Phonogram Vol. 2: The Singles Club

Phonogram Vol The Singles Club Collects PHONOGRAM THE SINGLES CLUB The second series of Phonogram separates itself from the frenzied mob of adoring critics just long enough to transform into this handsome collected volume Seven

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  • Title: Phonogram Vol. 2: The Singles Club
  • Author: Kieron Gillen Jamie McKelvie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Collects PHONOGRAM THE SINGLES CLUB 1 7.The second series of Phonogram separates itself from the frenzied mob of adoring critics just long enough to transform into this handsome collected volume Seven individual yet interconnected stories set in a single night in a single club, each staring a young phonomancer, each exploring a different mystery of music and magic IncCollects PHONOGRAM THE SINGLES CLUB 1 7.The second series of Phonogram separates itself from the frenzied mob of adoring critics just long enough to transform into this handsome collected volume Seven individual yet interconnected stories set in a single night in a single club, each staring a young phonomancer, each exploring a different mystery of music and magic Includes a cover gallery and Making Of extras We ve put you on the guest list Don t be late This is one night you ll never forget.

    One thought on “Phonogram Vol. 2: The Singles Club”

    1. This second volume of Phonogram definitely worked better for me than the first. This one is a new era of music, early 2000s, and we also get some references to other pop culture of the time. I definitely felt that I could connect a little more with the characters in this volume, and I liked that all the stories linked and were told in tandem as that's a pretty cool idea.We also get this volume in full colour which I really appreciated because although it's still not quite as marvellous as their [...]

    2. 3-1/2 stars, rounded up (the Pinky and the Brain reference in the story put me in a good mood :). This is a collection of seven intertwined stories, each one loosely connected to a dance song popular in the UK in 2006 (I had to look most of the songs up). I enjoyed the set-up, and how each previous story became a little clearer when seen through the lens of the next story. It's less complex or deep than Phonogram 1, but it was interesting and intriguing, and I'd really love to see more of all of [...]

    3. Before I loved books, I loved music. In The Singles Club, each character gets their own comic, telling the story of one night in a dance club, in a world where music is magic – and they are all "phonomancers". It's a little odd and I didn't love all the characters' stories, but I enjoyed the bubbly Penny B and her love of dancing, The Pipettes, and beautiful boy Marc, who can't get over his ex. It's not a favourite, but a fun concept all the same.I also reviewed this book over on Pretty Books [...]

    4. Perfect narrative, perfect artwork. I've never read anything like this before. I can't explain it with words, and anything I say about what you experience reading this would be a spoiler. Because an 'expectative spoiler' is much worse than a 'fact spoiler' with this comic book. Fuck it, I'm not even worthy enough to say anything about this book, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie are masters.

    5. How did TV on the Radio get on to the no-boy-singers playlist, anyway? After two readings - one skim-read on the day it fell through the letterbox, and one closer reading after an online conversation in which it was mentioned - I still can't quite rate this book. Things from the past get in the way of seeing the now, as for Emily staring into the mirror at Clare.However The Singles Club is more accessible to those less familiar with Britpop, unlike Rue Britannia: the story is driven more by the [...]

    6. Holy cow! I understand finally why everyone loves this series. Volume 1 was confusing and a bit boring (especially as Britpop is a little before my time) but Volume 2 broke my tiny indie heart with the references to The Long Blondes (!), CSS (!) and Operator Please (!!!!!!).There is a quiet and beautiful magic in dark and dirty indie clubs and The Singles Club captured it perfectly. And, of course, name checking my absolute all time favourite band Los Campesinos! didn't hurt either. Love love lo [...]

    7. What an improvement over the first volume of this series, "Rue Brittania", which I found obscure, self-indulgent, and lifeless -- this is a genuinely fun read, a set of seven interconnected stories taking place the same night in a small club in England. The rules include "no magic", but when everyone in the room is at least a novice Phonomancer (able to use music to magical effect), shenanigans are bound to occur.There's a special art in writing stories about characters I can't stand, and making [...]

    8. I also grabbed this one when I was at the library. I had such high hopes for the Phonogram books. This one was better, but still not good.This book is a series of short stories about 20-somethings on a club night. I'm not crazy for stories about 20-somethings but ok, I'll give it a try.The artwork was in color this time. It was more lively, but still lacked energy over all. The only character that had energy and life was Penny. And all of the other characters, in the stories she was in, spent th [...]

    9. I was really into the way the stories are spliced and layered on top of one another. I had just read The Wicked and The Divine which rocked my proverbial balls off and I was on an insatiable hunt for more Keiron Gillen witchcraft. GIVE ME MY GILLEN CRACK! The story line is a cool idea, but the characters are pretty one dimensional and all of them, I think it's safe to say, are some regulatory basic bitches. You just know at some point in the future these yokels are gonna be all up on some pumpki [...]

    10. So I picked this up in the library after reading WikDiv and loving but to be honest I didn't even realise it was the second one as it doesn't say that anywhere on the cover. Despite this (and not even realising till I finished it) I really enjoyed seeing all the different perspectives and seeing how all these lives connected together. Like the concept but still a little blurry on it, this is probably because I didn't read the first one first, or maybe it's just like WikDiv and you're not really [...]

    11. I loved this. As much as I was impressed by the first volume, I genuinely enjoyed this through and through: much less of David Kohl patronizing you, much more of the culture of different phonomancers interacting with their different characters, tastes, and perspectives. The final, all-but-wordless chapter was a fantastic wrapping-up of the whole, and a solid counterpoint to the first volume's volubility. It was a real treat to actually like the people in this book, even though some of them were [...]

    12. Overall the book was not really engaging for me. The only issue I really loved was 4 because the DJ dynamics was funny and the expressions on silent girls face hilarious.I keep thinking that these phonogram books are meant for people who are into the britpop scene or at least already love it a lot because I could not really get into the vibe of the book.

    13. Really gorgeous "short stories" (one per issue) set during one evening during an Indie night at a music club. David, Emily, and Kid-With-Knife appear and we're introduced to Penny, Laura, Marc, and Lloyd. I think my favorite was the issue with the DJs Seth and the Silent Girl. Also, I got my wish for color :). And the track list they use for the club night is excellent.

    14. This series really hit its stride with this second story arc. I enjoyed it as a music fan, a comics fan, and a fan of awesome storytelling. This is a magical realism series with a novel take on magic, and very believable realism.I would for more of this series to exist. Will it ever happen? Probably not, but a girl can dream.

    15. That's better - less of the Grant Morrison-esque stuff in this collection and lots of really good character moments. Still not entirely sure what's going on but I'm liking it. Looking forward to the recently announced 3rd mini series.

    16. What tf did I just readETA several days later: actually you know what, I'm not done with this. This was the most pointless and arrogant piece of shit I've ever read. The only reason why it's got two stars from me is because I liked the art.

    17. way to hit my musical + feelings sweetspot. a great read for those who love music in a gross all consuming way.

    18. I just re-read the entire Phonogram series after getting The Immaterial Girl. The Singles Club stands out as my favorite. It's less involved about the magic than Vol. 1, less plot driven than both 1 and 3. It's about a beautifully epic night out dancing. The rules? Only female singers. You must Dance. No magic. I'd LOVE to go to a night like this. The Phonogram crew is there, but most of the story centers on younger phonomancers, crushing on each other while learning about their own magic. My ab [...]

    19. I gave this one a chance even though I didn't understand the first book. This didn't help in making more sense of anything either.I do not think it is a bad book, just boring because I didn't get it. (I feel slightly ashamed to admit I didn't understand it. I would like to think it is because it is bent in a different direction than the bends I have in my mind.)

    20. A really, really strong 4 stars. I liked this so much better than the first one, for a number of reasons. I have a connection to all the music referenced in this one, the characters are more appealing (including David Kohl), and the art has all the necessary glow to convey music in print.Looking forward to the next one.

    21. I loved this volume! It was discotastic! The music references were great and I loved the intruiging new characters! Quickly becoming a new favorite!

    22. Phonogram's personal tone, playful mixtape pace, and immediate sense of interpersonal connection among characters makes the second volume fun and inspires me to reach and turn up the volume.

    23. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to expect from this volume. Phonogram volume 1 didn’t seem like it needed another volume, although I was happy to read it. I couldn’t see the point of exploring those complex ideas yet again. Except there was a point. This was actually a huge step forward in style and content. A New & Improved formula now with less Oasis references! I love you, Phongram. Please be a continuous series. Like, new issues every couple months not years.Here’s the plot: we [...]

    24. Este volumen es tan superior al primero (por los colores, las historias y la manera en que establece las relaciones entre la música y los individuos), que recomendaría partir leyéndolo antes que nada. El punto más alto, al menos para mi, es el #4 "Konichiwa bitches" en donde se muestra una típica noche en el mundo de los DJs y el significado de ellos en la actualidad. "-This isn't about looking good. This isn't about making people like you. This isn't about stealing a new you. This isn't ab [...]

    25. I wanted to give this 5, but I think the phonomancy system isn't entirely clear, and it also pulls some of its plot details from Phonogram Vol. 1, which I liked a lot less. Adding color bumped it above Phonogram 1, as did the intricate multi-perspective linked storyline. One that was simultaneously small-time and big-stakes. It reminded me, obviously, of Pulp Fiction, but also of any movie that does multiple perspectives in a limited time frame -- Can't Hardly Wait, Go & Magnolia (per ).On a [...]

    26. Kieron Gillen is one of my favorite comic book writers! Jamie Mckelvie is one of my favorite artist for comics! I usually absolutely LOVE everything they do together! This was the first thing by the both of them that I didn't LOVE! I still found it very enjoyable. I'm glad I read it. The idea was different and something I had not read before. I appreciate original ideas. I haven't read the first volume of this series since I was told all the arcs are self contained. I feel like if the magic had [...]

    27. I will be damned if I can find my copy of Rue Britannia right now, but it’s making me cranky. I think I might have loaned it out, and y’all know how that goes. (Here’s to hoping whoever has it loves it so much that they’re deliberately refusing to return it.)Anyway. Same universe, same ideas of music and magic, but where Rue Britannia was a somewhat more sprawling tale focused on David’s path, The Singles Club is a more intimate story - a comparatively sedate evening out from several d [...]

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