The Seduction of Molly O'Flaherty

The Seduction of Molly O Flaherty One lingering wound One ill timed visit One encounter that will change them forever Molly O Flaherty has hidden a terrible secret a secret that destroys her on the inside at the same time as it harde

  • Title: The Seduction of Molly O'Flaherty
  • Author: Sierra Simone
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • One lingering wound.One ill timed visit.One encounter that will change them forever Molly O Flaherty has hidden a terrible secret, a secret that destroys her on the inside at the same time as it hardens her face to the world She ll do anything to keep O Flaherty Shipping running and solvent, even endure the unimaginable.But she doesn t count on Silas On Silas s words One lingering wound.One ill timed visit.One encounter that will change them forever Molly O Flaherty has hidden a terrible secret, a secret that destroys her on the inside at the same time as it hardens her face to the world She ll do anything to keep O Flaherty Shipping running and solvent, even endure the unimaginable.But she doesn t count on Silas On Silas s words or Silas s touch After ten years, could what they feel for each other suddenly be something than friendship The Seduction of Molly O Flaherty is a short story and a prequel to the London Lovers duet It is not necessary to read this to enjoy the duet It is intended for mature audiences only.

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    1. This is the first historical romance/erotica that I have read by Sierra Simone and I loved it! The dialogues are poetic like you are watching a play, the descriptions are lyrical and the sex is decadent and delicious. The dark, painful descriptions of Molly’s torment also emphasize the healing process and makes you part of Molly's relief and care.The story of Molly and her friend Silas has started 10 years ago, but only this time it is expressed with love and commitment.

    2. 5 "My Pretty Girl" Stars!To read my FULL REVIEW of the whole The London Lovers series CLICK HERE. CHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE:

    3. This SHORT STORY will be available as a FREEBIE very soon! What happens when friendship develops into something more?Strictly speaking this short story is not an essential read prior to The London Duet series. However, in an ideal reading world one would devour because it perfectly sets the scene and tone for the story of Molly and Silas. The glimpse of the story arc and the potential of what may develop in the London Duet is highly intriguing and engaged my attention from the very beginning. It [...]

    4. 5 Stars!What a prelude to story of Molly and Silas!! I loved it!! From reading the Markham Hall series, I couldn’t wait to see how things would develop between Molly and Silas. This prequel is hot and captures an incredibly romantic moment between these two characters. "Such a pretty mouth, he muttered, speeding up the rocking of his hips. Such a pretty face. Such a pretty girl. I flattened my tongue against the underside of his cock, tightening my lips around him."Sierra’s writing entranced [...]

    5. “Don’t move,” he whispered against my mouth. “Just let me have it.” Jeez, this was a utterly perfect beginning of this serie. Silas, sigh, god he could make ME feel good anytime any day! This prequel will make you crave the rest of the serie, so yeah there is where I will be

    6. At eighteen pages, you might think this prequel to The London Lovers series could be easily skipped, but you really shouldn’t miss out on this little gem. If you have yet to read The Markham Hall series, this will be a great introduction to the characters. And for those of you that loved that series, you get some answers about Molly’s behavior in book three of the Markham Hall series.Though short, by the end I was totally emotionally invested in Molly and Silas’ story. This book had me tea [...]

    7. A smutastic prequel that has whet my appetite nicely for Silas and Molly's story. Filthy dirty talk. Could be read as a standalone, especially suitable if you're looking for a quick and dirty quality one handed read. This is a freebie and the rest of the story is available on KU.

    8. 4.5 Little doll starsA perfect introduction to Molly & Silas's story, who we met in the Markham Hall series. They were both part of Julian's vibrant band of merry men & women.

    9. Ok, um I'm a bit confused. I feel I've read a story that started long ago.It mentioned Ivy Leavold and the end of her story, I presume. So, I think I should have read The Awakening of Ivy Leavold before this one. I can say there was a triangle love. I don't know if I should read it, knowing that. (I hate love triangles)I also don't know if I should continue with this series bc even though I liked the writing, I didn't feel it.It was as if they already loved each other but I've never seen HOW the [...]

    10. A nice peek into the complication of Molly & Silas. Now off to start The Persuasionof Molly O'Flaherty!!!

    11. As I was finishing up the Markham Hall series, I was hoping that Ms. Simone would write about some of the other characters and I was SO EXCITED when I found out that she did!! I'll admit that I was a little nervous when I realized it was about Molly, but I was too curious to let that stop me from reading these books! And as soon as I read The Seduction of Molly O'Flaherty, any misgivings I might have had about Molly went away and I have to say that although this is a very short read, it is proba [...]

    12. This was quite a prequel! I LOVED the little glimpse into Molly and Silas. Like most people, I wasn't Molly's greatest fan when she appeared in the Markham Hall series, but with this series, the curtain is pulled back a bit and we get to understand her a bit better. Can't say more without giving her story away.As for Silas? OMG! Wowjust wow! That's all I can, and am going to, say.As you can imagine, this is a very short book, but it does whet one's appetite for the next book in the serieswhich I [...]

    13. Sierra Simone definitely knows how to set up a story, and I can't believe I'm going to say this but I actually felt bad for Molly at the beginning of this short story. Even though all the details aren't given, I understand Molly's demeanor more and why control and the upper hand are so important to her.I've adored Silas from the beginning of the Markham Hall series and I can't wait to dive into his character and see what he's all about and why he feels the need to protect and claim Molly.

    14. Oh, Molly, you are far gone over for Silas!After Cunningham's advances and disgusting imposition, Molly is left in tears. Only Silas knows how to wipe all the bad memories and make her whole again.Sierra Simone continues to write the most erotic scenes I have read a while. The is passion and heat that cannot be controlled in the pages of this short story.

    15. Great short intro into another series involving Molly. I think it's pretty clear I've gone in a Sierra Simone binge and have been reading everything by this author for the past few days :)

    16. Sierra Simone what a tease! This novella is a perfect combination, showing Molly's fire and spirit, as well as her plight. It also shows a different side of the oh-so-playful playboy, Silas. I loved how Silas knew exactly how to take care of Molly. He knew just what she needed, even if she didn't know herself, and even if he didn't know why. While there's always plenty of heat and passion in Sierra Simone's novels, there's something undeniable hot about a man truly knowing the woman he loves, an [...]

    17. My first book (or rather novella) written by Sierra Simone. It was given free for her newsletter subscribers.What can I say about it? I really liked the language. And Molly was pretty likeable at the beginning. But then, the story got ridiculous. (view spoiler)[Moments after being forced to have sex with a guy who has been raping her since she was 14, Molly decided that the best way to heal was to sleep with her best friend. Yep, and his cock had magical healing powers. Please, let's be a bit mo [...]

    18. 2018 SAE attending authorRating: 4 starsSeries: yesCliffhanger: yesContinuation of Markham Hall series characters with the spotlight on Molly and Silas.If you enjoyed Ivy’s story you’ll like Molly’s. Though not a likeable character when first introduced she comes into her own in this title.Archaic time for females in business but Molly has a champion in Silas.Easy read that has me wanting more. Especially given the short length of book one in this series. More of a taster.

    19. Meh, si son más de 10 páginas es demasiado. Innecesario romper a las sagas en partes tan pequeñas que no brindan nada al lector.

    20. This was a phenomenal beginning to Molly and Silas' story. It blew my mind in the best way possible, it has me needing more of their story in my life this very second, and it has already shown me that their story will be everything. What I got with these two in this short introduction was intense, emotional, and it tugged at my heart so much with what they both shared. It also showed me such a different side to them than I already knew, and I can't wait to read the rest of this series to see how [...]

    21. This is a very short book and the beginning of The London Lovers series about Molly O'Flaherty. Molly has always been the red headed 'fiery tempered heiress She inherited her father's company and had run it successfully in a man's world for a long time. Things were changing and the men on the board were thinking less of her and wanting her "in her place" (as a woman) even though most knew of her unconventional lifestyle, and her sassy attitude and how well of a business woman she was, this did n [...]

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