Teach Yourself to Meditate in 10 Simple Lessons: Discover Relaxation and Clarity of Mind in Just Minutes a Day

Teach Yourself to Meditate in Simple Lessons Discover Relaxation and Clarity of Mind in Just Minutes a Day Ideal for beginning students this book guides the reader through a series of easy to follow core meditations that the author has found to be most effective He explains what meditation is why it work

  • Title: Teach Yourself to Meditate in 10 Simple Lessons: Discover Relaxation and Clarity of Mind in Just Minutes a Day
  • Author: Eric Harrison
  • ISBN: 9781569752753
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ideal for beginning students, this book guides the reader through a series of easy to follow core meditations that the author has found to be most effective He explains what meditation is, why it works, and how to do it successfully Also included are practical and enjoyable spot meditations that require only a few minutes a day.

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    1. Ever counted sheep in an attempt to fall asleep? Ever taken a deep breath and counted to ten when you’re angry?It occurred to me while I was reading the excellent and thought-provoking Teach Yourself to Meditate that these standard techniques are really just bastardized meditation. I went into this book with a fair amount of trepidation. No one wants to be beaten over the head with new age spirituality bullshit, after all. However, Eric Harrison makes a reassuringly down-to-earth narrator. The [...]

    2. A very wise bookThis book is packed with knowledge, which is portrayed to the reader in a clear and concise manner. You’ll learn a variety of meditations and how to incorporate them into your every day. But most importantly this book gives you understanding of what meditation is and its ability to positively transform your mind.The author, Eric Harrison, has a background in Buddhism, though he is not a Buddhist. He believes meditation is a practical skill with benefits that are obvious to anyo [...]

    3. This book is crazy-cool. I've been half-assedly meditating for the last 10 years or so, and not really "getting anywhere". I love Mr. Harrison's descriptions of what meditation shouldn't be, and what meditation can be for you. He does a good job of explaining what seems impossible to explain in a book. While I've begun to meditate regularly in hopes of helping with chronic illness, and his book has helped, it's also convinced me for the first time that I should perhaps seek a teacher. Humility = [...]

    4. Was a very helpful book. It gave information on how to meditate, and how to do it successfully, which was very helpful. It also explained what happens to the mind and body when you meditate, which was very interesting. The last part of the book was about how to meditate in everyday life. The book have 10 detailed meditations for formal meditation, and also lots of small ones for on the go, which was very useful

    5. I'm not sure if meditation is for me, nor do I know much about it in general - but this book is a great intro. It really is winning me over and I don't feel like meditation is too new-agey for me. Very accessible tone, and gives a great argument for why everyone should meditate.

    6. As someone who already meditates, I had the basics down but this was a great foundation book which tips that even I used to help me with my practice

    7. Eric Harrison is a great writer and teacher, this book is enjoyable, his tips on meditation are very helpful and his outlook on life is relatable. Harrison's knowledge and insights are advancing my meditations, as well as helping me truly be in and enjoy the present moment. I am continuing to practice his meditations and applying his suggestions to both my life and outlook on life regularly. I am so glad I found this book in a used book store in Pahoa, Hawaii while I was staying on an ashram. Te [...]

    8. Teach yourself to Meditate is a cute little guide by a master and what appears to be a very sincere practitioner (as opposed to tens of thousands of preachers) of meditation. It's an unpretentious guide with no fancy theme or religious relevance. It is an experiential account of one man's dedication to ancient practice of attaining peace. Harrison tells us in plain English about the kind of students he has - from cancer patients to stressed-out. Harrison goes from breath meditation to body scan, [...]

    9. I read this book in more or less one sitting. I have only recently become interested in meditation and this book has become an invaluable guide for me, and I'm sure for many other people wanting to find out more about the subject. The text is very interesting, is well structured throughout, and full of great quotes from people that have attended Eric's classes. You can tell he actually teaches meditation and his passion and willing to pass on his knowledge, and to encourage his reader to try out [...]

    10. This book was refreshing for me, I really struggle with the crystal mythology of drive thru buddhism and have been turned off by more than one book telling me where my chakras should be and how to revere my mala beads. Harrison invests very little real estate on the 'mysticism' that follows meditation about, instead focusing on the science behind meditation, why the body and brain react the way they do. The information provided is clear, informative and presented in an appealing and easy to cons [...]

    11. Deserves zero stars for the outrageous claims that meditation can cure cancer. However, one should expect such ridiculous stuff when delving into this world and I knew what I was getting into.On the plus side, the exercises for teaching yourself meditation are really good and I am feeling the benefits already.I would give it four stars if it wasn't for all the rubbish that is spouted throughout these pages. Recommended if you fancy trying out meditation.

    12. This book is really good. It explains wide variety of meditation techniques, provides sample exercises and guides reader through the world of alpha state from seating or lying to walking and selfhealing. This book is not complete, it is a starter, but well made one. I adore it and I want to read it once more.

    13. This is a great book!!! I wish I had found it years ago. It is written in simple English (Well he is Ausi afterall!)and goes back to basics. There are some simple and fun ideas which he puts accross. I may well visit his Centre in Perth this winter, it sound like fun.

    14. I gave this five stars, not because it deserves that many, but in its class, it is the best I have read on the subject of meditation.

    15. As I begin learning about meditation with the help of a teacher, I found this book to be extremely helpful in supplementing my education and providing additional guidance on various techniques, etc.

    16. This is the only meditation help - book, CD, DVD, etc - that has made me feel like I'm actually learning to do it myself.

    17. A primer for mindfulness meditation, the variation here being the absence of any Buddhist orientation. This is strictly meditation for its therapeutic value. Highly recommended.

    18. Thought this small book compiled a lot of information. It was very simple to understand and allowed you to be begin meditating right away.

    19. Thanks to this book, I am able to wait patiently. Being in line at the grocery store, or sitting in bumper to bumper traffic is no problem.

    20. Totally love this book and will be picking it up and reading it daily, weekly, monthlyr. Its wise and I am hoping that over time it will change me from stressed out to chilled out.

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