In The Dark

In The Dark A Deadly CrashA rainy night in south London A gun is fired into a car which swerves onto the pavement and plows into a bus stop It seems that a chilling gang initiation has cost the life of an innoce

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  • Title: In The Dark
  • Author: Mark Billingham
  • ISBN: 9781408700709
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Deadly CrashA rainy night in south London A gun is fired into a car, which swerves onto the pavement and plows into a bus stop It seems that a chilling gang initiation has cost the life of an innocent victim But the reality is far sinister A Dangerous QuestOne life is wiped out and three are changed forever the young man whose finger was on the triggeA Deadly CrashA rainy night in south London A gun is fired into a car, which swerves onto the pavement and plows into a bus stop It seems that a chilling gang initiation has cost the life of an innocent victim But the reality is far sinister A Dangerous QuestOne life is wiped out and three are changed forever the young man whose finger was on the trigger, the ageing gangster planning a deadly revenge, and the pregnant woman who struggles desperately to uncover the truth How will she, two weeks away from giving birth, now cope in a world where death is an occupational hazard A Shocking TwistIn a city where violence can be random or meticulously planned, where teenage gangs clash with career criminals and where loyalty is paid for in blood, nything is possible Secrets are uncovered as fast as bodies, and the story s final twist is as breathtakingly surprising as they come.Mark Billingham s first stand alone thriller, In the Dark is his most powerful novel yet Gritty, fierce, and moving, here is a must read for anyone who likes their crime fiction unflinching and unforgettable.

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    1. Description: As she grapples with pregnancy D.I. Helen Weeks must return to the hometown she loathes to help her childhood best friend, who finds herself at the centre of a media frenzy following the abduction of two girls.

    2. I liked this a lot. However the cover keeps going on about the 'stunning final twist' which kind of implied, to me, that there'd be some huge reveal on or near the last page. There isn't. There's a subtle reveal quite some time earlier. A good one, but not an absolute jaw to the floor, knock you out whopper. And that's fine, because this is a far more rewarding and subtle book than all the blaring about 'Shocking Twists!' would indicate.I reached the final page and felt deflated by not recieving [...]

    3. As DI Helen Weeks grapples apprehensively with pregnancy, she is compelled to return to her loathed rural home town of Polesford, Derbyshire. Two girls have been abducted, and the man arrested is married to Helen's childhood best friend, Linda. But is he guilty? And why is Helen so desperate to come to Linda's aid after avoiding Polesford for all these years?Episode 2 of 4:Helen and Paul are joined by pathologist friend Phil Hendricks as they become further embroiled in the abduction case. The c [...]

    4. I had a frisson of excitement reading this book. I live near Lewisham in South East London and large parts of it are set in the area. So there’s the Lewisham centre, there’s roads I walk down and parks I’m familiar with. All very thrilling for the local. Except the Lewisham of this book is not quite the Lewisham I know, Here it’s home to nothing but gangs of drug dealers and juvenile thugs, where violence is only ever seconds away from hitting the streets. Now I'm aware it’s not the mo [...]

    5. Detective Constable Helen Weeks and Detective Sergeant Paul Hopwood have a relationship that looks like it will be leading to marriage. Despite the fact that Helen is only 2 weeks away from delivering a child, there are difficulties between them. Paul is showing no interest in joining forces to buy a home together; he also is completely apathetic about the impending birth. As heartless as that seems, he actually has some reason to feel that way—several months earlier, Helen had a brief affair, [...]

    6. Oh boy. Oh man. I'm actually hesitating to put this book here, because this site is called "" and this This isn't even close to a good read.Let me start off this scathing review right; at the beginning. Hold on a little while longer; I need to get my earbuds. I need some music in order to do this right.In the Dark by Mark Billingham starts with five gangsters in a car, doing a gang initiation ritual. It ends tragically, though we don't learn how. Oh no. Instead, Mark Billingham - known from this [...]

    7. Not really the best and not really bad. I took this book with me because I was bored and needed something to read. The cover of the German edition looked so weird that it made me curious enough to take it out of the shelf and read the back text. And that text sounded so interesting, that I couldn´t resist. Well, it didn´t turn out to be as interesting as the back text promised, but it was a nice read and I had my fun with it. I never read anything by the author. And within the first few pages [...]

    8. A good stand alone crime book, though I do prefer Billingham’s Thorne series.The portrayal of young wannabe London gangsters was the highlight for me. Their dialogue was entertaining, their bullying & bravado very believable, & although I could not like them, Billingham did manage to wring a drop of pitty out of me for them.My only slight grumble is that the twists aren’t too surprising, but it flows well & kept me engrossed for a couple of days.Oh, & the ending’s kinda abr [...]

    9. It's a little hard to evaluate this book on its own merits, because the cover was absolutely screaming with how amazing a "final twist" was. It was mentioned in the description on the back, and in three blurbs on the front and back cover alone. Inside, in the reviews, were even more hints about the incredible, mind-blowing final twist. A twist that even the most experienced crime novel readers will never see coming.(view spoiler)[As it turns out, the only final twist seems to be that there is no [...]

    10. This book is a stand alone thriller. Except it really isn't. The main character is DC Helen Weeks, who becomes a major character in the Tom Thorne series later on.Helen is heavily pregnant when her partner goes out on a night out to farewell a retiring fellow police officer and is killed by a car at a bus stop, when the car is shot at by gang members.But is everything what is seems? Confused and grieving, Helen's cop sensors still pick up that something is wrong. She sets out to find out the tru [...]

    11. Loved this book. I have so enjoyed all of Mark Billingham's books, and think that his creation, Tom Thorne, is one of the best fictional police detectives. This particular book is a stand alone book and is not in the Tom Thorne series - although Tom Thorne makes a minute cameo appearance. I expected to like this less than the other books, but found myself loving it just as much. Quite a departure for Mark Billingham to have as his protagonist a female detective on maternity leave - in fact withi [...]

    12. Only weeks before DC Helen Weeks is due to give birth to their first child, her partner Paul, also a cop, is killed in what appears to be a freak accident brought about by a car swerving wildly into a busstop after being fired at by a bunch of teenage gangbangers. While trying to find out what really happened, Helen comes across a number of clues indicating that Paul might have been involved in something shady. At the same time, the young gang members involved in the incident are murdered one af [...]

    13. A really interesting read. This is the first book I've read by Mark Billingham and I'm very impressed by his writing A lot of the reviews had spoken about an unbelievable twist and I jus figured it would be predictable considerin the hype about it (never one for a pre-determined twist) however, the twist was just what the novel needed. If it's thought of wthout actually reading the bookt hen maybe yeah, u'd think it was typical however Mark Billingham's writing was amazing and never gave any in [...]

    14. Though I usually enjoy books by this writer, this novel didn't really engage me. The plot line was reasonably good and the characters were interesting in a minor sort of way, but none of them truly engaged me. Helen, the heroine, left me cold. As a heavily pregnant, very recently bereaved woman, she was a strangely unconvincing character, facing down villains and doing detective work that, by implication, was apparently beyond the police who were investigating her partner's murder. I found her v [...]

    15. I can't say I actually enjoyed this book, although I couldn't stop reading! Much of the time, I found the characters and settings depressing and unpleasant - I really couldn't empathise with characters like Easy and even Theo and Javine. Helen was a realistic and likeable character, though. The choice of title was very fitting for the events of the novel, as most of the characters (and the reader) were 'in the dark' about reality for most of the novel. There are many twists and turns in the plot [...]

    16. Oh how I love Mark Billingham - or rather Billingham and Tom Thorne. I had such high expectations for 'In the Dark' and I ended up disappointed. The hype on the front-back - about unexpected twists etc was just that - hype. Not difficult to spot what was coming. I didn't empathise with any of the characters. Was the guy a goodie or a baddie? I have no idea. His wife wasn't sure either and she hardly had an unblemished record. The relationship with the gangster grated and the end left me wonderin [...]

    17. As the first stand alone novel by this author, I wasn't sure what to expect but was excited to see if it lived up to the brilliant Thorne novels. And it did in my opinion! The central character of Helen Weeks was likeable without being squeaky clean and boring, and the plot just as tense and dramatic. And the cameo of Thorne himself only added to the story. Giving it 4.5 really, only marking it down as I got a little lost and confused by the plot towards the end, it was wrapped up nicely though [...]

    18. Well, enjoyable as far as books of this genre go. Some lame elements include the pregnant mom deal, and what I would deem a rushed ending after the "twist" (which actually came as no surprise to me in spite of a blurb on the cover to the effect that the critic will "guarantee even veteran crime fiction aficionados won't see coming"). What was the killer's motivation? What was the real relationship between Paul and Frank? These and other questions are left unanswered. We can hazard guesses, but s [...]

    19. Violent criminals, big and small; some of them teenagers believing that they are much bigger than they actually are. London police, some straight and some crooked. This book contains non-stop action from the beginning, and the reader is continually trying to separate the good guys from the bad. It is easy to imagine that these are the sorts of events that are happening across London today. It certainly seems so from the news bulletins that I listen to, anyway. The reality will grip your attentio [...]

    20. I’m really going to stop buying my "airplane-or-train-books" AT the airport. I don’t have much to say about this one. About the famous “twist at the end” I won't say much but I can tell you there IS a twist you never see coming that is completely irrelevant to the story! More than that, there is no "end" to that "twist". The book simply stops without delivering any form of resolution or reward to the reader. The narrative structure seems to develop nicely until it crashes into a brick wa [...]

    21. I found this book so fascinating. When I was describing what happens in the book to a friend, I simply had to say "you just have to read it" because nothing I could say would show how good it is. As I got a few chapters in I couldn't put it down and read it in a few days on holiday. I loved how it was written, the way the book was about different people and how they all came together, the twists, everything. So emotional but so good.

    22. I was pretty surprised by this book. It took about 100 pages to set up the central mystery and I worried it would never take off. After the first section, all three main character stories were compelling. After 350+ pages I still wanted more. This is a standalone novel, but some characters will appear in the next Tom Thorne mystery. it's good I want more.

    23. Another stand alone book by Mark Billingham. A decent read but I didn't think it was as good as a lot of his other books. Plenty of action and the usual measure of twists and turns but lacked something, maybe a Tom Thorne character. I enjoy reading Mark Billingham's Tom Thorne series and eagerly await the next instalment.

    24. I feel like this is more of a 4.5/5 but not quite a 5/5. I loved this so much although I do wish there was a little more to the ending but that's probably just me being way too picky and wanting everything rounded off. I'm now even more eager for the last 2 episodes of the BBC drama to air, given that this is the story that those episodes are centred around.

    25. I didn't enjoy this book as much as the Tom Thorne series but i think this was to do with the characters not the writing. Set around gangs and drugs, and with a pregnant cop trying to solve the death of her husband, I just didn't warm to any of the characters. In the Dark was an apt title for the book as you are in the dark for the first half of the book.

    26. I had a hard time getting into this one. It took a few chapters. But my recommendation is to stick with it, because once I did, I really liked it. It had me going back and forth emotionally about the various characters, just as did the main character, Helen Weeks. And I was pleased to see Tom Thorne appear in a very minor role, well into the book.

    27. What a fantastic book.A stand alone book although Thorne does put in an appearance or two.I would really love to find out more about the characters in this book.hint,hint Mr Billingham.I don't want to give anything away but I would thoroughly recommend this book.It is well constructed and set at a decent pace and you are drawn into the world of Theo,Frank and Helen

    28. Gripping crime thriller, tailed off a bit towards the end. Much was made of the 'amazing final twist' but I thought it was a bit silly and think the story would have been better playing it straight and leaving the twist out of it.Also enjoyed 'DI Spiky Bugger' in his cameo role :)

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