Cadillac Beach

Cadillac Beach And busting out of Chattahoochee State Hospital without his meds The thrill killing Floridaphile needs to get to the bottom of his bookie grandad s bizarre death not to mention launch Serge Lenny

  • Title: Cadillac Beach
  • Author: Tim Dorsey
  • ISBN: 9780709076995
  • Page: 337
  • Format: None
  • And busting out of Chattahoochee State Hospital without his meds The thrill killing Floridaphile needs to get to the bottom of his bookie grandad s bizarre 1964 death not to mention launch Serge Lenny s Florida Experience, the new Miami specialty tour venture he s cooked up with his best brain dead druggie buddy It s all good For Serge A Storms, anyway.And busting out of Chattahoochee State Hospital without his meds The thrill killing Floridaphile needs to get to the bottom of his bookie grandad s bizarre 1964 death not to mention launch Serge Lenny s Florida Experience, the new Miami specialty tour venture he s cooked up with his best brain dead druggie buddy It s all good For Serge A Storms, anyway Not so much for anyone else.

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    1. Hell's to the yeah.Tim Dorsey's the kind of writer you want to sit down and have a beer with - so long as you have a shotgun taped under the table. Everyone of his books is a walk through an insanity that can only be experienced in Florida. I won't compare him with another writer - I'll compare him with something comparable:You know that one thing you'll only eat a few times a year? That sweet that after you taste it the world melts away and you just feel Sane. Fine. Like the world could hand yo [...]

    2. Picked this one up somewhere recently and selected it last night to be my next novel. A little break from the "serious" stuff, and I must say that so far it's doing the job nicely. THIS BOOK IS NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY - FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! I have been chuckling regularly. The body count so far is not atrocious(2?), which is good as I'm NOT a believer in the combo of red violence and light humor/farce. Reminds one of Carl Hiaasen of course.Made it almost to the end last night, but [...]

    3. If you’ve read any of Tim Dorsey’s books, you have an inkling of what his main character – Serge Storms – is about. He’s manic depressive but hates how he feels on his meds, so he doesn’t take them which leads him to run wild from one fiasco to another, which author Tim Dorsey has carefully recorded for us to enjoy. Occasionally Serge used to get caught by the police and returned to the Chattahoochee mental hospital, but since his escape in 1996 he’s been on the lam. He’s been in [...]

    4. Normally, I would never give a book like this 5 stars, but there is a fake letter in the middle that I think is brilliant and prescient. (You can skip the review and go right to the italics below.) This book is a classic example of how a really good narrator can make a good book truly a wonderful experience. George Wilson reads this and his inflections and characterizations are terrific.A very funny book that reminds me of Carl Hiaasen. Lots of gags about Miami Beach, e.g they sell bullet hole d [...]

    5. Amusing, but not laugh-out-loud funny -- except for one line. The main character, as in all of Tim Dorsey's books, is cheerful Florida-obsessed psychopath Serge Storms. This time what's driving his mania is his desire to figure out what happened to his grandfather -- allegedly a suicide in 1964 Miami -- and what became of the priceless diamonds he was holding from the famous Murph the Surf robbery. In between he also runs a demented tour business that visits some of the scenes of famous events i [...]

    6. Once again Psychopathic Serge Storms and Lenny, his marijuana smoking sidekick, are back again in another of Dorsey's screwball crime-spree novels. This time they are on the trail of a stash of gems missing since 1964. Serge has escaped from the state psychiatric hospital in Chattahoochee, Florida's and hits the road to Miami. He is obsessed with the idea of clearing up the mystery surrounding his grandfather's alleged suicide as well as finding the legendary dozen diamonds missing since the Mur [...]

    7. There are a bunch of Dorsey novels on the bookshelf in my fire station, and the covers are attractive, so I finally decided to see if they were any good. I can definitely say I've never read anything like this before. It was like a combination of "Dude, Where's my Car", a Cheech and Chong movie, and a little of the video game Grand Theft Auto. What's funny is that he actually mentions "Dude, Wheres my Car" in the book, so it makes me wonder if that movie influenced his writing at all. The book s [...]

    8. This may be my favorite Serge A. Storms book.I am in love with Florida: the beach, the history and the lifestyle. I've call this place home for over twenty years and the longer I stay, the more interesting I find this place to be. Among all the great attributes of the Sunshine State, one of my favorite things about Florida is it's colorful past.Which leads me back to Serge.Cadillac Beach is a tale told by jumping back and forth between present day the sixties (with various stops in the nineties [...]

    9. I'm glad I've had an opportunity to read Dorsey's novels from oldest to newest. While all of the books thus far center on strange shenanigans, career criminals and bumbling buffoons in Florida, this one is probably the best of the bunch that I've read thus far. He gives his principal character, Serge Storms, a back story which explains (sort of) why Serge is the wacked-out dude that he is. The story this time is much deeper, involving several diamonds that go missing and his grandfather, Sergio, [...]

    10. Serge is as crazy as ever and in this book he, along with his stoner friend Lenny, start their own tourist service and try to solve the mystery of Serge's grandfather's death back in 1965. Lots of bodies, Florida history, and chaos ensue but all according to the Master Plan. I listened to the audio version read by one of my favorites George Wilson.

    11. Serge Storms is hilarious! Many laugh out loud moments reading this book. A bit slow at times, but the ending has a couple of shock factors which raise the rating from "It Was OK" to "Liked It"! 6 out of 10 (and looking forward to Serge's next adventure!!)

    12. Wow, I love Serge and Dorsey. Every so often I have to read one of their adventures just to break the monotony of dullness. Every one could use a little Serge once in awhile.

    13. Tim Dorsey's murderous comic anti-hero, Serge Storms, rides forth with mildly trusty sidekick, Lenny Coleman, for another tour across the Florida landscape. Lower on the body count than many other novels in the series, "Cadillac Beach" still provides a dizzying range of laughs and Florida trivia for any reader to savor.The plot of "Cadillac Beach" jumps around quite a bit, from the 1990s back to the 1960s and forward to the early 2000s. That sets the mood for this pell-mell adventure. Serge esca [...]

    14. This series is hilarious, and Cadillac Beach is one of the best so far (the first book is still tops for me). The books are outrageous and chaotic, and to add even more insanity to the mix author Tim Dorsey alternates between the present and 1964, where our hero, the escaped mental patient, occasional murderer and expert on Florida history Serge Storms is "Little Serge," hanging around with his grandfather Sergio and a pack of mafioso types and Cuban exiles. Dorsey manages to keep everything on [...]

    15. 3.5 Much of the first half of this just didn't click for me – not that the past/present structure didn't take, more that Serge simply didn't feel right, lacking confidence and his eccentric store of knowledge or some such. As soon as the story timeline caught up to the opening scene though, it was as if a switch was thrown, and the remaining 60% almost made up for it with some of the most satisfying writing in the series to date. Oddly, even the utterly and long-predictable ending managed to c [...]

    16. Another delightful romp with my favorite Florida-obsessed psycho and his crazy band of oddballs. This episode is primarily centered in Miami, and is perhaps a bit less brutal than past books. A lot of backstory is revealed about Serge. I really get such a kick out of this series, and I often recommend it to my Florida friends and family.

    17. How do you do it Dorsey? How do you write like that? I love Serge and all the crazy that goes on at the same time a finely tuned plot is occurring. I just finished the 4 Serge book and while there over 15 left, I'm slow reading because I don't want the crazy train to stop. Don't go changing Serge!

    18. Fast pacedFun book to read, fast paced with lots of characters. I felt like I was there with these gentlemen from the very accurate descriptions of movies and TV shows from the 60's. Light, easy, quick read.

    19. Are you an AN-tagonist or a PRO-tagonist? WHY CHOOSE?This is another installment of Florida Men doing Florida Things in an especially wacky way. You're really not going to go wrong with this series; it's fun.

    20. I am so addicted to this series - more Florida fun with the accent on Miami and Cuba! This one wasn't quite as raunchy as some of the others.

    21. serge never disappoints. although I think lenny is really Coleman. or is Coleman really lenny? doesn't matter. this is another hilarious romp through florida.

    22. I liked that this book was told with parallel timelines from the present day and the 1960's. The usual whacky scenes and accidents were hilarious. The book was entertaining.

    23. Magical mystery tourEach book in this series is chaotic lunacy and this one is no different. A whirlwind tour of Miami with twists and turns, diamonds , bullets, murder by microwave and more Serge than you can shake a matchbook at.

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