The Collected Fantasies, Vol. 3: The Airtight Garage

The Collected Fantasies Vol The Airtight Garage Jerry Corn lius a disparu la fin des ann es dans le magazine m tal hurlant Il faut le retrouver avant le major en avan ant d un minimum de deux pages par mois Mais le garage herm tique est un vra

  • Title: The Collected Fantasies, Vol. 3: The Airtight Garage
  • Author: Mœbius
  • ISBN: 9780871352804
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jerry Corn lius a disparu la fin des ann es 70, dans le magazine m tal hurlant Il faut le retrouver avant le major, en avan ant d un minimum de deux pages par mois Mais le garage herm tique est un vrai labyrinthe.

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    1. "Grubert is a quasi-legendary being! He's the Creator of this world he has allied himself with the twenty-three generating divinities who are the sacred pillars of the Tar'hai Mythology with the help of thirteen expansion generators using The Grubert Effect (the patents of which he had just filed the previous day), he could transform any insignificant asteroid from somewhere within the belt, into a vast and complex world, with several levels if need be" Jean Giraud, aka Moebius, aka Gir (for the [...]

    2. A hard to find and utterly weird, dreamlike comic. The more I think about it the less it approaches sense(not really its intent), but still the images are wonderful. Reminds me of the animated film The Fantastic Planet.

    3. El primer día del año, desde hace ya muchos, demasiados, leo El garaje hermético de Jerry Cornelius del inmenso Moebius.No hace falta decir nada sobre esta obra genial.Feliz año a todos.

    4. A really whacked out trippy sci-fi narrative meandering thru multiple dimensions/created worlds. So for me the story and narrative were so-so, but the art is just phenomenal. Def worth reading just to experience the art of Moebius.Kind of reminds me of Winsor McCay's Little Nemo, both the dreamlike quality and the art style. Speaking of which, I'd be curious if Moebius ever cited McCay's work as an influence, will have to look into that.

    5. Já li esta estória várias vezes. É, no entanto, a primeira vez que o faço a preto e branco (na edição original). Prefiro a cores: com a cor, os desenhos de Moebius ficam ainda mais fantásticos. Mesmo passados tantos anos - mais de duas décadas - este continua a ser o autor de banda desenhada que mais aprecio. Talvez pela orgia delirante de ficção científica + fantasia onírica + espiritualidade futurista tão características de Moebius e que TANTO me agradam! :)

    6. Boris Groys señala que en la actualidad la estrategia de autodenuncia es una de las exitosas para producir un efecto de sinceridad en el campo del arte. No fue el caso de Moebius, quien en las entrevistas no tenía problemas en comportarse como un maestro, es decir, como alguien consciente de su avance por un camino árduo. Corría riesgos con eso. De ridículo y de cosas peores. No sucumbió a ninguno de ellos, porque su obra se expresa con sinceridad por sí misma, y confirma que no había pr [...]

    7. I read the 4 issue reprint edition by DC. Each issue had a page prose recap of the plot I have no idea what just happened in this comic.The story is serialized, so every few pages the page reprints the title. This causes the story to lose its smoothness of narration. Which isn't a particular problem here because the story seems nonsensical. (I think the author was making this up as he went along). The art is typical beautiful Moebius. Unfortunately that is the only redeeming feature of this comi [...]

    8. Not everything is as it seems. I wasn't too impressed with the art work or the trying too hard dialog. Then I read more. And read even further. My dreams were changed and interrupted with the stories of Jerry Cornelius (or Lewis Carnelian). Intense. Hopefully we will see an open-ended video game based on this world. Read it if you can find a copy.

    9. Completamente aleatório e insano, A Garagem Hermética de Moebius é um álbum de ficção científica pura e dura, cheia de termos técnicos e futurismos alucinantes, com traços de guerra, de faroeste, de super-heróis e de misticismos. O autor foi escrevendo a história de forma fortuita, sem um enredo com pés e cabeça ou uma linha a seguir. O resultado foi uma história que achei confusa e de difícil interpretação, mas cheia de um significado secreto que me satisfez. Logo de caras, sor [...]

    10. L'intera storia è una presa in giro: il lettore tenta disperatamente di riconoscere un intreccio, un senso, un rapporto tra le varie parti, ma non ci riesce. Ogni qual volta sembra emergere un minimo barlume di trama, nella scena successiva le informazioni acquisite perdono di senso. La lettura è molto complessa, dove viene frustrata la mente umana che cerca sempre di ricostruire rapporti di causa ed effetto all'interno di una storia. Il mondo di cui si parla è un mondo fantascientifico di cu [...]

    11. Este é, de longe, o livro mais inacessível da coleção Novela Gráfica. Moebius cria mundos fantásticos, baseados em ficção científica, onde o major Grubert é visto como uma personagem lendária e, de certo modo, omnipotente, já que foi ele que criou estes mundos imaginários. A premissa é uma boa desculpa para um Moebius completamente livre poder dar largas ao experimentalismo e operar uma verdadeira revolução na BD. Desenvolvendo a história sem grande planeamento (nota-se pouca co [...]

    12. I order things I can't find through the local interlibrary loan system, and quite often I don't have much expectations towards actually acquiring a copy of an object of desire. Especially one as elusive as The Airtight Garage. Well, I was surprised.The only reason I wanted to read this is the Jerry Cornelius fiasco. Moorcock coined the character with the intent of allowing other authors to toy with him as they wished, and this was collected in The Nature of the Catastrophe. Well, apparently Moeb [...]

    13. For me this is the best comic novel ever, although not everybody's cup of tea due to its chaotic story structure and high level of complexity. I've read it over 20 times and with each read I still discover things I hadn't thought of before. Graphically Moebius has performed better than this (although the result he delivers here is still very impressive), but story wise it is so amazingly creative and refreshing it leaves all other comic books behind by far. As always with Moebius, you have to ac [...]

    14. There's nothing quite like Moebius, in terms of artwork and writing style. The artwork is utterly dreamlike. Dense, heavy with moving parts, gentle, abstract--he's got it all. The narrative structure is at times chaotic and difficult to follow, but it ultimately rewards with quirky characters and plot points.These are not easy to find, so if you're able to get a hold of one, do it.

    15. 3.5 stars. Psychedelic sci-fi adventure story dealing with multiple levels of reality. The storyline unfurls in short chapters that are designed to be alternately improvised and heavily-plotted. The overall vibe falls somewhere between, say, the films "The Holy Mountain" and "Fantastic Planet" without being as coherent or successful as either, though Moebius's imagery is often breathtaking.

    16. What in the Lord. IDEA: Wouldn't it have been awesome if Moebius had drawn a graphic novel based on Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles? Yeah.

    17. So much fun, but it requires you to let go of your expectations of how a story comes together. Moebius is clearly writing this story as he goes along, and possibly not going back to read previous pages but merely recalling pieces of them. It is largely coherent, despite a few sequences with questionable motives/intent. The story wraps with a touch too much convenience, which would have been a let down were it not for the final two pages. Those last two pages made the whole book complete and sati [...]

    18. Графика (я читала черно-белый вариант) просто невероятна. С сюжетом все не так гладко, но может я привыкла к современным графически романам, "Гараж" же выпускался постранично, отсюда вполне возможно искаженное восприятие; однако ни одному герою не сочувствуешь, честно говор [...]

    19. MOEBIUS en el garaje hermético. (anotaciones y prescripciones sobre una compulsión ontológica.) El Arte despliega, no sin vanidad, todo un abanico taxonómico de trances: impertérrito verdugo, solicita victima, a esta extravagante variedad no impone otra jerarquía que no sea la del azar. ¿A que nos referimos, al hablar de trances? Al pacto tácito que da inicio a toda experiencia estética. Hay cierto apoderamiento, cierto acuerdo que persiste mas allá del acto que crea la posibilidad de [...]

    20. Безумству храбрых поём мы песню "Герметический гараж" задумывался автором как сатирическая история, полная приключенческих клише, но по ходу дела она неожиданно выросла в настоящую сагу, разные части которой разбросаны по всему творчеству Жана Жиро. Судя по всему, при нап [...]

    21. ermètico agg. [dal lat. mediev. hermeticus, der. del nome del dio Hermes, Ermete (corrispondente al latino Mercurio)] (pl. m. -ci). – 1. Nel sign. originario, sono così qualificate le dottrine religiose, filosofiche e scientifiche contenute nei libri attribuiti al dio Ermete Trismegisto caratterizzate da difficile comprensibilità per i non iniziati (v. ermetismo), e i libri stessi: libri e.; scritti ermetici. Per estens dottrina e filosofia e occulta, cabalistica. 2. Che riguarda l’alchim [...]

    22. Reseña: fabulantes/2012/04/el-"[]Cuando Moebius dibujó su primera página, como admitió en una ocasión, no tenía ni idea de por dónde iba a derivar la historia y su estrategia de improvisación es apabullante ('dibujaba dos páginas como si fuera una historia, pero al mismo tiempo con un tema, un personaje y un título tan aberrante que cualquier continuación parecía imposible…'), con varias líneas que no se cierran jamás y otras que se van recuperando ('de un mes para otro me llegab [...]

    23. Fenomenalno! Izdanje, pogovor/predgovor i naravno sama priča i crtež Mebijusa. S punim pravom referencira Džeri Kornelijusa - jedino Murkokova kreacija može da se meri i deli mesto sa njegovom razuzdanom maštom. Odeća, imena, lokacije, boje, kadrovi, likovi i radnja koja se ne može obuzdati. Strip kome se treba vraćati redovno English:Absolutely amazing! Edition, foreword and afterword and, of course, story and Moebius' drawings. Rightfully mentioning Jerry Cornelius - only Moorcock's mu [...]

    24. I respect Moebius quite a lot, and I feel SUPER guilty for not loving all of his stuff—like I'm wrong or broken—but Airtight Garage is one of the absolute least enjoyable things I've read in recent memory. Props to Moebius for having explored new narrative forms (i.e. the absence of a narrative), but holy shit if you're not going to tell a story, why waste the reader's time with so much gibberish nonsense dialogue and narration? Hate it, hate it. At least with Bulletproof Coffin, The Wrenchi [...]

    25. Podría ser mejor, en cuanto a organización de la narración, a desarrollo, a regularidad en el progreso dramático y narrativo Pero no sería lo que es, una obra hermética, que no busca explicaciones, ni las da, que se cierra sobre sí misma y abre nuevas posibilidades Una obra que se lee una y otra vez con sorpresa, que siempre es nueva lectura, en la que uno se encuentra a sí mismo de una forma diferente, apreciando que cuando una persona lee de nuevo El garaje hermético, ni es la misma p [...]

    26. I'd been recommended this as the best Moebius book. How nice when something chimes with your own strange dreams, just yesterday I was walking down a dark street writing a sci fi story about a milk-like immortal alien creature today I read this book, where such a creation would be entirely at home.

    27. Uma epopeia surreal, visual e narrativamente falando, de um dos maiores génios da nona arte. Um poço sem fim de ideias fantásticas, desde os mais pequenos pormenores humorísticos que quebram a "quarta parede" até aos gigantescos e belíssimos cenários dos vários mundos em que a história se desenrola.

    28. It's really a shame that an English translation of this book as well as the rest of Moebius's work isn't kept in print on a more less permanent basis. The Airtight Garage is arguably the best thing that Girard did under the Möebius pen name. It's filled with the most incredible, mind bending art, as well as a cast of quirky characters who came alive on the page.

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