San Domingo: The Medicine Hat Stallion

San Domingo The Medicine Hat Stallion Newbery Award winning author Marguerite Henry s classic novel about a boy and his beloved horse is now available in a collectible hardcover gift edition Peter Lundy has two joys in life the rugged wes

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  • Title: San Domingo: The Medicine Hat Stallion
  • Author: Marguerite Henry Robert Lougheed
  • ISBN: 9781481462112
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Newbery Award winning author Marguerite Henry s classic novel about a boy and his beloved horse is now available in a collectible hardcover gift edition.Peter Lundy has two joys in life the rugged western plains where he has grown up and San Domingo, a Medicine Hat Stallion The Indians believe such a horse is sacred that neither bullet nor arrow can harm its rider As thNewbery Award winning author Marguerite Henry s classic novel about a boy and his beloved horse is now available in a collectible hardcover gift edition.Peter Lundy has two joys in life the rugged western plains where he has grown up and San Domingo, a Medicine Hat Stallion The Indians believe such a horse is sacred that neither bullet nor arrow can harm its rider As they explore the prairie together, a bond forms between Peter and San Domingo that can never be broken.But Peter s father, Jethro Lundy, knows only one love bargaining He trades San Domingo for a thoroughbred How can Peter ever forgive his father Is his only choice is to leave home forever This classic equestrian tale from Newbery Award winning author Marguerite Henry features the original text and illustrations in a gorgeous collectible hardcover edition.

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    1. Most horse crazy people read Marguerite Henry at one point in thier lives. What constantly surprises me is how easy Henry is for an adult to read.Like most horse crazy girls, I read Henry for years, but the one book I couldn't get my hands on was this one. When I got Breyer's new San Domingo model horse it came with this book (I love a company that encourages reading), so I finally read it.This book is somewhat dated, and the PC police would no doubt be upset about the somewhat childlike way Hen [...]

    2. I can't believe there was still one Marguerite Henry book I hadn't read I read all the rest, dozens of times, as a horse-crazy kid. This last one - discovered via Elizabeth Foley (thank you!) - just might be my most favorite (or possibly a tie with King of the Wind). First of all, it's set in Wyoming, my adopted state - or rather, Nebraska Territory as it was known in the 1850's during the years of the Oregon trail. So many of the places mentioned I was familiar with, and it was wonderful to see [...]

    3. Marguerite Henry writes wonderful horse stories. Although the story may revolve around a person, the horse is a major player. Each breed of horse is different from other breeds and their differences are noted in her books.San Domingo is a mustang. A medicine hat mustang has a special coloring - a brown 'hat' over ears and crown - and is highly regarded by the Indians.Peter is the son of homesteaders in Nebraska. His father runs a smithy and trading post. He has a hidden past that leaves him unfe [...]

    4. Peter needs to leave home. His father doesn’t love him. He makes that clear in every exchange. And Peter is prepared to run away. But then he makes a special trade for a colt named San Domingo. Domingo is special, a medicine hat sacred to the tribes of the southwest. For Domingo, Peter will risk everything. San Domingo is a surprisingly mature story for a Marguerite Henry book. Peter grows up from age twelve to fifteen. His home life is genuinely difficult. The challenges he faces expand beyon [...]

    5. As with all of Marguerite Henry's books, I loved it to no end! Being a horse crazy girl, I've read probably every single one of her books, and I must say that this is one of my alltime favorites from her. I even used some of the story line in this book for a poetry assignment in my language arts class.The book is about a conflict between a teen boy, Peter Lundy, and his father. They have a very broken relationship. Peter is extremely hard working and expects nothing luxurious, with only two love [...]

    6. Here it is:Boy gets horse from Indians.Boy raises and trains horse.Boy loves horse, horse loves boy.Father sells horse.Horse dies.The end. I was really unhappy with the ending of this book as I am with most of Marguerite Henry's books. I quit reading her books a long time ago and wouldn't really remomend them to anyone. They aren't terrible, but it seems to be a recurring theme of her books to just kill the horses and end the book leaving you frustrated and wondering what the point was.

    7. A really great read for the young horse-lover. Unlike a lot of young adult horse books, this one relates more to young boys than to young girls. It is about a young boy who works for the Pony Express on his mustang San Domingo. Due to the horse's unusual coloring, legend says that no harm will come to the rider of the horse. This book goes through the young boy's adventures as he works along the Pony Express.

    8. This book has been passed down in my family and I hope to pass it down to my own children someday. It's a great book for introducing children to the Western genre of literature. If your child is also interested in horses, the story is rich in the vocabulary equestrians use while telling a story full of valuable life lessons.

    9. I love this authors horse books for children of all ages. This is a pleasant little fictional story, but she's also written about actual ponies. She will grab the attention of horse lovers near and far.

    10. I enjoyed the characters, and their world and hope I get the chance to read the story again and/or to read more within the series.My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

    11. I love Marguerite Henry and I love the Breyer model horse San Domingo, but I could never finish this book. It's just too depressing. If you do buy it, splurge for the hardback edition with full-color illustrations. They add to the story.

    12. It was very dark compared to her other works. The language was not appropriate for children. The main character has some very good qualities, forgiveness being the most prominent. What does he do when he looses what he held most dear?

    13. Exciting wild west storyMarguerite Henry has a wonderful style of writing that's appealing to young readers and old alike. This was a wonderful story of a young boy and his Indian pony living in the wildest party of the old west. Filled with surprises and exciting adventures.

    14. I did not even get to read this book!! I started looking through the pages and the chapter title had language in it. Who created language, profanity, or bad words anyway?!?!

    15. I remember sneaking this book from my sister's bookshelves to read every so often. LOL. I loved (still do) horse stories and couldn't get enough of them.

    16. This book is about a family that lives on a homestead and they run a smith shop and trading post. I have read quite a few of book s by Marguerite Henry and this was a really great one that I enjoyed a lot.It centers around the middle child Peter who soon is given a horse that he loves very much and spends all the time he can with it. The bond that they have together is special and even the surrounding Indian tribes know that the boy got a very special kind of horse that they believe are to be in [...]

    17. I read a good part of this out loud to my guy, actually. It's one of those books that's just nice to read and doesn't make you feel extreme emotions. This is more the story of Peter, and somewhat of his horse San Domingo. Peter is constantly belittled by his father, ad he can't seem to do right by him ever. He has a few friends in his life, both human and animal, that do help him with his confidence, and who help him do things that HE can be proud of, rather than always trying to make his father [...]

    18. Read this as a youngster and fell in love with the Pony Express. A passion that has not abated with the years (won't say how many). As an adult I searched for the book and with the advent of the internet and its wonders, was able to find it. It's now one of my most cherished books. Both for the story and for the memory of lying on the living room floor and reading it aloud to my little brother.

    19. A great historical fiction for kids, giving good information about the way Europeans and Natives lived in pioneer days, the pony express and about horses. Good control of suspense keeps the reader involved, but too sad near the end for my liking, especially for children.

    20. This is a good Western themed horse story. I don't remember a whole lot of it, except that it wasn't Marguerite Henry's usual style.

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