Had We Never Loved

Had We Never Loved Lord Horatio Glendenning must battle not only the sinister League of Jewelled Men but also Miss Amy Consett a gypsy hoyden determined to win Glendenning s heart and his purse

  • Title: Had We Never Loved
  • Author: Patricia Veryan
  • ISBN: 9780449222188
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Lord Horatio Glendenning must battle not only the sinister League of Jewelled Men, but also Miss Amy Consett, a gypsy hoyden determined to win Glendenning s heart and his purse.

    One thought on “Had We Never Loved”

    1. I want to spend just one day with Morris and Falcon! Please, please. Has anyone magic power to do it for me? It doesn't have to be the whole day, perhaps a few hours of talking and some little adventure. Anyone?? PleaseeeeeReally, Morris and Falcon were the best part of 'Time's Fool' and also of this second book of series. And I am sure they are great in the other stories too. They were so funny and charming, they were such good and ridiculous friends.Of course, I like the main plot, an adventur [...]

    2. The second book from the series was much weaker. The first 50 pages introduced us to the good guys so it was repetitive, the next 100 I skipped and in the end I wasn't much enlightened about the doings of the bad guys. I will try the next one.

    3. While this book is referred to as #2 in Jewelled Men series, this series actually starts with The Wagered Widow. The characters referred to include The Widow Parish and Trevelyan de Villars from that book. It also refers to all characters from series #1 Rossiter, Jamie, Augustus Falcon, the valet, various sisters, parents, dead jeweller and so on. So if you haven't read the previous books I would suggest you start from there. For example I tried reading The Dedicated Villain by this same author. [...]

    4. I really enjoy Patricia Veryan books. These books are not meant to be read as a stand alone. Characters from her other books keep showing up and are mentioned often. (view spoiler)[There is a lot going on in the book, with the mystery of the jeweled men and what the unknown evil villains are plotting. The love story is between the viscount hero and the commoner heroine. Usually in these romances, the heroine turns out to be the daughter of a somebody and all is well. That is not the case here, b [...]

    5. “This is one of a series, set in mid 1700's - and it was ok but so full of intrigue and bad guys with their plot complications that I was glad to get to the end, and was not motivated to read the next in the series "Ask me no questions​". Would rather stick to her Regency stories.”

    6. Loved it. Was actually Georgian time period, not Regency, second book in the Tales of the Jewelled Men series. :o)

    7. DNF -- It's a shame, too, as I liked the other book in this series I read! Can I give a rating of ZERO stars?

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