly loved Rashid, she didn’t question his sudden appearance or his marriage proposal. But then she learns of his plan. Can she trust him when he utters wo [...]

    3. The Desert Knights trilogy concludes with a story of overwhelming desire and intensely felt emotions. When Olivia Gates decided on a heroine for the tortured hero in this book, she chose wisely and gave him someone who could possibly mend his shattered beliefs. THE SHEIKH’S DESTINY beautifully expresses the power of love and how it can change those who think they are unlovable. Although princess Laylah Aal Shalaan has known Rashid Aal Munsoori all her life and even now has special feelings for [...]

    4. Olivia Gates does it again! I've started trying to summarise what Rashid has been through in his life, but I can't describe the hell he went through nearly as well as Ms. Gates does. (I'm not a writer, just a reader.) Anyway, he has a plan to guarantee the throne of his country. It all depends on the woman he believes to be a selfish, spoiled bitch. He realises almost immediately that she's not. Laylah's is the first female born into her paternal family in years. Her mother and aunt are the devi [...]

    5. Excellent book and conclusion to the Desert Knights trilogy. I really liked both Rashid and Laylah. In his appearances in the previous two books it was hard to decide if Rashid was a good guy or a bad guy. I was pretty sure he would turn out to be a good guy and that there would be quite a story behind his scar and his attitude. At the beginning of this book Rashid is trying to decide the best way to get Laylah to marry him so he can cement his claim to the throne. When he rescues her from a kid [...]

    6. Truly amazing, the range of emotions in this book, the depth of each, and the twists that keep coming until it leaves you stunned by how much you are emotionally involved, and totally satisfied by a passionate story masterfully told. Rashid is an incredibly tortured and totally yummy alpha hero. He starts frozen, dark and so remote it's like he's left the human race far behind. Then he's exposed to Laylah and her total acceptance and absolute love for him melts him slowly until his dependence on [...]

    7. From the third title in her Desert Knights trilogy, THE SHEIKH'S DESTINY brings us the darkest, most ominous sheikh yet. Rashid is formidable, but down-right delectible. You'll love the verbal banter as much as the physical passion when one strong and determine hero meets his match, an equally strong-willed beauty who knows exactly what she wants - him!

    8. The Sheikh’s Destiny is my first delve into the world of the sheikh romance. This particular story by Olivia Gates didn’t disappoint. I’m not sure if my pre-conceived notion of what this book would be like was off or if this was just a bit more modern for a sheikh story. There wasn’t male dominance and female subservience, which is what I had expected. But, a great read either way.Laylah Aal Shalaan is not only a princess, but she was the only female born in her family for way too many y [...]

    9. I love this book the author really did a awesome job with Rashid. in the other books I didn't like him but through out the book you find out more and you fall in love with him. Laylah was great just what he needed she was made for him to love him. The King Rashid!!! The manliest man I know.

    10. I've always enjoyed Olivia Gates "Sheikhs Books", and this book and series just reinstated my opinion of what a wonderful author she is!

    11. Olivia Gates creativity in writing is now confirmed to be exceptional Absolutely the best She makes me feel every word Hate, Love each characters

    12. Book three in a trilogyStand aloneThe thug stirred as Rashid whispered in his ear before slamming him into the ground, snuffing his consciousness again.Calmly rising, he retrieved the scarf from her limp fingers, turned on his heels and crossed the street to his car.He was leaving?She watched him go, at a loss for what to do.Instead of taking the wheel, he walked around to the passenger’s side. Then, leaning over the car’s top, he looked across the distance at her. “Coming?”Her heart gav [...]

    13. Honestly, it's my favourite in Desert Knight's series. Rashid yg muncul dengan sangat intense di 2 volume sebelumnya itu emang nyebelin dan menakutkan. He has a strong impression in every visits. Tapi dibuku ini keliatan bgt kalo sebenernya Rashid itu honorable, tulus sepenuh hati, bersungguh2 dan sangat bertanggung jawab. You can't hate him for being that kind of man.Awalnya emang sih agak meragukan niatan si Rashid secara di 2 buku sebelumnya dia agak licik gitu kan, tapi makin lama makin ga t [...]

    14. I didn't like this novel at all. I found it heartless and boring. I couldn't agree with how the hero and heroine treated each other regardless of the end result. Horrible novel!

    15. This book started out great. I liked Laylah and Rashid and really believed their romance. The backstory of Laylah having been in love with Rashid since childhood was good and the passion that flared between them was steamy. For the first 2/3 of the story, they're deliriously happy and so in love that everyone who sees them can tell it's the real deal. Everything is going so well that you can practically hear a voice shouting "TRAGEDY STRIKING IN 10"Of course there has to be a Big Misunderstandin [...]

    16. 3 stars!! This book turned out not to be as good as I thought it would be. It started off very strong in the beginning but towards the middle and end it got weak. Rashid ended up being the character that I liked the most. I found it more interesting than Laylah was. I also had a problem with how fast Laylah character transition happened. She didn't come off as the type of girl to turn into such a hateful and bitter person. It was weird and confusing for me as a reader.

    17. I hated the heroine. *spoilers* If you want the guy you think betrayed you to REALLY love you, try not to be a wretched witch to him-just sayin.

    18. Very good book, not what I was expecting from a Harlequin. This heroine had a backbone and used it and the hero wasn't the usual super Alpha jerk.

    19. Laylah becomes pregnant with Rashid's child. She believes that she will never know if he will be with her because he loves her or if it because the child she carries will be his royal heir.

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