Perfectly Imperfect: The Art and Soul of Yoga Practice

Perfectly Imperfect The Art and Soul of Yoga Practice NEW YORK TIMES WALL STREET JOURNAL AND USA TODAY BESTSELLER This book will shine new light on your journey ignite your practice with new power inspire new possibilities for growth and infuse your

  • Title: Perfectly Imperfect: The Art and Soul of Yoga Practice
  • Author: Baron Baptiste
  • ISBN: 9781401947538
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Hardcover
  • NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, AND USA TODAY BESTSELLER This book will shine new light on your journey, ignite your practice with new power, inspire new possibilities for growth, and infuse your life with the grace and confidence you seek Baron Baptiste A little over a decade ago, Baron Baptiste published his seminal book, Journey into Power The first of its kNEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, AND USA TODAY BESTSELLER This book will shine new light on your journey, ignite your practice with new power, inspire new possibilities for growth, and infuse your life with the grace and confidence you seek Baron Baptiste A little over a decade ago, Baron Baptiste published his seminal book, Journey into Power The first of its kind, it introduced the world to Baptiste Yoga, his signature method that marries a lifetime of studying with some of the world s most renowned yoga masters with his uniquely powerful approach to inner and outer transformation Since then, yoga has steadily moved into the mainstream in our culture, and Baron s unique contribution has played a key role As millions of participants incorporate yoga into their daily lives, Baron s teachings have evolved to bring them even deeper into their own transformative possibilities.Perfectly Imperfect The Art and Soul of Yoga Practice takes readers beyond the foundations of the practice by speaking to everything that happens in their bodies and minds after they get into a yoga pose That is where the true transformation occurs, and where much rich spiritual and emotional growth is available Readers will learn how to move through their lives with grace and flow, begin again when a situation becomes difficult, be a yes for their innermost desires, give up what they must, follow their intuition, and find their truth north With his signature blend of boldness, insightfulness, humor, and warmth, Baron offers what is destined to be an instant classic in the yoga and meditation world With Perfectly Imperfect, he proves once again to be a true yoga master for the modern world.

    One thought on “Perfectly Imperfect: The Art and Soul of Yoga Practice”

    1. This small book takes time to inhale like a deep in-breath. Like the inhale it fills me with insights for yoga and life. Now that I've read it cover to cover, It becomes a day book to open for inspiration, grounding and letting go. Gratitude fills my heart for this strengthening book. Baptiste joins Nhat Hahn and the I Ching in my contemplation corner to be picked up and daily opened for life wisdom.

    2. Full disclosure: this isn't a book I would normally choose for myself. But, someone suggested a book club (which never actually came into the picture) that was reading this book. So, because I've come to love yoga I gave the book a go. And, honestly, it's good. It has some of the same issues I find in most books of a similar genre. In particular, there's a lot of repetition and not the good kind. Despite that I found the lessons or messages of each chapter applicable to my yoga practice and to m [...]

    3. Very similar to all of the other books by Baron Baptiste that I’ve read. Good insight the first time, and a good reminder and emphasis for me at the same time.

    4. A wonderful life / yoga bookLove the daily approach to practice , every time you step on your mat is an opportunity for a new perspective . I paraphrase - yesterday's breakthroughs are today's ego. I often find myself expecting my yoga practice to be stagnate , or at least, the same expression of a pose. But like life everyday is a new journey!

    5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this book that my older brother gifted me for Christmas. At first glance you might assume it is about yoga and deepening your practice but it is just as much about life as it is about yoga. I love books that are very easy to pick up at any moment and each chapter can stand alone. There are many profound lessons in this book, ones that I will continue to carry with me. I've been intently practicing yoga on and off for two years and habitually for the past 6 months. This book speaks [...]

    6. Ok so there's parts of this book I liked. Baptiste had good insights. I just feel like he's missing a step. He talks about how he did yoga as a youth but it was rote. Then he goes into explaining things in more depth. It's quite fascinating actually. He briefly touches on mindfulness but mostly sticks to yoga practice. Still I think where he misses the mark is that much of what he says can be looked at in a broader context of life. Perhaps he's expecting his readers to make that leap, but there' [...]

    7. Really enjoyed this and the validation it gave me as a teacher that hasn't ever fit the traditional "yogi" mold. Not a lot of new revelations, more basic truths than you forget along the way and through the busyness of life. You are perfect as you. Accept your flaws so you can move forward. Enjoy the journey, and flexibility and pose perfection isn't the point of having a disciplined practice. So good.

    8. Even though I practice yoga from time to time I read this book not so much with the mindset of yoga but rather life. And the book makes many references to this way of thinking. The chapter that caught my attention the most is about breath. And this sentence in that chapter was intriguing to me: "The yogis say that in the gap between exhalation and inhalation - the place of "no breath" - you will find the secret of life".

    9. AmazingI started reading this book to re-ignite my yoga practice after finding out about my back issues. And instead I have clarified my YES. This principle alone has changed my perspective to the extent I had to shared it with my counselling students. It has changed how I view my yoga practice and how I engage with myself. This book is just what I needed. Absolutely AMAZING.

    10. A book I recommend for those who teach, practice and are afraid of yoga. Learning that your yoga practice is more than just being strong, flexible and bendy, it is the key to being better as a yogi but also as a human being.

    11. This is a fantastic book, with thoughts that apply to yoga and also everyday life. Definitely motivational to reload at my practice and life differently!

    12. So inspiringI loved this book! It came to me at the perfect time in my life and I know others would love it too! It's a quick read but full of deep meaning.

    13. This was a great, easy-to-read look at yoga. The insights are practical, meaningful, and written in a way that is relate-able and clear. I really enjoyed it.

    14. Profound, enlightening. Each sentence makes perfect sense & gives new insight and perspective. A book worth re-visiting every once in awhile. Your view may change with each re-reading session.

    15. It's the basicse Cliff notes version of Baron Baptiste. All the fluff taken away and the bare bones of his teaching.

    16. There are so many quotes in this that I've highlighted because of the way I can apply them to not just my practice, but also just life in general. One to come back to again and again.

    17. Perfectly Imperfect by Baron Baptiste lives up to its name. An excellent primer on the art and philosophy of yoga, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick intro to yoga in general.It is clear that some sections are written with the neuro-typical in mind, so don't take them as instruction to blame yourself-it is meant to be freeing from the negativity others have loaded on you. Namaste!

    18. Full disclosure: I did not finish this book. Rather than deliver on its title and be an encouraging, enthusiastic exploration of the benefits of a yoga practice (and how we would all do better to allow ourselves the time and space to learn and explore fully each moment of practice and indeed life) it was a thinly veiled advert for the author's own particular brand (perhaps patented) of yoga. Disappointing.

    19. Picked this book up from the library as I started out my yoga practice wanting to explore the boundaries of my practice, found lots of opportunities for self reflection and navel gazing. Quite enjoyed reading it, will be adding it to my personal collection so I can continue to use it to help me settle into mat.

    20. As a Baptiste inspired yoga teacher, this is essential reading. I agree with what he says, and how he says it, but these aren't new ideas, and much that he writes about can easily be found in other teachings - much like the JIP sequence, this is an amalgam of existing ideas brought together into a single place. Positive and affirming, but not new and exciting.

    21. This was one of my required readings during YTT as I prepare to become a Baptiste Yoga teacher. I’m actually enjoying “Silent Power” a little more, however, this book sheds a lot of light into how Baptiste operates as a leader. I hope to gain more insight with the more readings I have coming my way.

    22. Read it. Everyone needs to. If you practice yoga, this book fills in the spaces between asana and philosophy. For everyone else, this book provides a perspective to live life more fully. Be present. Be happy. Be grateful. The world and everyone in it is perfectly imperfect.

    23. If you have ever been to a yoga class with a decent teacher, the mantras this book presents are not new by any means. However, it presented good reminders about yoga as a spiritual practice for one's mental state rather than an exercise in flexibility or stamina.

    24. There are some great tidbits in this book. I really wanted to enjoy it. But I found I was loosing interest and re-reading paragraphs for most of the book. The content didn't quite resonate with me like I thought it was going to. But still worth a read, has a few beautiful messages in it.

    25. Read chapters of this book before yoga practices. Highlighted phrases to remember. Definitely worth reading again, as part of my yoga practice.

    26. It was good, but not amazing- I found it was very repetitive at times. Some chapters I really liked though and found that they clicked and inspired me.

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