Alexei Available at an introductory price of for a limited time Ordinary Tara Noland leads a boring existence until she sees something she was never meant to observe Head of the Russian mafia in his cit

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  • Title: Alexei
  • Author: R.E. Saxton Kit Tunstall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Available at an introductory price of 0.99 for a limited time Ordinary Tara Noland leads a boring existence until she sees something she was never meant to observe Head of the Russian mafia in his city, Alexei Varnakov can t let her go after she witnesses him murdering an underling He should follow the code of the vory v zakone and eliminate her, but he can t Instead,Available at an introductory price of 0.99 for a limited time Ordinary Tara Noland leads a boring existence until she sees something she was never meant to observe Head of the Russian mafia in his city, Alexei Varnakov can t let her go after she witnesses him murdering an underling He should follow the code of the vory v zakone and eliminate her, but he can t Instead, he decides to keep the fiery redhead It s the only way she can stay alive, but she s defiant and fights him at every turn He can break his little fox with passion, but can he ever win her trust This is a full length short novel of approximately 50,000 words with a happy ending and no cliffhangers This story contains violence and sexual situations some readers might find objectionable If you don t like darker erotic romances, this mafia romance might not be the book for you However, if you enjoy a possessive Alpha male who takes what he wants despite a defiant woman determined to resist him, wickedly dark acts meant to break resistance, and rough but consensual sex, get ready to meet Alexei.

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    1. Exciting read! Hero, Alexei was all alpha in this dark, twisted tale and heroine, Tara was not a wishy-washy heroine!'Alexei" again has some major trigger so if you don't like a really dark mafia romance, then this love story might not be to your liking. On the contrary, if your love the possessive, bossy and alpha to the 3rd degree and a feisty heroine, then read on!4 stars ****P.S. The other books in this series include:"Shane", "Patrick" and "Cormac"

    2. A fast pace dark, sexy book - my first by this author. There were a few things I did not like, but overall a good story.

    3. Not as good as I'd expected 2.5 stars.This book had been on my to-read list for a while, before reading I quickly checked the reviews on UK it had three reviews and all were 5* although since the longest was 8 words long there really wasn't much for me to go on.It was hard going initially the dialogue seemed stilted and the situation a bit absurd, since it happens on the first few pages I'm not really giving anything away. Tara's sister Tonya works as a stripper and since she used to have a dru [...]

    4. 2.5Maybe because I've just read such an intense story like Monster, I'm afraid this one fell short of my expectations. Characters had no real personality and the plot didn't stand out in anyway.

    5. For some reason which I have no clue, R.E. Saxton aka Kit Tunstall is now known as Kiera Silver - totally confusing especially when I bought one of her books twice thinking it was a completely different author and book. Tara is in the wrong place at the wrong time and next thing she knows she's a prisoner in Alexei Varnakov's home. Tara has always been the responsible one, her younger sister, Tonya is a heroin addict and flighty as hell. Alexei should have killed Tara because of what she witness [...]

    6. This story is clearly labeled as dark erotica and it definitely lives up to the label! Thank goodness! Alexei is a Russian alpha recently promoted to Pahkan. He spots his soulmate in one of his clubs. Yep she witnessed a murder. What choice did he have? He could not kill his soulmate as rules in the Bratva state, so he took her home. I can see how Tara would identify his tactics as kidnapping. But what's sexier than a Russian caveman? Alexei and Tara's journey is read like an adult version of Ta [...]

    7. Really enjoyed this book. It was fast paced and kept me interested through the end. Alexei was a typical mob guy, or was he? When Tara witnessed him killing a man, he should have taken care of her immediately. He did, but not in the way his 'family' would have dictated. He brought her to his home and kept her there to break her will. He was attracted to her before this incident and he wanted her, no doubt about it. Would this sweet but strong willed woman ever submit to him? He was willing to gi [...]

    8. Hot readThis is a story about a woman who in trying to keep her sister out of trouble & attracts the attention of a hot mafia boss, thankfully, because after she sees him commit murder, he decides to keep her instead of kill her. It gets a little dark when she is forced to accept being kept, but it's not so dark as some I have read. Sexual release prohibited, forced oral, but no cutting, no beating, forced containment in luxury a commendations albeit without clothing. Not so dark. And during [...]

    9. 3.5 stars No cheating, genuine love at the end. HEA Not too dark really. Tara sees something that puts her in a bad position. Alexei has to make sure she doesn't talk but he is infatuated with her. He has to make her compliant and tries to break her will down at first so she will be easier to control. He holds back her orgasms, he never hits her or anything like that. He realizes pretty quick that he doesn't want to break her because e loves her spirit and shows her he cares for her. She helps h [...]

    10. I'm not going to give this catastrophe book a review because honestly halfway through I was so fed up I spent the remainder exactly like this:. I hated this book. Both H/h were over the top, annoying and I did so much eye rolling I really thought I was going to lose them.Again, this is my opinion, you want to read it. Have add it. Personally, I would rather wash my eyes out with bleach.

    11. I love MOB romanceAlexei is a hot Russian mob boss and he already had his eye on TaraTara is a overprotective of her sister and has big heart and a high sense of moralsTara accidentally witness Alexei murder someone and he uses the opportunity to take what he wants, though he thinks it's just a physical desire he soon realized that his heart will never let her go and he has some tough decisions to make

    12. Alexei basically starts with Tara Noland trying to find her sister and in turn witnessing a murder by Alexei Varnakov who then takes her to his estate and the story picks up from there showing how their feelings for each other devlop.The book is like any other mafia romance, though I personally don't think that there was anything that lists it under dark erotic romance. It was an OK read but I feel that the ending was rushed and the plot was slightly predictable.HEA=Yes

    13. Alexei:A Mafia Love Story: Dark Erotic Romance by R.E. Paxton,Kit TurnstallVery good book I really enjoyed it it started off bad I thought she was going to get killed witnessing the murder but thanks that Alexei fell for her Tara was lucky but didn't seem that way. He saved her sister she killed his uncle because he was going to kill them you have to read the book it is one of the best you will enjoy it so I recommened you read it you will love it like I did Margie Moran

    14. No Character DevelopmentAfter reading this book I still know absolutely nothing about the characters. Because of the poor character development I had no connection with the story or its characters. Sorry, this story almost read like a quick novella to me(although the book is 200+ pages)I was not impressed and I'm sorry to say I would not recommend this book to anyone.

    15. I love a dark mafia romance and Alexei did not disappoint. I loved Tara's will and strength when faced with her captivity. My only complaint is wanting more, even if it had been an epilogue. Will read the other mafia books this author has written next can't wait!!

    16. DifferentI liked the characters and thought they were well created. I didn't like the hostage turning to the jailer. I'm glad she held out that long. That was definitely a surprise. She also had strength and courage. Overall it was quite the story.

    17. **This book is part of the Mafia: A Collection of Dark Love Stories box set which I have won from one of the authors giveaways**

    18. Ten percent into the story, and I already want to smack the heroine silly. Also, the book could profit from some serious editing, I really don't like it when I - as a non-native speaker - discover more syntax errors than the proofreader. DNF

    19. For honest review. Wow this was very good. I love how the he took control of a situation and went all alpha on her to protect her but on the other he should of after told her so she had the decision.

    20. Awesome read!I loved this book a lot. Loved the characters, Alexei and Tara. The storyline captivating and exciting. One of the best mafia books I've read and the cover is awesome!

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